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Your Anything

Chapter Eight: Your Everything

The conference centre was brightly lit and filled with conversations that consisted of fond memories and embarrassing moments. Gabriella watched as the various members of the Bolton family laugh and talk and joke amongst each other while she sat next to their crowning achievement and tried not to laugh at the running commentary she was receiving from Troy on every family member that walked past.

She hadn't really thought when he'd asked her to come to his family reunion at the Hilton Hotel. She'd just said yes and had been amused when his eyes had widened in shock before she'd remembered that they were going to have to come up with an elaborate lie to throw Katie off because if her sister knew that Gabriella had agreed to go with Troy three weeks after the two had broken up, there would be hell to pay. But then again, Katie really had no right to stop her from going somewhere with Troy anymore.

So she could assume the guilty feeling in her stomach had more to do with what had happened on her birthday then lying to her sister about tonight.

Not that she'd been thinking about that night on the back of his truck, where they'd been alone in the desert, moonlight shining down upon them as they kissed on her birthday. No, she hadn't given it a second thought because they'd both known that he had been with her sister. Until, of course, they'd broken up and now she was aware, maybe too aware, that Troy was very single and spending a very large amount of time with her. A very large, questionable amount of time with her.

"Okay, so see Brody? Dark hair, leaning over the girl just over there?" Gabriella jerked back from her thoughts as Troy leaned in to her ear. She scanned the conference room that held Troy's family and nodded when her eyes latched onto the person he was talking about.

"Yeah. Isn't that your cousin's girlfriend, Jessica though?" She asked looking back at him and Troy shrugged.

"Probably. Anyway, Brody wanted to be a dolphin when he was about five and on his twenty-first birthday, that dream was re-realized," Troy muttered into her ear and Gabriella furrowed her brow, "once it was re-realized, he was extremely drunk when he realized it, he stripped in front of, like, a hundred people to dive into the decorative pool that was in the centre of the restaurant Uncle Sam and Aunt Lillian had rented out for him." Gabriella snorted, though she unsuccessfully tried to hide it as one of Troy's Great Aunts stalked by.

"Naked and drunk? Didn't he start drowning?" She asked quietly as Troy pulled back slightly to look at her.

"Nah. The water was really cold apparently and he went from extremely drunk to extremely sober in about ten seconds flat and it took everyone turning away for him to get out of the pool. He gave us a good show for about ten seconds before that though. He really can mimic a dolphin if he puts his mind to it." Troy said and then added, "I videoed the entire thing too." And Gabriella burst into giggles.

"Oh Troy, how old were you when it happened?" She whispered and he shrugged, reaching over her to pick up his coke that was slowly beginning to become watery from being left for so long.

"Um, I was thirteen and had only just figured out how funny drunken people are." He slanted her a look as placed the coke back down and draped his arm over the back of her chair. "Have you ever been drunk?" He asked inquiringly as Gabriella shifted closer to him, unaware that it looked like she was snuggling into him to some of Troy's family members who were watching the two curiously.

"What? No! Have you?" She asked, poking his chest as she looked up at him in mock outrage. Troy shrugged.

"Can't sa-Nan! How are you?" Gabriella forced herself not to giggle at the way Troy interrupted his sentence at the appearance of a small, wiry woman whose hair was rapidly turning from gray to white and whose face told a story of character that was hidden in the lines of her face.

"I'm fine." She sniffed, her blue eyes, exactly like Troy's Gabriella thought suddenly, flashing towards her. "I probably would have been better if my favorite grandson decided he could be bothered to leave the pretty thing sitting next to him and came over to say hello to his old Nan, earlier." She said pointedly and Gabriella blushed as Troy rubbed the back of his neck as he chuckled slightly.

"Sorry. But I was protecting Gabriella's from mom; I figured if I entertained her she wouldn't be fed to the wolves." He said and his grandmother's eyes flashed in amusement.

"You mean you didn't want her to be charmed by Dolphin-Boy over there." Gabriella choked back a laugh as his grandmother nodded towards Brody. The old woman's eyes flashed to her face again and the eyes crinkled.

