Summary. . . . . . Dean's hurt and Sam's. . . . . . .well Sam's not acting himself. Just what is wrong with the younger brother? Just what happened whilst Dean was down and out? Thanks to darksupernatural for the bunny.

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It seemed like hours, but it was literally only minutes . Standing on the bridge he'd felt tall and proud and so much happier than he had felt in a very long time, if only Dean could see that; but no his brother seemed determined to spoil his fun, causing Sam to step further away from him and closer to the edge, and that's when things started to change. It was small at first, so small in fact that he chose to ignore it. A small break in the euphoria that filled his mind, the first hints of pain making themselves be known in his body, after that things got gradually worse. Lethargy enveloped him like a heavy down duvet, causing him to wobble from pure exhaustion. Red hot spikes of pain lanced his skull as a migraine that rivalled any of his visions thumped a constant beat in his head, the happiness that had been a constant in his life vanished, leaving him beat, broken, and bereaved; the jump and water below now looking inviting for different reasons.

He stole a quick glance at the swirling, cascading mass below, it's musical sound beckoning him in, yet still he paused something much stronger pulling him the other way, a feeling; a feeling that had been such a constant in his life even when he had been so far away from the source. Love. Dean was here, Dean could help him, Dean could give him the answers to the questions that ravaged him mind. He turned back ready to climb back down, ready to start healing, to start mending in both body and mind. He gasped as a particularly strong spike of pain rushed though him; started as a blinding white flash struck the bridge beside him; felt fear as he stumbled and what was once solidness beneath his feet became nothing but air and gravity began to push him towards the raging water. He cried out Dean's name, hoping that he could convey in just that one word, his sorrow and regret and thanks, and then he felt nothing but the cold night air rushing past his face.

Nothing until a short abrupt wrench, a soft pop and a pain unlike any other. His vision clouded, his body on the verge of passing out, yet a small vestige of memory surfaced from deep within him; Dean was hurt. Sam knew without a doubt that Dean had caught him; knew without a doubt that his brother would try to pull him up; but he knew also that Dean was injured. Fighting back the darkness, Sam looked up into the eyes of his brother, his best friend, his hero, and witnessed the determination to save him radiating from them. He tried to help, tried to find the strength from within himself to push his body up, but he was just too hurt, too exhausted. Releasing his fingers from Dean's wrist he waited; waited for the rush of cold air and the feeling of weightlessness; waited for the sharp cold of the water to hit.

Dean watched in horror as Sam stumbled and fell, losing vital seconds as his brain failed to send signals to his body to move. Breaking free from the stupor that held him he rushed forward, every step seeming to feel like he was pushing through an invisible barrier, like he was a cartoon moving in slow motion whilst the world around him sped by. He slammed into the solid brick side of the bridge, throwing body over as far as possible, and his arms out, a sense of dread crushing down on him as he thought he had missed, relief pushing that aside when his fingers brushed cotton, automatically he clenched his fingers around. What felt like yards of material burned across his palm until at last his hand gripped enough to stop Sam's descent, causing Dean to clench all the tighter and hold onto his brother for dear life.

Dean blanched and almost lost his lunch as he felt the violent jerk resound up Sam's arm and through his own; felt the agony of his own damaged arm protesting the weight, and the grind of bones against stone as his ribs bashed harshly into the unforgiving brick wall; but all that agony faded as he felt and heard the sickening pop of Sam's shoulder break free from it's socket. He fought back his tears of sorrow and pain in order to see Sam, needing to look into his brother's eyes, to see for himself regardless of what he had just felt that Sam was still there; that the cloth, and flesh, and bone he could feel beneath his fingers weren't just a figment of his imagination. Feelings of elation flowed though his body as he looked into Sam's frightened gaze, feelings that evaporated as realization of the danger they were both in crashed down on him. He looked at Sam again, his mouth opening ready to tell him everything was going to be okay, only for the words to stick in his throat as the look in Sam's eyes turned from terror, to regret, to helplessness. Sam was giving up, that sentiment reiterated as he felt his brother's fingers loosen their grip on his own wrist, leaving only Dean's limited strength the only thing stopping him from falling.

