Official Introductions - Stellvia Story Rewrite

Please read through this whole introductions to have a better understanding of the story. By using Macros Foundation as the main foundation, the title shouldn't be Stellvia. But Stellvia means "Road to the star" so it matched perfectly as a title.

List of foundations

Stellvia - Stellvia Commander (This will be used to refer to Stellvia commander.)

ElSanto - Leon Simon

Akapusu - Akapusu Commander

Odyssey - Odyssey Commander

Ultima - Ultima Commander

Vision - Vision Commander

Macros - Otoyama Kouta (Also the student of Stellvia. The youngest commander.)

Macros Farm - Kirisaki Azuma (Secondary Assistant)

Foundations Description

Stellvia Foundation

Stellvia is the foundation where Otoyama Kouta are studying on. Stellvia is the leader of all 5 foundations with Macros Foundation being the exception.

Macros Foundation

Macros Foundation is originally the ambition of Katase Shima and Otoyama Kouta when they're both 9 years old. They want to meet up with each other, and Macros is a backdoor plan for them in case if they failed in Stellvia entry exam.

Macros Foundation are all consists of alice (a term choosen by the Zenca according to the old anime from earth) childrens not older than 16 years old, but not younger than 12 years old. Macros is the only strongest heavily armed foundation among the rest. No one have ever seen Macros with their own eyes because all the time, Macros is under camouflage by the technology developed by Otoyama Kouta. Surprisingly behind all those high-tech equipments, fighters, and advanced defense system, including the constructions of the foundation itself are all done by childrens of 10 years old to 16 years old lead by Otoyama Kouta since the age of 10. The only foundation that holds the AA Agent formula. The Macros revealed themselves during the Great Mission.

Fujisawa Yayoi, Otoyama Kouta and Odawara Masaru cooperate to build it at the young age of 10. The construction process took 5 years instead of 6 months to complete due to the lack of construction equipments. The largest foundation, the size are equal to 3 Stellvia.

Macros Farm (Sub Macros Foundation)

This foundation belongs to the Macros Foundation. Also nicknamed as "The Wings of Macros" or "Macros Life Support" This foundation deal with the food supplies for Macros Foundation. It also provides chemical products for the scientists working on experiments. Macros are built with Storehouses and Farms. It's advanced defense system is the same as it's main foundation. This foundation is located just 300 km besides Macros Foundation. The size is as big as Stellvia.


A foundation of nothing special. ElSanto is the foundation constructed like Stellvia, but have the weakest defense system. But ElSanto is the one holding the protoculture, and also the first to discover Macros Foundation. ElSanto commander, Leon Simon kept the secret and swear not to expose the existence of Macros Foundation to Otoyama Kouta until Macros Foundation announce it's own existence.


A foundation with an average defense system. Although their defense are only average, their pilots are well-trained averagely.


The foundation intimidating Mars environment. Odyssey have spears, the top pilot with his squadron being the best. When it come to Astroball event, this foundation is the first. However Odyssey lost the Astroball champion title, when Katase Shima beat them down with her skills. Odyssey is the foudation second best in it's defense system after Stellvia.

Ultima Foundation

Ultima is a foundation with the best AI defense, but average in firepower. However Ultima is eventually the first foundation to fall into fracture, going through the destruction. Ultima are later rebuilt.

Vision Foundation

Vision is the foundation of all-round. Everything on Vision are all average. Defensive systems, pilot training, and alot more are all average. The center of technology trading between foundations.

List of involved companies

Odawara Metal Corporation - Odawara Masaru

Odawara Masaru is the owner of this company. After his parents passed away in a car accident, he took control of it at the age of 9. When he heard about Otoyama Kouta dream foundation, he ask his manager to help with the metal design for Macros. One of the founders of Macros Foundation, but he choose the low position of Chief Engineering because he realized his weakness of being clumsy.

Fujisawa Shuttle Corporation - Fujisawa Yayoi

Fujisawa Yayoi is the owner of this company. Her parents are lost in the forest on earth after a plane crash. When the rescue team arrive, her parents are already dead with the rest of the survivors. Fujisawa Yayoi is one of the 2 youngest company successor, with Odawara Masaru being the second one in list.