"Well? Aren't you going to introduce us?" She asked pointedly and Troy blushed slightly before he coughed and shifted in his seat.

"Nan, this is my…friend Gabriella Montez," Gabriella raised her eyebrow at the way he paused on 'friend' as he continued. "Brie, this is my grandmother, Anita Bolton, she's…the most awesome person I know." Troy said and Gabriella's mouth tilted in a soft, warm smile at the love that shined through in his eyes and voice at his description of his grandmother and the way his grandmothers eyes lit up with fondness at his words.

"Nice to meet you Mrs Bolton," Gabriella said politely, holding out her hand for Anita to shake. She was surprised at the firmness of Anita's grip when the old woman took her hand but hid it as Anita nodded at her.

"Lovely to meet you Miss Montez." She said and turned to Troy. "Boy, can you spare an old lady your seat and go and get her a drink while you're at it?" She asked and Gabriella felt his arm tighten around her before he nodded.

"Sure Nan." He replied, nodding. Gabriella turned to him as he drained his coke, wondering if he needed her to go with him to help him with the drinks.

Before she could ask, he'd leaned over, pressed a kiss to her cheek and stood up. "Okay, Brie do you want another lemonade?" He asked as he draped the arm that had been around her over his grandmothers shoulders.

"Sure. Do you-" Anita interrupted her before she could, shaking her head as Troy grinned down at her.

"No, girlie, you can stay with me and keep this old woman entertained. I'll have a lemonade as well." Anita patted Troy's hand. Gabriella watched with a thrill of delight as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to his grandmother's cheek.

"Sure, old woman," he looked up at Gabriella with a twinkle in his eye, "you tell Brie all about the ranch and I'll be back." He said, winking at Gabriella before he let go of his grandmother, who settled herself in his vacant seat, and turned on his heel to weave his way through his various cousins, aunts and uncles.

"So, Gabriella, it's nice to finally meet the girl who's got my boys knickers in a twist." Anita said and Gabriella jumped.

"Oh, no, we're just friends." Gabriella corrected her quickly, afraid that there was too much truth to Anita's words to deny. Anita's eyebrow rose and Gabriella was struck by how much Troy was like her as the old woman's eyes darkened slightly before she let out a sigh.

"Well then, girlie, if you're not together now, I'll give it another year, maybe two, before that boy of mine comes to his senses and admits he's got the hots for you." Gabriella wasn't sure what she should address first. Anita's use of 'got the hots', something that seemed strange coming from the small woman's mouth or the entire prediction because it seemed so utterly absurd right now.

So she decided to not address any of it. Instead, she coughed into her hand before smiling at Troy's grandmother.

"So, Troy said you lived on a ranch?" She asked, wishing desperately for Troy to return as Anita nodded slowly.

If possible, Gabriella's goofy smile spread as she thought about Anita Bolton. The eighty-something woman who single handedly ran the Bolton ranch out in the middle of the Montana wilderness and who called her Troy every week to get updates on the boy she referred to as her 'favorite grandson'. Out of all the relatives she'd met at that Bolton family reunion, Anita was the one she remembered the most and the one, who, judging by Troy's, had mattered the most to him. Anita had entertained her and Troy for nearly two hours with stories about Troy when he visited the ranch and she had to look after him. Gabriella's impression of Troy's grandmother had been a witty, intelligent woman, hardened by the obstacles life had thrown at her and with a heart big enough to fit all her grandchildren but with special spot for Troy.

She'd also been the most astute person Gabriella had ever met too and Gabriella still found it creepy she'd predicted what would happen between her and Troy.

Not that she was even going to acknowledge Sharpay's insistence all along that there was definitely something between them. The blonde was already going to have a field day when Gabriella told her that she was officially a girlfriend and she didn't need one more thing to squeal about.

Grinning at the thought of Sharpay's face when Gabriella innocently let it drop that she was Troy's girlfriend, Gabriella finished tying her hair up in a ponytail and headed downstairs to where her mother was sitting in the kitchen, drinking her morning coffee and examining the newspaper.

