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Chapter 1 The two letters

Dear Daddy, Mom, and Aunty,

Youki Academy has been rebuild and classes are interesting. A funny thing happened yesterday. Kurumu pined Gin, the werewolf, against the wall. He spilt his pitcher of tea on her. Kurumu claimed that he did it on purpose. Gin also claimed that he was innocent. Personally I would go with the succubis Kurumu on this. Also add it to the fact that he is a pervert and a womanizer. Considering my previous experience with Gin I don't blame her. I have dealt with him before, so I know what he is like. Incase you are wondering my Inner self made sure he would never mess with us again! Daddy I hope that you and Mom are doing alright. I will make sure Kokoa behaves herself. The two of you don't need to worry I will look after her. I hope to see the three of you again come the holidays!

Love Moka


Dear Father, Aunty, and Mother,

Mother first don't believe a word of what Moka tells you. I am behaving myself! Second, this is for aunty. I believe my dearest half-sister may not be telling you the whole story about a certain someone. Has she mentioned a person by the name of Tsukune to any of you at home? Recently I saw the two of them embracing and sharing a tender moment in the graveyard surround by the mist. It was romantic enough to make me sick! Then it gets even better! My beautiful, big sister, Moka starts to kiss him! Then she sank her fangs into his neck and sucked his blood! I often hear her comment that he has "the sweetest and tastiest blood."
Just in case all of you don't believe me I have enclosed photos and a video of the event.
So the next time you talk to Moka ask her who Tsukune is! I believe that you will be very surprised by her answer. I will continue to observe Moka and Tsukune.

Love Kokoa