"Sammy, don't you dare do this! Don't you dare leave me here alone!" Dean shouted, refusing to add "don't you die."

"I have to Dean, I can't hold on, I can't get back up there, and I can't, wont bring you down with me. Let me go Dean, please."


"Dean please, I'm sorry for everything that has happened recently, and I don't want to die, but I don't see another way without hurting you. Please let me go."

"No Sam! If you go, I go. And I'm so not ready to go yet, so help me get your scrawny ass back up here, or so help me God I will haunt you wherever we end up."

Knowing that Dean would go though with his threat, that his brother would never let go, spurred Sam back into action, his hand gripping back onto Dean's wrist as his loose arm came up to grasp onto Dean's other. The momentum though began to pull Dean further over the edge, causing Sam to start panicking.

"Dean, please don't do this, please let go." He begged, his eyes glistening with unshed wetness.

"I can't Sam, it's my job to protect you, to always watch out for you." Dean relied as his body slid further, and only his knees jammed into the wall kept them up, even that effort though was short lived and Dean felt the end nearing. "I love you brother." Dean spoke as he locked eyes steadily with Sam.

"I love you too." Sam answered back, the tears that had been threatening, falling freely now.

"Now that is just such a sweet moment, but I'm freezing my old arse off out here and you guys look as though you could do with a hand?"

Dean almost released Sam in shock as he felt a hand grab his belt and start pulling them back. When he heard Bobby's gruff voice h cried in relief, never having been so overjoyed to hear the older hunter before. "Sam, Bobby's here. We're going to be okay, I just need you to help us out, I just need you to hold on please. Can you do that?"

Although emotionally and physically drained Sam nodded in response, stilling his body as best he could in an attempt to make it easier on Dean and Bobby, only moving when his feet touched stone allowing him to gain some purchase. With Bobby's help Dean was soon safe and secure on solid ground and Sam's body began to slowly crawl over the edge, collapsing on the ground next to Dean once he was back, both boys breathing heavily from the exertion, Bobby standing protectively above them. It took Sam to start shivering from a combination of shock and cold to incite Dean into action again, his big brother mode switching into overdrive.

"You okay Sam?"

Sam thought long before replying, yes he was exhausted, yes he was hurting, yes he'd probably dream about what had happened for a long time to come, he should be a mess, yet he wasn't. "I'm fine Dean." He said, not even realizing that he had given their usual response until Dean grumbled. "Honestly Dean. I'm hurting, I'm cold, but I'm here and I'm fine, or at least I will be when I can get out of these wet clothes." Dean accepted Sam's word this time and stood, reaching out with his good arm as he did so to pull Sam up, steadying his sibling as he stumbled.

The walk back to Bobby's seemed much longer and more arduous, both boys struggling by the time they reached the salvage yard Sam literally falling asleep after Bobbys had reset his shoulder, leaving Bobby to change him into some warmer clothing and tuck him into bed, something Sam would be mortified to learn when he woke up. Dean sat on the opposite bed after showering, watching the fall and rise of Sam's chest as his brother slept deeply, not even acknowledging Bobby as he crept into the room, but taking the steaming cup of coffee that the older man offered. They sat in silence until Dean finally asked.

"Will he really be okay? Is this finally over?"

"It's over. He's stronger than you think Dean, he'll be fine."

Dean allowed tears to fall as he went on to say. "I nearly lost him Bobby. He wanted me to let go."

"But you didn't lose him. You didn't let go." He took the still untouched mug back from Dean as he ordered him to also get into bed, the exhaustion evident as the younger man did so without protest, the pain relievers Dean had taken starting to work.

Walking back to the door a few minutes later, Bobby paused to look back at both boys sleeping peacefully, their bodies subconsciously turning so that they faced each other even in sleep. He choked back tears as he thought how close he had come to losing both of them tonight, his mind going over and over scenario after scenario where h couldn't find the ritual, where it failed to work, where Dean let go, or the worst where he was too late in getting to them, finding their bodies days later miles downstream. Forcing those thoughts back he rubbed a calloused hand across his face before whispering "I love you boys," leaving the door ajar as he left, knowing for now at least he had succeeded and tht they were going to be okay.

The End.

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