As she bounded down the stairs, she frowned when, as she reached the bottom step, she could hear her mother talking to someone. At first she assumed her mother was on the phone and then heard the person reply to her mother's question.

Gabriella rolled her eyes as she realized who was sitting in her kitchen and knew that the goofy grin on her face had spread even more as she stepped into the kitchen and paused as she watched her boyfriend talk to her mother.

He was dressed casually enough, his jeans hanging low on his hips and the white t-shirt he wore fitting nicely over the contours of his body. He was leaning against the counter, one foot crossed over the other, coffee in hand as he answered her mother with a grin. Just watching him caused something lovely to glow in her and Gabriella stepped into the kitchen, coughing gently to alert them to her presence.

"Well, isn't this a nice surprise." She commented, shooting a pointed look at her mother as she stepped over towards Troy. Christina either didn't understand the look or wanted to linger a little bit longer to watch the two, because she smiled at her daughter as Troy's hand snaked out and pulled her closer.

"Good morning Gabi," Gabriella smiled at her mother as Troy pressed a kiss to her hair and offered her his coffee.

"Morning babe." He whispered and Gabriella blushed before she replied to both him and her mother.

"Morning Mom. Hey Troy." She accepted the mug her offered her and took a sip, allowing the slightly bitter liquid to wash down her throat before smiling up at Troy, who tugged the mug back and set it down on the counter her was leaning on.

"Troy's offered to give you a ride to school today." Christina watched the two carefully as she spoke, trying to fight a small smile as she watched Gabriella settle herself against Troy comfortably, as if she'd been doing it for years, and knew that it was something she would have to get used too, something telling her that this relationship would last a long time.

"Oh? Thanks, are you going to bring me home too?" Gabriella leaned her head back onto his shoulder so she could look up at Troy. He nodded with a grin, absently beginning to rub her stomach gently.

"Yep. You are coming to the muck around game after school, aren't you?" Troy looked down at her and Gabriella frowned, not knowing what he was talking about before her eyes widened slightly.

"You mean that mixed seniors-juniors game? Is that on today?" She asked, trying to remember if he'd mentioned it too her at all over the weekend. Troy shook his head slightly, amusement dancing in his eyes at her question.

"Yes. Everyone's going apparently." He said innocently and Gabriella rolled her eyes before she glanced at her mother, who nodded her assent before she sighed.

"Of course I am. Does this mean I get to see you all sweaty and gross?" She asked and Troy burst out laughing as Christina cleared her throat delicately.

"I'm going to work. Troy, make sure you take care of her. I'll see you tonight Gabi." Gabriella nodded as her mother spoke, not bothering to take her eyes off Troy who was looking down at her in amusement.

"I will Miss Montez. Bye." Troy replied and they both waited patiently for the sound of the front door shutting and Christina's car starting before Gabriella turned slightly and Troy leaned down to kiss her.

Gabriella smiled against his lips before she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck as she leisurely kissed him back. He pulled away gently before kissing her again.

"Hi girlfriend," he murmured and Gabriella managed to hold back a giggle before she kissed him again.

"Cheesy boyfriend." She said and Troy chuckled and Gabriella's stomach twisted at the sound. She liked making him laugh. She liked kissing him too but making him laugh was somewhere on the list of things she liked to make him do.

"You know you love me." He replied and Gabriella blushed at the look in his eyes as he said it before she nodded.

"Duh. If I didn't love you there is no way we would be stan-" Gabriella frowned as her phone went off. Before she could let go of Troy's neck and reach into her back pocket for the loud object, Troy's hand had already pulled it out.

"Hello, Gabriella's phone." He answered, eyeing his girlfriend amusedly as her mouth dropped open in shock and outrage.

"Troy? Why the hell are you answering Gabriella's phone?" Troy's eyebrows rose at his ex-girlfriends impatient voice.

"Now, Katie-Kat, do you seriously have no manners?" Troy failed to not sound amused at Katie's snort and the widening of Gabriella eyes. Before she could snatch the phone away from him, Troy sidled out of her grasp as he waited for Katie's reply.

