Summary. . . . . . Dean's hurt and Sam's. . . . . . .well Sam's not acting himself. Just what is wrong with the younger brother? Just what happened whilst Dean was down and out? Thanks to darksupernatural for the bunny.

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"Jesus Christ Sammy! What the hell do you think you're doing?" Dean shouted over the growl of his babies engine and the screech of her tires as Sam barely slowed the big car down as they took the corner virtually sideways, his arm tucked securely, safely to his chest in an attempt to keep the damaged limb still, his head pounding out a metallica beat.

"Just trying to get your sorry ass to the hospital to get your arm fixed." Sam gleefully replied, a smile as wide as the Pacific ocean plastered across his face, his eyes wide and hyper excited, his foot firmly planted to the floor.

"What the hell Sam? What is wrong with you? I swear to God, if you so much as scratch her, I'll never forgive you."

As Sam just took a hill at full speed, turning the Impala into a gravity defying jet engine for a few seconds, and practically whooping with enjoyment, Dean blanched his eyes turning steely as they rested on his younger sibling.

"Pull over!" At getting no response, Dean growled. "Dammit Sam, pull the car over now! I'll drive myself."

His eyes still dancing and way too bright even in the dull early hours of the morning, Sam looked at Dean before replying. "Why? What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong? Sam, Jeff Gordon would be afraid to ride shotgun with you tonight. What the hell has gotten into you?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to get you to the hospital quickly. If it's bothering you then I'll slow down."

Closing his eyes as Sam slowed the big car down, Dean wondered what was wrong with his brother, Sam had been fine earlier this evening and had even dispelled of the witch they had been hunting, after Dean had been thrown though the air by one of her spells into the unforgiving brick wall of her house. Now though Sam was acting weird, totally out of character, and just where had this need for speed come from? He was after all the child who had up chucked his candy floss on the teacup ride at the local fair. Had something happened whilst Dean was out for those few minutes?

Dean could feel weariness and the lull of sleep begin to drag him under, the blissful comfort from the pain it promised gradually easing his worries, yet something was stopping him from relaxing completely. A tapping. What the hell was that tapping? He felt anger rise within him at the thought that Sam had damaged his car and opened his eyes ready to yell blue murder at him, only to stop as realization fell. There was nothing wrong with the car, it was Sam.

Sam tapping away at the steering wheel of the car as his foot bounced nervously on the floor, looking somewhat like an inpatient father to be, or a junkie craving his next fix.

"Sam? What is wrong with you? Are you hurt? Are you injured?"

"Nothing! I'm fine Dean, just happy that the hunt went well." Sam paused before adding. "Well apart from your busted arm, oh and the bump to your head, oh and a couple of my own bruises that is."

"You're not doing a great job of convincing me here Sam. If your not injured then what's with the, oh I don't know, almost me attitude? When did you suddenly become a risk taker?"

"I have no idea what you mean, Dean. I'm just trying to get you fixed up so that we can move on."

Dean wanted to argue that something was definitely wrong, but Sam chose that moment to drive the Impala over a pot hole, jostling Dean about the interior like a rag doll, his head bashing back against the seat back, as his elbow slammed into the door panel sending a vibration up the damaged limb, his pain receptors screaming out in response. As stars danced across his vision, Dean struggled to held in a groan of pain, just about hearing Sam call out above the roaring in his ears.

"Dean. Man, I'm so sorry, just hold on we're nearly there. I'm so, so sorry." Dean though had passed out, not hearing the big engine growl again as Sam pushed the pedal to the metal once more.

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