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Chapter Eight: Mine, No Ours

"Share?" Dante questioned, understanding what Vergil was suggesting. "Heh, I don't think Nero will agree to that. Will you, kid?" He turned to the now less bloody younger slayer, who blushed so dark that it made the lingering blood on his face look light. Nero didn't know what to say at the suggestion. Even if he did want both of the men, could he really keep up with both of them?

"W-well...I don't know..." He said nervously, his thoughts racing to dirty things involving him and the twins. "I don't think I can handle...both of you." He wanted to kick himself for sounding like a virgin and a girl at the same time.

Dante wanted to laugh but knew that Nero was serious. The devil hunter still felt the need to claim Nero as his and only his, but sharing the kid wasn't such a bad idea anyway. Perhaps the younger slayer just needed to warm up to the idea. And Dante knew how.

"It's alright, kid, we'll go easy on you." The younger twin turned his head to wink at his older brother. Vergil smirked a little more, understanding Dante quickly as he walked over to them.

Nero was surprised when Dante pulled him to sit in his lap. The younger man blushed and tried to move away from him but was stopped when Vergil grabbed hold of his chin, kissing him deeply. He shivered slightly, the contact of the elder's lips on his reminding him of their night together.

The older devil hunter growled softly, hating that Vergil had to steal Nero's lips again. After a few seconds of annoyance towards his brother, Dante realized that seeing the two kissing each other so roughly was actually making his pants tight. The soft moans Nero made when Vergil caressed his face and the emotion that his twin was letting slip through as he parted the younger's lips. Dante couldn't help but enjoy the site as he used the kid's distraction to slip his hand down Nero's pants.

Nero moaned loudly into Vergil's mouth when he felt the other twin unzip his pants and grab his hardening arousal. He bucked into the hand as it slowly started stroking him, teasing him horribly. He moaned again as he felt the elder twin's tongue rub against his. Vergil pulled away from the younger's lips, leaning over Nero's shoulder to kiss his neck before whispering in Dante's ear.

"Whoever gets him to moan their name first wins." Vergil said low enough for the man between them not to hear. Dante smirked at him.

"Guess I'm going to win then." He whispered back to his brother as he stroked Nero roughly, wrenching a moan from the younger man's lips. Dante jumped slightly when he felt Vergil lick his cheek.

"We'll see about that, Dante." He hissed into his ear before continuing to kiss Nero's neck as he unzipped the jacket he was wearing. Dante started kissing the other side of the young hunter's neck, his pride not wanting to lose this small weaponless battle against his brother. He was going to make Nero moan his name first, one way or another.

An idea popped into his mind and suddenly Dante knew how to get Nero closer to moaning his name, as long as his brother wouldn't kill him first for doing it. The devil hunter let go of the moaning younger man, sliding out from under him before moving behind Vergil. The older twin growled at him, not liking Dante being behind him, but he didn't move to push his twin away. Instead, Vergil unzipped Nero's pants and kissed the young man's collar bone.

He tensed suddenly when he felt Dante take off his coat and start undoing his vest, all the while nibbling at his ear and eyeing Nero. Vergil wanted to kick his brother's ass as he felt his brother's lips twist into a grin by his ear. Fucking bastard... He thought but felt like taking it back when he saw Nero's clouded eyes on them. Perhaps his brother wasn't trying to annoy him as much as normal.

Nero swallowed when he saw Dante nipping at his twins neck. He knew he shouldn't have been aroused by the sight but that didn't stop his now bare erection from hardening further. Sitting back, he decided to watch the two men he desired.

Vergil grabbed the back of Dante's head, not wanting to be submissive to Dante as he crushed their lips together. The younger twin unzipped his brother's leather pants, slipping his hand to grab Vergil's arousal as he started grinding against his twin's ass.

Nero bit his lip, his hand slipping into his pants as he watched the elder twin buck into Dante's hand. After a few moments of watching them, he couldn't help but rejoin the intimacy between the two. He leaned forward, kissing down Vergil's neck and bare chest. The moans he gained from the elder man went straight to his groin as he trailed his kisses lower.