"Ha, ha, funny boy." She snorted and Troy grinned as he took another step away from Gabriella who was glaring at him now.

"One of my many charms. Hey, when Gabriella's eyes get all squinty does it mean she's mad or embarrassed?" He asked and Katie laughed at his question.

"Probably both. Seriously Troy, why are you answering Gabs' phone?" Katie asked and Troy's grin suddenly turned wicked, giving Gabriella the impression that Katie was about to find out what had gone on since she'd last spoken to her. Frantically, she waved her hands in a desperate attempt to tell him to stop when Troy spoke.

"Because I was kissing her when you rang. You know, the way I kiss all my girlfriends." The shriek had Troy laughing at the excitement Katie's. Still laughing, he offered the phone to Gabriella.

"It's for you." He grinned cheekily and Gabriella hit his chest as she snatched the phone from him and pressed it to her ear.

"Yes Katie, Troy's my boyfriend. I'll call you later. I have to kill him now." Gabriella snapped her phone shut before Troy could even react to her words. Before he could dodge her, Gabriella had launched her fist at him and hit him square in the chest.

"My eyes do not get all squinty!" She exclaimed heatedly and Troy burst into laughter. Not surprised that she wasn't mad because of him answering her phone but because of his comment about her eyes.

"Of course they don't." Troy agreed amusedly, catching her fist before she attempted to hurt him seriously. Gabriella eyed him, unsure about why he was agreeing with her so quickly before her eyes narrowed.

"Are you trying not to be condescending?" She snapped at him and Troy shrugged before grinning.

"Your eyes are all squinty now; I guess that means you're angry." Troy said and Gabriella's mouth dropped open in shock at his words before she could form a response, Troy spoke again quickly. "Come on we have to go if you want to be on time for school." Gabriella's eyes widened and she instantly forgot how annoyed she was at her boyfriend.

"Damn it. I'll be right back, okay?" Gabriella didn't bother to wait for Troy's reply as she tore up the stairs to grab her bag.


When they arrived at East High; Gabriella knew she'd been had. She'd been completely and utterly fooled into thinking that she was going to be late by her boyfriend who was watching her, waiting for it to sink in.

She stared at the nearly empty student car park, before turning to her boyfriend who looked like he was fighting laughter before she turned back to the parking lot. She stared at it for a little longer before amusement began to build within her. Amusement that combined with indignation at being tricked.

"Troy!" She exclaimed suddenly as the indignation won against the amusement for the time being. Troy burst into laughter and before Gabriella could even scold him for laughing at her, he had opened the door and jumped out of the car.

Huffing, Gabriella followed him quickly, slamming the car door as Troy attempted to round the back of the car and slip past her. He almost succeeded as well, until she caught sight of him out of the corner of her eye.

"Don't you try and sneak away from me, Troy Bolton!" Gabriella exclaimed, unable to contain the giggle that escaped her throat at the shocked expression on his face, which quickly slipped into a mischievous expression.

"Who said I was trying to sneak away? Running is much more effective." Gabriella reacted to his movements rather than his words as Troy took off towards the entrance to East High. As she sprinted after him, she cursed at her choice of black flats, they were being more of a hindrance than a help as she attempted to catch up to him.

Glancing up from her feet, which were beginning to bother her slightly as they slapped heavily against the concrete, Gabriella only had to time to squeal loudly as Troy stopped suddenly. He turned and even as she attempted to slow down, caught her around the waist and pulled her up against him. Before Gabriella could say anything, Troy kissed her.

Her arms wove around his neck as he kissed her slowly, as if savoring a moment she had yet to understand. Gabriella felt the now familiar swoop of butterflies in her stomach as Troy broke the kiss, his eyes focusing on hers as his forehead rested against her own.

"Do you know," he murmured, sliding his hand up her back, "how long I've wanted to kiss you in front of East High?" Gabriella's hand slipped up into his hair as she held him against her tightly.

"Three or four years." She replied softly. "About as long as I have." She added for good measure, smiling as he grinned, his hand settling back on the small of her back again and his lips finding hers again.