Otoyama Corporation: Astrological Research Center - Otoyama Youko

This company is run by Otoyama Youko, Kouta's older sister. Youko provides the funding for the building of Macros when she saw the constructions progressing with her own eyes. Believing her little brother could succeed in building it, she provides all funds neccessary for high-tech minor equipments and all lifters.

List of Characters

Otoyama Kouta
Age: 16

Otoyama Kouta is the commander of Macros Foundation at the age of 15. No one ever know how the Macros Foundation looks like, or who's the commander. Everyone only heard rumors about it. Kouta pretends to be a student on Stellvia just to get to Katase Shima. He stay on Stellvia until the end of Genesis Mission. After the mission, he revealed his position as the Macros commander together with the treats Macros had known for years. When he's 9 years old, Shima and Kouta both meet an earthlings-like alien girl named Lilith.

Katase Shima
Age: 16

Katase Shima is supposed to be the assistant commander of Macros Foundation. When she was 10 years old, she got into an accident. The accident caused her to lost every bits of memories before the accident. Shima are the one Kouta was looking for all the time. When Kouta discovered her amnesia, he make an attempt to start a fresh relationship with her and succeed. Soon Shima got herself into a depressed state, thinking she's drifting away further from Kouta. When Shima discovered the VCD stored in Kouta's room, she stealthly watched it in wondering what it is. When she found out it was her lost memories, she reconcile with Kouta. She eventually remember her lost memories bit by bit with the help of her friends.

Fujisawa Yayoi
Age: 18

Fujisawa Yayoi is one of the youngest CEO. When her parents passed away, she became the person in charge of her company. She left the company to her manager, while she studies in an attempt to pass the Stellvia entry exam. At the age of 12, she accidentally saw Kouta's plan about the Macros Foundation. Being a top-notch young engineer, she immediately realize it was not something out of logic. She immediately requests partnership with the young Kouta. Yayoi is responsible on 30% of fundings for the constructions, and she also reserved one shuttle especially for Macros in the background, with the help of her loyal manager. Yayoi dream is to be a pilot, or at least someone who fight as a representative of human.

Odwara Masaru
Age: 16

A clumsy, yet smart in setting up plans and management. Also one of the youngest CEO. He's in the list of the 2 youngest CEO. Masaru is the one in charge of supplying metals for the building of Macros Foundation. He's also the best when it came to electronics equipment. According to Kouta's inventions, he was able to comply with it. Masaru also have one ambition, same as the others. He too, wanted to protect mankind existence. When Macros Foundation was established, he choose to be the supply management captain. He doesn't want to take on a high position upon realizing that he's clumsy. Masaru got into Stellvia to accompany Kouta, and also to learn how to pilot overvis machine so that he could pilot a MGF-01. Masaru secretly in love with Arisa Glennorth without her knowing it.

Arisa Glennorth
Age: 16

Arisa is someone who doesn't like her friends getting depressed. She would definitely want to help any of her friend in anything, but sometimes she messed up the situation even more. Arisa is one of Shima's best friend besides Monica Langer. Arisa is a very skillful mechanic. She could fix almost anything. She join the Macros Foundation after learning about it's existence. A very loyal friend.

Monica Langer
Age: 16

Monica is the friend of Shima ever since she was little. (8 years old) She knows Kouta, but she doesn't know Kouta and Shima's relationship. When she chat through the internet with Kouta, she eventually learned about their relationship. When Shima came back from Kyushu after the monitoring period, she told Kouta that she'll help him take care of her. She's almost always in depressions thinking that the accident and amnesia are all her fault. This is mainly because Shima pushed her aside during the accident to avoid her from getting a direct hit. When she found out Shima lost her memories, she became even closer to her. Shima restart the friendship with her after all the accident, without knowing anything about her that is. Monica is approved by Kouta for her potential after she got a Rank A with Kouta's simulation program. Monica is the leader of the
Macros Elite Force: Division 1.

Ao Shingo
Age: 16

Shingo is the leader of Macros Elite Force: Division 2. He is in love with Monica. Shingo is the best division leader around besides Monica. He is able to comply with any formations during battle. Shingo is able to change the formations of his division in just a few seconds due to his great leadership. He's the one who lead division 2 charging at the middle size asteroids wave during the Great Mission. He's the first Macros leader to prove the existence of Macros Foundation and it's elite fleet. When a huge asteroid head towards the earth, he refused to give up and lead his division to attack it like crazy until Infinity dispatches.

