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Let's begin with the first moment!

Time: When Percy and Annabeth have a small argument, over Tyson and Cyclops. Sea of monsters Page: 67-68

One morning Percy and I were sitting by the canoe lake sketching chariot designs.

And I found myself studying Percy, because he just didn't feel like the same easy going Seaweed Brain, I knew. I understood Percy was really confused right now, because of Tyson's sudden claim. As a child of Athena I was determined to try to get his mind off of his troubles.

But the Aphrodite girls weren't helping as they passed by giggling and asked Percy is he needed any eyeliner for his eye…"Oh sorry, eyes."

They walked away laughing as I grumbled, "Just ignore them, Percy. It isn't your fault you have a monster for a brother."

"He's not my brother!" Percy snapped. "And he's not a monster, either!"

I raised my eyebrows. He wasn't a monster?

"Hey don't get mad at me!" I said defensively "And technically he is a monster"

"Well, you gave him permission to enter the camp."

Until now, I understood how distressed Percy was. But blaming me, for it? He'd hit my score point.

"Because it was the only way to save your life!" I retorted. And at his sudden helpless expression, I wish I could have took that back. "I mean… I'm sorry, Percy, I didn't expect Poseidon to claim him. Cyclopes are the most deceitful, treacherous–"

"He is not! What have you got against Cyclopes, anyway?"

And as soon as he said it, memories shot back into me.

What did I have against them? Oh nothing, except for the fact that they practically came close to murdering me! And they took part in taking Thalia's life away!

Those memories hurt.

"Just forget it," I said. "Now, the axle for this chariot–"

You're treating him like he's this horrible thing," Percy continued, unsatisfied. "He saved my life."

And helped take away Thalia's life.

More memories shot back through me, and my heart sank to my feet.

As bad as I did feel for Percy and as determined as I was to make him feel better- the horrible memories of my adventure with Grover, Luke and Thalia took over, as my patience withered.

I threw down my pencil and stood. "Then maybe you should design a chariot with him," I huffed angrily.

"Maybe I should!"

"Fine!" I shouted.

"Fine!" he yelled back.

I stomped off, and immediately regretted it, knowing I had left Percy feeling worse.

But I was also aware of the fact, that our argument had been his fault! Percy had no idea about the horrible memories that Cyclops stirred inside me. And I also knew I couldn't blame him for that. I spent the rest of the day with a presence of strange unhappiness hanging over me.

Percy's head was full of kelp.

Here's the next moment

Time: This is when Percy talks to Tyson in his cabin, and I've made the plot so that Annabeth is secretly listening. (However in the official books, there is no sign of Annabeth actually listening to their conversation. It's just one of my little additions for this fanfic!) Pages 71-72

Two days had passed, and I couldn't shake the feeling that Percy was trying to tell me something, but then I would watch as he backed away, dropping the idea of telling me whatever it was.

I hadn't spoken to him since our useless argument.

And so as a child of Athena, I had to gather up all my dignity as I walked up to Cabin number three; Percy's cabin.

"You are mad?" I heard a voice from inside the thick walls say. It was Tyson.

"Nah. I'm not mad," I heard Percy's muffled voice reply.

Why, did Percy look upset?

Now I'm usually not an eavesdropper, but it was hard not to listen.

"I am a monster," Tyson's childish voice said.

"Don't say that." Percy told him, still standing up for him.

"It is okay. I will be a good monster. Then you will not have to be mad." Tyson said.

There was silence in the room. And Percy's voice sounded weaker, as if he were dying right along with Thalia's tree.

"It's just… I never had a half-brother before." Percy tried to keep his voice from cracking. "It's really different for me. And I'm worried about the camp. And another friend of mine, Grover… he might be in trouble. I keep feeling like I should be doing something to help, but I don't know what." Percy told him.

My heart sank deeper than it already was before I approached this cabin. Was Grover in trouble? That question didn't last inside me for long, as my thoughts drifted off to Percy.

Seaweed Brain really was going through a lot, and I almost felt…I don't know…. Almost, guilty for not being a better friend.

"I'm sorry. It's not your fault. I'm mad at Poseidon." Percy admitted, which I knew was really hard for him to do. "I feel like he's trying to embarrass me, like's trying to compare us or something, and I don't understand why."

Thoughts also roamed in my head. Here was Percy, going through so much confusion, and he still thought of Tyson, and tried to comfort him.

Pretty soon, I heard a deep rumbling sound. Tyson was snoring.

I heard Percy's sigh. "Good night, big guy."

And I stepped away from cabin three and headed back, only a lot sadder.

The last moment, included in this chapter.

Time: when Percy tells Annabeth about his dream about the empathy link with Grover.

The day for the big Chariot race had arrived.

Before the race began, Percy approached me.

I thought about everything he was going though, and about what I had heard last night in his cabin. I stiffened, but gave him my attention.

Percy began to tell me about a dream he had been having, and I became interested at Grover's name, but then when he told me what Grover had said, I honestly didn't know if I could have believed everything.

I narrowed my eyes. "You're trying to distract me." I decided.

"What? No I'm not!"

"Oh right! Like Grover would just happen to stumble across the one thing that could save the camp."

"What do you mean?" Percy asked, playing dumb again. (Which might I mention, apparently wasn't very hard for him.)

I rolled my eyes, "Get back to your chariot, Percy."

"I'm not making this up, Annabeth." He insisted.

The scary thing was that I hesitated. I knew that Percy- no offense to him, but being the Seaweed Brain that he was- couldn't have made all that up. Despite our occasional fights, we'd been through a lot together. And I really feared for Grover.

"Percy," I sighed "An empathy link is so hard to do. I mean, it's more likely you were really dreaming."

'The oracle," Percy said. "We could consult the oracle."

I frowned. I knew that Percy would never suggest going back there if I wasn't completely serious.

Before I could answer, the conch horn sounded.

"Charioteers!" Tantalus called. "To your mark!"

"We'll talk later," I told Percy, and right before I walked away, I smirked. "After I win."

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