Dante was glad that Nero was now distracting the eldest man. Now, he could move on to what he really wanted to do. He carefully moved from behind his brother, trying to not draw attention to himself. He returned to his place behind the younger slayer, nipping at the young man's neck to inform him he was there.

Nero moaned at the small nip, desperate for someone to touch him again as he nuzzled the base of Vergil's erection. He kissed the tip lightly, unsure of what to do to the elder man to hear more moans from him. Dante chuckled behind him.

"You may not be a virgin anymore kid, but you still have no idea about sex." The devil hunter said, making Nero turn around and glare at him. Vergil pulled the younger man back to him, kissing him softly on the lips before addressing his brother.

"Be nice to the boy, Dante." He said, loving the lustful look mixed with annoyance in Nero's eyes. Dante smirked, obeying his older brother for once as he licked down the younger slayer's back, receiving a shiver from Nero. The young hunter moved back down Vergil's body, this time deciding to show the two that he wasn't that damn innocent.

Vergil threw his head back in pleasure when he felt Nero wrap his lips round his arousal. He honestly didn't expect the younger man to do it. He tired not to buck into the warm mouth around him as Nero started sucking lightly on the tip.

Nero moaned around Vergil's erection when he felt Dante lick the base of his spine before biting it sharply and licking it again. He bucked backward wanting more than the older man was giving him. Dante licked his fingers before carefully inserting one into the younger male.

Nero winced and paused his ministrations on Vergil's arousal. The elder twin stroked his hair softly in a way in comfort him. After a few minutes, Nero continued to suck and lick around Vergil, moaning when Dante inserted a second finger and hit his prostate.

Feeling the man under him shiver and push back onto his fingers, Dante smirked and quickly inserted a third finger to find that spot again. He thrust his fingers repeatedly into Nero, loving the moans and small cries that were muffled by Vergil's cock. From his brother's face, Dante could tell he was loving this as much as he was. He pulled his fingers out of the young devil slayer before positioning himself at Nero's entrance and pushing in slowly.

Nero moaned loudly, taking more of the elder twin in his mouth as he was penetrated. He felt the same feeling he had before with Vergil but now it wasn't accompanied with the guilt and betrayal. He felt like he was in paradise between the two men and he wished that he could just stay like this. He cried out and sucked on Vergil harder as Dante started thrusting into him roughly, hitting his prostate head on nearly every thrust.

Vergil groaned as Nero started quickening his movements and running his hands along his thighs. Whatever reason that drew him to this young man, he was glad that he had helped him when he had past out on the side of the road. He could feel his orgasm building quickly as Nero's devil bringer started lightly clawing his left thigh, drawing a small river of blood which the young devil hunter paused to lick up before returning to Vergil's aching arousal.

Nero never knew that their was a pleasure like this as Dante grabbed his erection and started stroking him in time with his fast thrusts. The taste of Vergil's blood was fresh on his tongue as he felt the dark swordsman tighten his grip on his hair.

Dante was ramming into the young man under them, fisting Nero's erection in one hand and holding the kid's hip in a iron grip in the other. He was on the edge and didn't want to pull out of the kid, wanting the kid to be his and his brothers. He felt his orgasm hit him as he grabbed his brother and kissed him roughly, spilling his cum into Nero's ass.

Nero felt the hot liquid enter him and sucked harder until Vergil came in his mouth as well. The combination of the hand on his erection and the burning cum inside him made the tightness in his lower stomach release as he came on the couch, staining the leather. The three of them lied back down on the couch, panting heavily and enjoying the last waves of their orgasm. Dante was the first to speak.

"Well...guess no one won. We'll just have to share him, Verge." The devil hunter smirked as he thought of what to do the next few times they would 'share' Nero. Vergil composed his face back to it's normal cold mask before running a hair through his hair to fix the few strands that fell into his face.

"I guess we will, Brother." He said as he moved to fix Nero's ruffled hair. The young slayer's head was resting in his lap as Dante was lying on top of Nero, nuzzling his shoulder blade softly. "I don't mind sharing him as long as both of you are still partially mine."


The End

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