Kayama Akira
Age: 16

Kayama Akira is the best in high-altitude flights. But when it came to outer space, she's the worst. She always try her best to improves herself in terms of piloting. Even with clear signs of improvements in her maneuver skills, she doesn't realized it. She even once accidentally add more depressions to Shima. She also join the Macros Foundation later in the plot. Akira is in love with Joey Jones.

Joey Jones
Age: 16

Joey Jones is the worst pilot of all times when he was on Macros. He got Rank S during the simulation. When he found out Kouta are going to Stellvia, he ask for permission to join. He eventually learn how to pilot an overvis machine, which enable him to pilot MSF-01 and MRS-Power.
Later he became one of the Macros Elite Force leader. He leads Division 6. While on Stellvia, he fell in deep love with Akira. Akira then became the assistant leader of Division 6.

Pierre Takida
Age: 16

Pierre is always picking on girls. But his main interests is always Fujisawa Yayoi, someone 2 years older than he is. Pierre's ambition is to become the one of the top pilot just to show off. He later change his target from show-off into fighting for the human. Pierre is the last of Shima's friend that learned about Macros existence.

Machida Ayaka
Age: 18

Ayaka is one of the Stellvia's famous Big Four group. Ayaka is the one who set up an accident to trick Yayoi when she was 16, but she's also the one who saved Yayoi from that accident. Ayaka is always jealous about Shima when she got to close to her in terms of skills. Ayaka tried to injure Shima as well at some point of the plot. Ayaka is the first to witness Macros maneuver skills during the incident. Kouta get there just in time to stop her from hurting Shima. After she got over the incident, she learned that what she does are all meaningless. She devoted herself to make up for her past mistakes.

Kent Austin
Age: 18

Kent is the one who fell in deep love with Ayaka. He never have the courage to confess his love for Ayaka. He's the leader of the Big Four group. He cared for Ayaka so much, that he talked Yayoi into forgiving Ayaka. Kent, together with the Big Four later lead an elite squadron called
"Stellvia Defender" to defend Stellvia until the Macros force arrival to fight off the Deuxillo. He also taught the Stellvia students and junior pilots all about maneuver whenever he can.

Najima Gable

Age: 18

Gable is also one of the Big Four. She cared about everyone in Big Four and her surrounding. She always talk with a cold tone, and often quotes something from Shakespeare or the Bible. All other details about her is unknown.

Shoujin Ritsuo
Age: 18

Ritsuo is one of the Big Four. He is skillful in Kendo, Ninjutsu and also piloting. He sometimes came out with very odd solutions for a problem. He gave a shuriken to Shima as a substitute to a Christmass tree's star during Christmass. A deadly fighter both indoor and outdoor. All other details about him is unknown.

Shirogane Jinrai

Age: 24

Jinrai is the youngest assistant commander, and is also an instructor on Stellvia. When he learn about the existence of Macros Foundation and Kouta's plan to urge the starforce establishment, he offer helps to him. He love Ren Renge, and always became a "toy" in Ren's "boyfriend jokes". He always want the best for his students, and he always make sure that the voice of the children he trained are heard by the superiors. He refused to let the students to be use in sensou (war) between humans, which is pointless.

Ren Renge

Age: 24

Ren are once a pilot in training. She quit as a pilot after she discovered it wasn't her field of study. She turn from a pilot into a nurse. She's still considered a Rank B pilot. She already like Jinrai, but always joke around with him.

Leila Barthes
Age: 24

Leila is one of the instructor on Stellvia. She's strict, but is also kind hearted. The main reason she wanted to be strict is for the sake of the students themselves. This is revealed by Shima when she defends Leila's position as an instructor. Some of the students who refused to listen to Leila eventually obey, after Shima "shoot some cannon balls" at the them which hits all the points. She's the first to admit Macros children are hard to train, as most of the children on Macros doesn't seems to need her training at all.

Richard James
Age: 56

Richard is one of the adult who stood at the side line watching the construction of Macros Foundation. Kouta have never noticed him during the construction. Richard knew the identity of Hutter, Lilith and Kouta. He play alot of chess with Hutter.

