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Pacing back and forth in her apartment, Daphne sighed. How could Arthur do that to his own son? His own flesh and blood? she trembled at the memory of the scene. If he would do that to his own son, she couldn't imagine what he would do to any of them if they were to get in his way. She felt for Peter, truly, for he had been robbed of his power; the one thing she holds most dear. If that were to be taken from her, she would be lost; it is the one thing she cherishes most; the ability to run fast.

Maybe Parkman was right, maybe she did end up dying in the future because of Pinehearst. After all, the painter predicts the future accurately, but deep down; she knew he was probably telling the truth anyway. She now felt more confused than ever and started to question herself once again, why am I still working with this company? At the start this was all for the money and even for the 'Be a part of saving the world.' pitch Petrelli had given her. But now she feared for losing her powers and even her life; surely that isn't worth the risk.

Daphne leant against the bench and ran her hands through her short and white tousled hair. She tried to overcome the frustration that was currently plaguing her mind. Maybe it would help if she took a quick run around the country? Try and clear her head with the sensation of moving through the air freely with that incredible pace, her slender frame running at its max velocity. She decided against it and tried to think her decision through carefully. A while later she realised which decision was best; it ended up not being as difficult as she first thought. But still, she was too afraid to do anything about it. Fear is what would make her decision, and fear alone, for any sensible decision could result in her receiving a death sentence from Arthur Petrelli.

She began to think about what Matt had said about their future. He had said that they were married and that they had a beautiful baby girl named Daniela, named after her grandmother. Oh and not to forget, they also had a pet turtle, she chuckled at that one and then smiled sincerely. He had described them as being so happy, as being soul mates. She kept smiling, enjoying the image in which she pictured; that life seemed so perfect to her. Her face started to sullen as she came back to reality, still she wondered if there would be a way out.

Matt Parkman seems like such a sweet guy, she thought to herself. She ran the scenes of her and Matt Parkman over and over again that evening. It was a life she wanted, a life she needed. I believe him… I believe him now… Daphne thought to herself. He was telling the truth. "Oh Parkman, I hope you can protect me." She spoke aloud to herself.

Daphne found her decision; coming to the conclusion she is going to believe in Matt. She couldn't stay with Pinehearst; they're murderers, killers, and villains. She had seen with her own eyes the sick and twisted things they were capable of. She couldn't live her life hanging with the wrong crowd, working with and for those sorts of people. There comes a point when a line has to be drawn, where you choose right from wrong, good fromevil and she was at that point.

Matt, tomorrow I'll find you and search until I do, even if I spend hour by hour looking, I won't give up. I know now what I need… And that is you and the future you'll provide me with.

The End

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