By The Chichi Slaughter House

Warnings: One-sided shounen-ai/friendship, ZoroxSanji.

Disclaimer: One Piece belongs to Oda, who is a freaking genius! There's no way I could ever be as imaginative as him.

Rating: G


Often, the shitty cook would make the same food for weeks on end whilst they were at sea. The others would sometimes complain and say they wanted to eat other things, and Zoro silently agreed with them, though he never said it aloud.

Right now, the food they had spent forever eating was squid – it appeared to be the only thing you could catch in this part of the Grand Line – and even Luffy was starting to complain. It seemed there were even things that Luffy did not want to eat. Zoro wanted to complain too, but he knew that it wouldn't solve anything, so ate the meal in silence whilst cries of "Saaanjiiii…make me something else!" carried through the air.

Unfortunately even Nami and Robin were getting bored of the food too, as they poked at their meals and made small talk instead of eating them. Chopper and Usopp didn't seem too happy either, and the atmosphere was obviously taking its toll on the cook.

Normally he would have just laughed or decided to make Sanji's misery even worse, but he couldn't right now. He had come to peek on the chef whilst he prepared the meals and knew he tried his best to use as many varied recipes as possible. But with their limited supplies and the next island being so far away, there was little he could do with the squid now to make it taste differently.

To be honest, Sanji seemed to be getting quite sick of the food himself, yet he always ate every scrap from his plate. It probably had something to do with his past, yet the blonde always got defensive and angry when someone left some of their food.

Finishing the last bit, Zoro pushed his plate forward and asked for seconds.