For a moment, they both just stood there, exchanging gentle kisses that Troy was beginning to draw out until something caught Gabriella's eye. Dodging Troy's kiss, Gabriella barely noticed the slightly affronted look on his face as she gazed over his shoulder in wonder.

"You know, it's not very good for a guy's ego when the girl he's kissing finds something more fascinating then him." Troy commented quietly in her ear. Gabriella glanced back at him, her eyes sparkling with humor and tinted with disbelief. Before she glanced back over his shoulder, her eyes narrowing slightly. Troy, curious to see what she was looking at, turned his head, eyes scanning for something of interest, before they finally landed on what she was looking at.

Troy's burst of laughter caused Gabriella to jump and the couple standing only a few meters behind them to break apart, stunned at the interruption.

"Woo-hoo, Theatre Boy, I didn't know you had it in you!" Gabriella barely heard the obnoxious comment fly from Troy's mouth. Instead, she openly stared at Ryan and Kelsi, who were hastily wiping their mouths as Troy continued to chuckle.

Staring at them, Gabriella wasn't quite sure what to address first as Ryan took a careful step away from Kelsi. Should she hit Troy to make him stop laughing, yell 'I knew it! I knew it!' loudly, jumping up and down for effect or should she demand an explanation? Gabriella barely realized that she'd furrowed her brow, until she felt Troy place a kiss against the side of her head and run his hand up and down her back once.

"So, you guys, how long have you been a couple?" Troy asked casually. Gabriella stared at them, wondering if they were going to deny it and then realized that there was no way they could deny it when they'd been caught red handed.

"A while. How long have you guys been a couple?" Ryan asked quickly and Gabriella wondered if Troy was going to fall for his attempt at turning it on them.

Apparently he wasn't when she heard him chuckle. "Like forty-eight hours. But I'm guessing like two years for you guys." Gabriella attempted not to laugh at Ryan and Kelsi's stunned face's at what she could only assume was Troy's accurate guess.

She felt him squeeze her hip as Ryan and Kelsi tried to formulate some sort of answer to Troy's guess. Smiling contently, Gabriella snuggled closer to him, watching as Ryan sent Kelsi a defeated look that Gabriella could tell meant that he wasn't going to deny what Troy had said.

"Uh, yeah, pretty much. Sorry we didn't tell you Gabs." Gabriella shrugged, wondering if she could pass off being mad at them when she had to admit, it wasn't a surprise and she only really wanted to gloat about the fact that she and Sharpay had been right.

Troy lowered his mouth down to her ear. "Be nice. They're nervous." Gabriella wanted to roll her eyes at his words and then wished that he wasn't right.

"Nah. It's okay. Shar and I knew there was something going on. You guys are horrible at hiding your feelings." Gabriella said and Troy snorted as Ryan raised a deprecating eyebrow.

"Uh-huh. Just like you and Troy were so good at hiding yours." Gabriella blushed at Ryan's sarcasm and avoided looking at Troy, even though she felt his chest vibrate as he chuckled. Ryan slung an arm around Kelsi's shoulders and waited for either one of them to say something.

"Yep. We were pretty pathetic at it. My grandma picked up on how we felt towards each other a long time before we even got together." Troy shrugged, not really bothered by Ryan's words. "But, hey, at least we picked up on it now. When did you guys pick up on your feelings?" Troy inquired casually and Gabriella glanced up at him, wondering if he really wanted to know or was doing it for her sake.

Kelsi shifted uncomfortably under Ryan's arm. "Uh, well, I was fifteen when I realized I liked him. A lot." Gabriella's eyes widened in surprise at Kelsi's admission.

"I remember talking about that! You didn't say it was Ryan you had a crush on!" Kelsi blushed slightly at Gabriella's exclamation, knowing full well that if her friend wasn't going to forgive anything it would be to have known about her feelings but not being told who they were for.

"Well, I didn't want you to tell Shar. She would have freaked and Ryan would have never asked me out when he did." Kelsi defended herself best she could and Gabriella was about to retort when she realized that the courtyard was slowly beginning to fill with curious students who were watching the two couples with an openness that made Gabriella feel slightly uncomfortable.

