Chapter 1 When wrong is actually right

Hinata sat in the park, pressing her index fingers together, feeling like a failure again after her recent failed attempt to get Naruto's attention. She looked up at the sky, pleadingly.

"What should I do?" She asked softly.

"Rape him." A voice by her right ear said confidently.

Hinata glanced over and saw a smaller version of her self, but wearing very seductive clothing. Mini Hianta was wearing a short skirt and a tube top, both black and she sat on Hinata's shoulder, legs crossed as she ran a finger over the kunai she was examining. Hinata was about to say something when another voice spoke up.

"That's a bit extreme."

Hinata looked at her left shoulder and saw a mini version of her wearing a white gown, looking innocent as she sat down on the Hyuga Heiress' left shoulder.

"Back off. Look, Hinata. You have to be agressive. This passive attitude isn't cutting it." She said, putting the kunai away.

Hinata looked down as she blushed. She'd tried to picture herself as being aggresive and ended up see herself rapeing Naruto.

"Oh, kami, I wonder how big he is." She thought.

The mini Hinata on the right smiled mischeviously at Hinata.

"Come on. You know you just want to strip him naked and ravage him. Both you and I know you want to ride him like there is no tomorrow."

Hinata was about to deny it, even if it was true, when the chibi on the left spoke up.

"Just get naked and jump on him and stick your hand down his pants!"

Hinata looked at the not so innocent version with confusion, red blush lighting her face.

"Aren't you the one whose supossed to give me the right and pure choice?"

The angel gave her an irritated look.

"It is the right choice! Pure...well, who cares. Demon bitch over there and I want to get laid already!"

The demon crossed her arms and nodded, even if she didn't like being called a bitch.

"Yeah. We're getting blue balled waiting for you to get it on with him."

Hinata looked at the ground, pushing her fingers together.

"But, I..."

The angel couldn't take it anymore.

"For the love of cinnimon rolls, woman! Just fuck him already!"

The demon and Hinata gave the angel a bizzare look. The angel looked back, puzzled.


"'For the love of cinnimon rolls?' What the fuck?" The demon questioned.

The Angel shrugged her shoulders as she looked back at Hinata.

"We know what we have to do, right?"

Hinata nodded and the angel smiled.

"Good. Oh kami this is going to feel so good. Having his cock slid in and out of us..."

Hinata was thankful that they fadded away, but she felt a resolve solidify. One way, or the other, by the end of the week, Naruto's virginity would be her's.


Naruto was walking down the street, his face mustered on concentration. He was trying ot figure out what was wrong with Hinata. She always turned red around him and tended to faint when he got closer, to se if she was okay. A sudden thought occured to him.

"What if she's not sick? What if she blushes and faints because of me? What if she likes me?"

He wanted to dismiss the line of thought, but he started to contemplate it, and was shocked to see it fit. He shook his head.

"No. No way. Hinata couldn't like me as more than a friend. After all, she's practically royalty and I'm...well I'm not."

"Who gives a damn? Just go for it. You want her as your mate. You want to fuck her until she passes out from pleasure." The fox said, smiling slightly.

"Hey. That's being saved for the right person. I'm not just going to fool around." He told the Fox sternly.

"Kit. Your blond, you know that? That girl practically worships you. She cares about you very deeply. Besides, your confussion is not rational. She is a mature female of age to bear children."

"There's more to it than that, Fox." Naruto told him. "I mean, you can't just have se-Did you say she cares about me?" He asked, curious.

"Why don't you just take a chance. Besides. I have a feeling you'll know by the end of the week. Just don't struggle when it comes. Sit back and let it happened. That's how I got married."

Naruto shook his head as the Fox slowly fadded back into his mind. But he wondered what the fox meant when he said he'd know by the end of the week...