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She Should Have Dropped the Necklace


Dana crossed her arms, the fact that she was annoyed obvious all over her face.

"It's a stupid idea."

"Yeah," Chase spat, stopping to let a giant sigh fall out of his lips. Afterwards, he crossed his arms like Dana as he spoke to her with a softer, pleading tone. "Well do you have any better idea?"

Dana rolled her eyes as the scowl she had on her face disappeared.

"How do you even know it will work?"

"It won't take much to make them jealous Dana, trust me." Realizing he was close to convincing Dana to take part in his plan, Chase's face grew into a huge smile. "Look at how quickly we got jealous of them. We just have to make them realize that they shouldn't be with each other…they should be with us."

Dana dropped her hand to her hip, speaking in an aggravated tone that covered up the fear she had.

"We got jealous so quickly because we want to be with them Chase, they probably don't even feel the same way we do!"

Chase pushed his head back as far as his neck would allow in response to Dana screaming at him. Dropping her voice down to a normal level, Dana continued speaking.

"I…I didn't mean to y-"

Chase nodded.

"It's okay; I know what you are going through."

Dana let out a sigh as she took her hands off her hips and placed them back across her chest. She looked at Chase and gave him a weak smile with her voice holding optimism that it had lacked for a long time.

"I hope your plan works…even though it probably won't. But, it is definitely worth trying."

Chase let the huge smile return to his face as he closed the distance between Dana halfway across the room and himself, wrapping her in a giant hug. Dana laughed as Chase caught her off guard by lifting her off the ground a couple inches with his huge bear hug. After a few seconds passed, Chase let go of Dana and covered up a cough he faked with his hand, backing up a few feet from Dana.

A genuine smile fell across Dana's face as she looked at Chase and saw how happy he was. The smile fell of her face as a awkward silence fell between them.

"So, what do we tell them when they…how do we tell everybody we got together?"

Chase replied quickly, the corners of his mouth actually hurting his smile was so big.

"Don't worry, I'll think of it, I promise."

Dana nodded, looking over at the clock as a hint to Chase that it was getting late and Zoey and Lola would be back soon.

"Okay, tomorrow then…"

Chase nodded.


As excited as a small child, Chase started to walk towards the door past Dana and started to jog. Quickly, Chase gave Dana another hug and planted a small kiss on her cheek as he stopped then immediately continued jogging towards the door. Dana's eyes grew large as she turned around to face Chase, her voice coming out more shocked and surprised than angry.


Chase gave Dana a cheesy smile.

"Bye, girlfriend,"

Dana rolled her eyes playfully at the way Chase emphasized his new title for her.

"Fake girlfriend, you mean."

Chase nodded, his bushy hair flopping up and down.

"Of course…"

"Your plan better work…"

Chase gave Dana one last smile, replying, "It will," as he covered the last few feet between the door and him quickly, once again jogging due to his excitement.

Dana laughed as Chase didn't stop jogging and swung the door open, hitting his head of the corner of the door fairly hard. Chase rubbed the area of his head which was sure to become a bruise through his mass of hair in the doorway as Dana made her way towards the door. Dana began to close the door, pushing Chase out as he continued to rub his head with a pensive look on his face.

"Bye, Chase."

Chase placed his head so that he could see Dana through the crack of the door that was a few feet wide and quickly closing.

"Hey, do you have any ice?"

Dana shook her head with a smile as she continued closing the door.


Chase smiled at Dana, tilting his neck as he continued rubbing his head, muttering, "Bye," before the door closed a few feet from his face.

Chase stared at the closed door for a few seconds, finally dropping his hand from his head. Fighting back the fear he had, Chase let out a deep breath.

"This will work…it has too."

Dana leaned her back against the door, crossing her arms over her chest as she let her mind drift off. After a little, Dana rubbed away a hint of moisture that was still left on her cheek from where Chase kissed her and made her way to her bed after turning off the light.

"This better work…"