"Uh huh, sure, Theatre Boy, you do realize you have to tell your sister and she's probably going to freak out anyway, just not because Kelsi has a crush on you?" Troy asked suddenly and Gabriella had to snort at his question. Because he was right, there was no way they were going to escape a Sharpay Evan's freak out and Gabriella, knowing Sharpay as well as she did, knew that there was no way they were going to escape a freak out of epic proportions.

"What's she going to freak out about then?" Troy snorted as Gabriella stared at Ryan in wonder. Kelsi turned around to give her boyfriend a questioning look that Ryan shrugged at.

Gabriella only rolled her eyes, wondering if she was going to be the one to tell him or if Ryan thought about it for just a second longer and just a little harder he would know why Sharpay was going to freak out on all of them. When it became apparent that neither Troy nor Kelsi were going to answer him, Gabriella sighed, wondered slightly if she could snuggle any deeper into Troy's embrace and opened her mouth to speak.

"Oh my freaking God! What the hell is going on here?" All four of them, plus a few bystanders, jumped as Sharpay's screech that slammed through the chatter of the students who weren't paying attention to them and came to a lingering halt over the four of them.

Gabriella hunched her shoulders at the sound of her best friend's voice. Troy arms tensed around her and swallowing, she glanced guiltily at Troy before turning to face the blonde who was standing between the two of them, her arms folded as she tapped her foot impatiently.

Glancing once more at Troy, Gabriella closed her eyes and knew that it was going to take a lot of explaining before Sharpay accepted anything from what she had to say.


"I can't believe you and Troy. Honestly, why didn't you call me the minute you walked into your room?" Sharpay demanded loudly for what felt like the hundredth time.

Gabriella worked her jaw in a circle as she fought a headache that had begun as a small niggling in the back of her mind and had now worked itself into a small army who were shooting arrows at her temple.

"Because, Shar, I wanted to keep it too myself for a little while." Gabriella repeated and rolled her eyes when Sharpay huffed.

She couldn't believe that she'd thought Sharpay would be more concerned about the fact that Kelsi and Ryan had kept their relationship a secret for so long. She'd thought that maybe she could escape Sharpay's fury at not being told about her and Troy. No. Sharpay had harped on Ryan and Kelsi for only the first period and then had launched what felt like a full frontal assault on her. An assault, Gabriella thought ruefully, she probably could have handled better than she was.

She'd conceded ground when Sharpay asked her how she'd felt about Troy, the first in the rapid fire questions that followed her deep breath after she'd ranted about Ryan and Kelsi but had fought every inch of the way when Sharpay had demanded a description of what had happened after they'd left the restaurant. What had happened out in the desert was something Gabriella was determined to keep between her and Troy. She'd then lost the battle about the conversation at the restaurant and had allowed Sharpay to dissect every phrase that she'd thought was important to Troy's acceptance of her as a girlfriend. She'd then steadfastly refused to describe Troy's kisses and had argued with Sharpay when the blonde had threatened to ask Troy what it was like kissing her.

Now she was trying to walk two steps ahead of the blonde, fight the arrows that were just beginning to get the better of her and control the urge to scream at something or hit Sharpay.

It wasn't helping that, somehow, they'd become caught up in the stampede for the gym. Apparently, the mixed game that Troy and Coach Bolton had organized was as anticipated as it was impromptu and despite her headache and friend, Gabriella was looking forward to watching the game, especially seeing as Troy had mentioned he might be playing.

"Gabriella, are you listening to me?" Sharpay demanded as Gabriella caught the gym door before it swung closed on them. Rolling her eyes at Sharpay's question, Gabriella considered lying to her.

"No. I'm not. Go irritate Kelsi." Gabriella snapped and failed to even look guilty at the offended look Sharpay gave her. She couldn't help it, she had a feeling that Sharpay was going to start whining in a minute and while Gabriella could handle her minute-by-minute dissection of Troy's behavior during, she doubted she could handle the tone of Sharpay's voice when she started whining.

