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Chapter 7: Disappointments

Vashta-Narada blinked several times to find himself staring at a white ceiling. It was a sight he knew well from his many years at the Temple, but this time, it was different. Something was off. This was not the Temple, nor was it any of the hundreds of other medcentres he had woken up in over the years. There was something sinister about this place.

"Lord Vashta-Narada. You are awake."

Vashta-Narada only just kept himself from groaning as his recent memories came rushing back to him. He was a Sith Lord, on the run from the Republic and the Jedi, and he had just been beaten by a few dozen remotes. Pitiful, he thought to himself. Suddenly, he remembered the Sith Lord standing over him. "Yes, Master."

"Good, good. I have news that the Jedi will be sending Master Vos after us. I have told my operative to give the Jedi false information, that we are going to Dantooine. Of course, they will believe it like they always do, while we bide our time on Korriban, training to finally bring down their horrid disease. But for now, you will meditate."

Vashta-Narada jumped into a kneeling position. He was not actually sure how one was supposed to meditate using the Dark Side, as he had always thought of meditation being peaceful, and the Dark Side being chaotic. However, he was not going to give Sidious another reason to punish him, and settled in to give what he hoped, would be one of the greatest acts in his life.

Quinlan glanced again at the readout on his datapad, and back at the building in front of him, although calling it such was a rather generous act. It was more like a few sticks covered with a piece of leather. Reaching out with the Force again, he once again drew the conclusion that the only lifeforms within the structure, were small insects and one small rodent, probably a rat. However, he knew the Sith to be treacherous, and decided to go inside, just in case.

About ten minutes and hundreds of cobwebs later, Quinlan emerged from the empty structure to find that it was now raining. He considered briefly, going back inside to shelter, but decided against it. It was already going to take hours to get the cobwebs out of his hair. Slowly, he moved out into the downpour, in the vague direction of his ship.

The Council would not be happy with his findings. There were no Sith here, and there never had been.

"You are being released, Knight Skywalker. We suggest you go home, and get a good night's sleep." Bant stood in front of him, with the discharge papers, a sympathetic look on her face.

Anakin stared blankly at her before seeming to realise what had been said. "Thanks, Bant. Although, I honestly don't know how I'll sleep after all of this."

Bant smiled at him, and Anakin could not help but think it was the saddest thing he had ever seen. She suddenly produced a bottle from her pocket. "Here. These will help you sleep, if nothing else works." She walked with him to the exit of the infirmary, where she turned to face him. "Look, Anakin, I know this is a really hard time for you, so... if you need anything, anything at all, don't hesitate to give me a call, OK?"

"OK, Bant. Thank-you." After a brief, comforting embrace, she let him go, and he started to walk towards the lifts.

Anakin waited patiently for the lift. He was happy for any time in which he could just be left alone, and allowed to at least try to gain some equilibrium. As the doors opened, he released the breath he had not realised he had been holding, and stepped on. Pressing the button for his floor, he leaned against the wall in relief. At this time of night, no one would be around on that floor, and he would be able to get there without being spoken to by too many people.

Anakin's prediction was correct, and as he walked across the common room to the kitchen, he activated the communication unit. He quickly made himself a cup of tea, as the messages started to play. Many of them were old messages from the Council, even a couple wanting to arrange a lunch appointment. However, it was not until the last message started to play, that Anakin truly took notice.

"Hello, Anakin." Anakin turned, horrified to see the holographic image of his former-Master staring back at him.

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