Carl Hutter
Age: 50

Carl Hutter is from the Deuxillo race. Originally sent as a spy. After learning and observing the humans, he decided to betray his own race with his robotic fleet. He stay on Stellvia as an instructor. His favourite human game are always chess.

Lilith Evalock
Age: 16

Lilith is the Zenca princess who came to seek for help from the human. When she spotted the 9 years old Shima and Kouta, she immediately realized they're the one Zenca need as they're smarter than all other children. This has proven to be true when Kouta and Shima plan on building Macros Foundation at the young age of 9 in order to help the Zenca, and also to make Macros a backdoor plan for them to meet in case if they fail Stellvia's entry exam. Lilith have the ability to manipulate air or liquid in small quantities (as much as a 1m X 1m X 1m) with her energy device to strike her enemy. Her ability are useful only when enemy board a ship or foundation she was on. She can pilot almost anything. She's the one giving the AA Agent formula to Kouta and Shima.

Sirius Concent
Age: 16

Sirius is the childhood friend of Lilith. He's the one disobeying orders of the Zenca emperor during battle and fled the battle, after forecasting the outcome of the battle. He is the savior of the Zenca race. He lead the remaining Zenca fleet and citizens and evacuate from the Zenca solar system. Realizing they're being chased by the Deuxillo, he suggest Lilith to use the one-time powered teleportation gate and get to earth.

Terms Library

Alice Child / Children: Derived from Alice Academy anime around year 2000 to 2008 before the first wave. Used to describe special gifted children. (Refer to Intelligence) The term are passed through the first wave all the way to the current generation.

AA Agent: A type of anti-aging agent which prevents Human and Zenca from aging.

KT: KT is a fighter used only by qualified pilots.

MGF-01: Macros Guardian Fighter, a basic fighter that is used in both defense and attack.

MSF-01: Macros Strike Fighter, a basic strike fighter which is more powerful than a KT.

MRS: A basic combat robot-like fighter. It's equipped with 2 laser pistols.

MRS-Power: A robot-like fighter. It's equipped with assault rifles, plasma blade and plasma headed spear.

MGF-02: An improved version of MGF-01.

MSF-02: An improved version of MSF-02.

M-Basic 01: A type of missiles that can be equip by any fighter from Macros. Fit into KT too.

M-Basic 02: A much more powerful missiles and longer range than M-Basic 01.

MRP: Macros Robot Pistol. A laser pistol mainly used by MRS. Also fit into MRS-Power.

MRAR-500: An assault rifle designed for MRS-Power. The numbers is the quantity of ammo.

MRAR-Trial: The failure test version of MRAR.

MRAR: Macros Robot Assault Rifle.

AR-100 Case: A bullet case with 100 GS size for MRAR model. There's also AR-300 and AR-500.

GS: Gas Shell. A type of ammo made by compressing hydrogen.

MH Shield: This shielding technology protects anything within it. It repels all masses or light and heat within the range of 1km away from it. (1 SER)

SER: Shield Effect Range refers to range of which masses will be repel away. Used to measure how far the masses will be from the shield the moment it's repelled. 1 SER equal to 1km.

SR: Shielding Range refers to the range of protected perimeters.

Order of foundations from the point of defensive fire power. (Not from the point of CADI )

FP - Fire Power unit (approx)

CADI - Computerize Automatic Defense Intelligence (approx)

Macros Foundation - 25,000 FP / 60,000 CADI

Stellvia Foundation - 15,000 FP / 23,000 CADI

Odyssey Foundation - 12,000 FP / 19,000 CADI

Vision Foundation - 9,500 FP / 15,000 CADI

Akapusu Foundation - 7,000 FP / 10,000 CADI

Ultima Foundation - 5,000 FP / 33,000 CADI

El-Santo Foundation - 2,500 FP / 14,000 CADI

List of Ultimate Weapons and Owner

Infinity - Stellvia Foundation

Halcyon - Stellvia Foundation

Silver Knight - Macros Foundation

Ultima Weapon - Macros Foundation

Cross Fire - Macros Foundation

Dimension - Macros Foundation

Eternity - Macros Foundation (Kouta and Shima's favorite battleship / flagship)