"But Gabriella!" At the sound of Sharpay's whine, Gabriella narrowed her eyes and pointed towards where they could see Ryan and Kelsi sitting on the bleachers. Sharpay huffed even as Gabriella stalked off, intent on finding her boyfriend and staying with him all game, if possible.

As she weaved through the cluster of students who were chattering and finding seats, Gabriella wondered if Sharpay would have reacted less violently to her and Troy's announcement if it hadn't been made at the same time they found out their suspicions of Kelsi and Ryan had been right all along. While she knew Sharpay only had their best interests at heart, there was only so much one person could take at one time.

Which could possibly explain why Sharpay was only harping on one thing instead of two.

Stopping for a moment, Gabriella raised her hand and dug her forehead into her palm, trying to lessen the tension the arrows were creating and trying to look for Troy at the same time. She found she didn't have to look far. Troy was standing in front of her, his arms folded as he watched his team warm up.

Sighing in relief, Gabriella's hand dropped from her forehead and she headed over to her boyfriend, ignoring the strange looks she was getting from the students she passed. Reaching Troy, Gabriella slid her arms around his waist as she pressed her forehead to his shoulder in one smooth movement.

She smiled softly when Troy laced their fingers together. "Sharpay could not have been that bad." Her smile instantly turned to a frown at the amusement in Troy's voice and she pulled away from where she'd been hiding to argue.

"She was! Don't you give me that look," Gabriella warned when Troy turned to grin down at her. "I didn't see you spending all day listening to her whine about the fact that I hadn't told her all weekend." Gabriella huffed when Troy kept smirking at her, his blue eyes dancing with mirth.

"Actually, she came and found me during her free period to lecture me on the importance of you telling her things." Gabriella's mouth dropped open at Troy's words and he burst out laughing.

"She didn't! I'm going to kill her! Honestly, she promised she wouldn't go complaining to you. At least," Gabriella frowned for a moment. "I think she did." Troy tried not to laugh again and failed as Gabriella's face contorted as she tried to remember what, exactly, Sharpay had promised in regards to Troy before the arrows had began their attack.

"It's okay, babe. I didn't mind. I ignored her mostly. Besides, she needed to complain to someone about the fact that her brother is an imbecile who doesn't tell her anything." Troy rubbed a hand down Gabriella's back soothingly and Gabriella frowned.

"Oh. Well. If that's the case, then I shouldn't worry should I?" She asked and Troy shook his head, laughing a bit at her words.

"No you shouldn't and besides, look at it this way, at least now everyone knows. I mean, my parents do. Mom guessed the moment I walked through the door on Friday night." Troy pointed out and Gabriella giggled a little at his words, finding it amusing that all Diane Bolton had to do was to look at her son and know what had happened.

Chuckling slightly, Gabriella rested her head on his shoulder. "Just like you grandmother did when you hesitated on saying the word 'friends'." Gabriella teased lightly and Troy's chest jerked.

"Yeah, yeah. But look, we're here now and really that's all that matters, right?" Troy asked and Gabriella shrugged.

"I guess so." Troy scoffed at her words.

"You guess so? Gabriella, Gabriella," shaking his head, Troy pulled away so her could look at her properly. "You do realize that after spending two years pretending we're okay being just friends and telling ourselves that we were okay with being just anything to each because of your sister and then worrying about what she and your friends were going to say about us being together, we're finally together and finally okay?" Gabriella frowned for a moment, thinking about what he'd said and then she sighed.

Troy waited patiently, watching as she worked over his words and her brown eyes softened as she thought about what he was saying. Suddenly, she blushed and Troy fought back a chuckle at the randomness of the blush. Gently, Gabriella leaned her chin on his chest and looked up at him, the blush and the smile on her face making Troy smile down at her too. Reaching up, Troy smoothed some strands of hair away from his face.

"You know, I was so happy being your anything that I didn't realize how much I wanted to be your everything." She said it quietly and Troy grinned, knowing that just from that sentence, they were going to be together for a very long time.

Snuggled into him, ignoring the way the people walking past were giving them strange looks, both Gabriella and Troy knew that even if they'd been each others anything for two years, being each others everything was what mattered and it was what was going to matter in the years to come.


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