Hello everyone ch 30 is done. I will continue this in part 2. Which is a seperate story. Part 2 is called Returns and Revelations. As always feel free to check out my other stories.

Part 2 will be set at the Youkia Academy.

As always send reviews and Pm's.I welcome my readers opinions and suggestions. Also I had to edit my lemons I wrote, otherwise I would brobably get kicked off for MA material.

If anyone wants a copy of my uneditied lemons write to me. I'll email them to anyone once I get a email I can send them to.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me to the very end of part 1. I hope you loved the story as much as I.

One final thing a very special thanks to Shoulda'BeenBornAShinobi, Azeroth5, The-Jaron, The Burning Blood, and Nfsuc-09 for sticking with me to the very end and encouraging me to carry on and write.

So look out for Part 2

Cheers Dogsfang