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Rated M for Yaoi, Twincest, Incest, Swearing, and Much, Much More!


Chapter One: Flash of Silver

Nero sighed as he rested his head on the bar counter, his left arm circling his head in an attempt to quiet the music coming from the jukebox in the corner. He had come to this bar to try and clear his head, and maybe drown his misery, but it wasn't working.

Kyrie, the girl that he thought was perfect for him, was treating him more and more like a brother each day. Nero knew he had missed his chance when he didn't kiss her after the final battle against Sanctus in Fortuna. He was slightly heartbroken when she announced that she was going to move out of Fortuna and join a church off the island.

Now, he had found this grubby bar and sat down to try decide what he should do. Fortuna was full of too many memories, so he couldn't stay there. The only other place Nero could think of was Dante's place, but he dismissed that idea after he noticed he didn't actually know were the devil hunter lived.

He sighed deeply, the noise drowning in the loud rock music. He lifted his head up after a moment to grab the glass of beer he had ordered but not drank. Nero took a few sips before looking around the slightly crowded bar.

In the corner, there was a table full of half-dressed women with men drooling over them. One of the women was winking at Nero, making him uncomfortable because she looked twice his age. What disturbed the younger hunter even more was the men at the table next to them, who seemed to be hitting on him as well. Nero was beginning to think that leaving the island of Fortuna was a bad idea. He had wandered into the bad side of the city, the men showing off their guns proving Nero's suspicion.

After he finished his drink, he placed a few dollars on the bar before walking towards the door. He quickly closed the door behind him after he felt someone he past pinch his ass, hoping it wasn't one of the sleazy looking men who were wolf whistling at him. Nero sighed again, wishing he could just find Dante. He opened his eyes, surprised as he saw a flash of silver in the nightlife crowd.

"Dante?" Nero asked himself as the silver quickly disappeared into a dark alleyway. He followed it, wondering if what he saw was Dante or just the beer. The crowd proved more difficult to move through than Nero expected, taking a few minutes to pass. He sprinted down the alleyway, grabbing the Blue Rose from his hip in case the silver was a demon. He stopped as he heard demons screeching and the sound of metal scraping across concrete. Nero peeked around the corner of the building, trying to see what was happening through the dark alley.

A man was slicing through a group of demons that had formed around him. His dull and cracked sword cutting the demons with such style that it could almost be called a graceful dance. The last demon fell to the floor, screeching as it writhed in pain before becoming still. The man's sword cracked again, the weak metal falling to the ground in shards.

Nero tightened his grip on his revolver before walking around the corner, aiming at the man. He felt his breath catch in his throat as clear light blue eyes turned towards them, their glare like ice. Nero swallowed heavily, knowing those eyes but he had never seen them so cold and cruel. From the dim lighting of the moon, he could see soft, spiked up sliver hair and a sharp male face that seemed emotionless as well as angry. The man's face was the same as the familiar devil hunter the younger hunter was looking for. This man was not Dante, Nero could tell that much.

This man had a dangerous yet oddly elegant aura around him. It was…alluring, even to Nero. The younger devil slayer stiffened as the man turned and walked towards him but instead of fighting, the man just walked past him. Nero turned, watching the strange man walk away. He felt like he should follow the man, demand to know who he was and why he looked so much like Dante. He couldn't though. The man's eyes had made Nero's legs freeze to the cement. He bit his lip as he felt odd feelings swell within him. Lust, Need, Nervousness. Nero couldn't tell which one or if it was all three feelings, all he knew was that those cold eyes had created the confusing emotions inside in chest and head.


Nero sighed softly, glad that his body would move again after the brush against the mysterious silver haired man. He rubbed the back of his neck as he walked down the seedy street of the city, not really paying attention to where he was going as he thought about the odd man. Nero was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice that he was walking back to the disgusting bar once again. He didn't notice until he looked up to see a handgun pointed at him.

"Did 't ya hear me, kid?" The overly drunk man with the loaded gun said. Nero raised an eyebrow at the middle aged man. "Gea' out of ma town, freak!"

"Sorry, grandpa, I couldn't understand you. I don't speak drunken asshole." He said, his hand moving towards his holstered revolver. The man's face twisted in intoxicated anger.

"Wut did ya say, punk?!" The man practically screamed, cocking his handgun. Nero gripped his Blue Rose, preparing to fight the drunken idiot if he needed to. The man glared at him, sneering at the younger man's cocky face before pulling the trigger. The devil slayer quickly dodged the bullet, pulling out his revolver and pointing it to the drunk man's head. A second shot sounded as Nero felt lead tear into his left shoulder. The drunk man laughed as the Blue Rose fell to the ground. "Goo' job, boys!" The man called to two other men pointing guns at Nero from the entrance of the bar. "Now, gea' out of here, freak!"

"I thought I told you, I don't speak drunken asshole!" Nero taunted as he slipped his devil bringer out of his sling. He reached out at the drunken man as the other's shot at him. He grabbed the man's shoulder before lifting him up and throwing him into the two men near the bar. The bullet's flew through the air, tearing into the flesh of Nero's legs. The men yelled in terror as they scrambled to run before the younger slayer decided to use his demonic arm again. Nero laughed quietly as the men ran out of sight before turning and continuing his search for Dante and the other silver haired man.


After a few blocks, Nero stopped to lean against the wall of a abandoned shop. His breath came quick as he gripped at the bullet wound on his hip. His injuries were not going to heal if he didn't take out the bullets and he couldn't do that here, not without screaming and causing himself more pain. He bit his lip, seeing that he was loosing too much blood. He leaned against the wall more, his vision blurring slightly as he felt his consciousness slipping. The young devil slayer looked up as he heard footsteps coming towards him. He hoped that the person wasn't one of the guys who had shot him earlier as his vision blurred more. A blur of silver and blue was all he saw before he fell against the wall, loosing all consciousness.


When Nero woke, he felt that he was laying on something soft. He opened his eyes, noticing that he was in someone's bed with the sheets over him. He sat up quickly, regretting it as his wounds protested. The young hunter blushed deeply as he noticed he was not only shirtless but completely nude. His first thought was that someone had taken him to their apartment and raped him.

The thought faded as he looked up, seeing a very elegantly decorated room that seemed fit for a gothic king. Bookcases lined the walls, many books with titles in a strange language Nero had never seen before sitting upon their shelves.

There was a chair that looked like it was meant to be a throne beside one of the bookcases next to the bed. In it sat the same silver haired man Nero had seen in the dark alleyway. He was sitting, his head resting on one hand as he held a book in the other. The young slayer finally got his first real look of the man from the dark alley.

The man was no older than Dante was, if not the same age. He shared Dante's face, hair, and even body, though his posture and facial expression were the completely different from the elder slayer. The man possessed a sharp, handsome face that was emotionless as stone. He was dressed in dark gray leather pants, which seemed tighter around his crossed legs. A dark blue vest encased his beautifully formed chest and upper body, a necktie tucked neatly into the top of the vest. Nero felt his breath catch in his throat as the cold, striking blue eyes moved from the book to him.

"You are awake. I was beginning to think you were going to sleep in my bed forever." The man said, marking his place before closing his book. Nero let out a breath he didn't know he was holding as the man's eyes left him as he stood to put away the book.

"Who are you?" Nero asked carefully, feeling that he should watch what he said around the other male. The man turned to face him, his face still expressionless.

"My name is Vergil."