Eyes of the Broken Soul

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Chapter 1 - Nightmares and Loneliness

They say that when someone is sad, or when the heavy burden of grief claims their heart, the arrival or rain is a welcome solace to hide the tears that fall from their eyes. Storms that bring life-bearing water to the very earth bellow also hold the great promises of new beginnings, fertility and times of joy. Yet, even still, one cannot deny the harm and destruction they are capable of causing just as easily.

For some, such a passing is seen as a blessing, for others an inconvenient curse, but for one boy in particular, not even the rain that fell endlessly passed his solemn and empty gaze could hide the tears that fell just as quietly from his eyes, as he watched such a storm billowing outside his window. For his eyes had carried all the evidence of his emotions of the weight that pressed heavily against his heart, emotions that were rooted in the grief and sorrow that mercilessly clung onto his very being.

A flash of bright light momentarily illuminated the night sky, pulsing through the darkness and painting the clouds above with a smear of white and silver, before letting out an angry roar in the wake of its passing. A deep, heavy breath broke the otherwise eerie silence that followed only moments later, before finally releasing itself from strained lungs in the guise of a shuddered sigh, the hint of a dreaded emotion catching painfully in a child's heart as it sank with the knowledge of what was yet to come.

For Uzumaki Naruto, the storm only served as a fleeting distraction from a life cursed with silence and pain, and it was all he could do to sit quietly upon a tattered bed next to a hazed window, his dampened blue eyes longingly searching the world outside for any distraction they could afford. However, even the mesmerizing trance that the dancing flashes of light offered him could not distract his thoughts from the overbearing cold that wrapped around his body and soon he was shivering from the damp and icy chill that seeped into his skin.

Naruto brought his legs up to huddle his knees closely against his chest, before hugging them tightly in an attempt to stay warm. Any blanket that might have been afforded to another child of his age by the grace of a loving parent, was notably absent from his hold, and only the warmth of his own body and the thin, torn clothes that scantly covered him, provided any protection from the unforgiving elements. He was somewhat used to living under such harsh conditions, so he tried to adapt as best as he always had, but that didn't make it any easier for him to bear.

This was his hell, his empty world of broken dreams and unrelenting pain. Naruto never knew why he was treated differently from the other children in his orphanage, or why he was never given the affection and care that his fellows were so freely blessed with. He never knew why he couldn't feel the warmth of a simple hug, or the soft whisper of a gentle voice as it told him that he was loved. All he ever knew was the cold and unforgiving glares of darkened eyes as they regarded him with a bitter malice and loathing discontent. The same eyes that mercilessly bored into his soul every time one's gaze drew onto him and the same eyes that watched him cry out in pain every time their owner saw fit to inflict against him whatever cruel torture they could muster.

He never knew why he was hated so much, or why the caretakers of his orphanage treated him with such cruelty. They even denied him the simple comfort of having company by isolating him in the farthest and most run down side of the building that he reluctantly called home. All he knew was that this was his reality and it was all he could do to simply survive it as best as he could.

Another brief flash of light momentarily interrupted Naruto's deteriorating thoughts, before drawing his otherwise unfocused eyes back to his window once more. A happy couple could be seen walking merrily passed his view, comforted in one another's arms as they walked under the shelter that kept them from the torrent of rain. Even though it was faint, the young boy could just barely make out the exuberant laughs that carried across the air as they continued happily on their journey, and a tight squeeze shared between them as they wrapped their arms around one another easily betrayed the love they clearly shared.

Soon afterwards, a single, small hand found itself firmly pressed against the icy window that tickled against its palm, a hand that reached out longingly for the warmth that met its owner's sight only to find coldness in its stead. A few drops of water trickled against the floor moments later and soon the vision that met Naruto's vision began to warp and fade altogether, his view now impeded by the salty evidence of emotions that welled up in his eyes. Even despite his best efforts, Naruto could not stop the tears as they slid down the side of his cheeks and over the fine whisker lines that marked them, nor the heavy sob that unexpectedly wracked his body.

'Why... why can't I just touch them?' The boy thought quietly to himself, in between a deep heave. 'Why can't I feel that warmth...? I just want to... I just...'

Naruto simply squeezed his eyes tightly in anguish, ridding them of any remaining tears that might have otherwise still clung to his vision, before shaking his anguished thoughts from his mind. Unfortunately, they would not be the last tears he would shed that night, nor would they be the easiest to bear.

It wasn't long before the door to Naruto's room suddenly began to stir before slowly creaking open, an expected arrival and a curse to the boy's life, one that he knew would soon bring him pain.

Startled from his trance, Naruto quickly jumped up from the bed that had provided him his only comfort, his eyes now widened with the evidence of fear and panic, before he backed slowly up against the nearby wall. Both of his hands soon found themselves pressing tightly against the cold surface that met his back, almost as if to brace him or simply keep him steady, and shortly afterwards his gaze was caught by another imposing figure as it entered into his view.

"Good evening Naruto-kun," a heavy voice sneered pompously. "I'm sure you know why I am here, so there's no need for any formal introductions, not that you would understand such civil exchanges. Let's just get on with it then, shall we? I am feeling rather tired tonight..."

Naruto simply whimpered in fear as he regarded the colossal tower of a man that addressed him, knowing all to well what would follow soon afterwards. It was the same thing that happened every night without fail and this night wouldn't be any different from the others. As if to confirm his fears of what was to come, or merely to taunt the flow of his tears, the warden in front of him began to crack his knuckles into his hands, causing them to pop loudly into place as he prepared himself for the night's 'lesson'. It was all Naruto could do to close his eyes as tightly as he could in preparation for what would follow, while trying desperately to hold his own body from collapsing under his precariously shaking knees.

'Please, please don't let it last long. Please let it not hurt too much...'

To be continued....

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