The sound of knocking on the door wakes him up.

Monica: Otoyama-kun !

He open the door. Analyzing his division leader, he noticed something went wrong.

Kouta: What's wrong?

Shingo: Ao Shingo reporting in sir !

Kouta: What are you doing here? No wait, I should ask what happened?

Shingo: Sir I'm leading my squadron and a ship to explore the deep space. I've encountered the deuxillo ships on our scanner type 20L, stalling 20 light years away from Macros ! Target is Stellvia and earth.

Author notes: 20 L means 20 light years. Shingo got into the right range to detect deuxillo.

Kouta: way ! We got an intruder giving wrong information on our ally the zencas immediately ! Ask them to take route from coordinate 6,8 to 6,9 !
Monica, you do it. Shingo, you come with me into the admiral office.

Shingo: Alright.

Monica: Yes sir !

Kouta and the greatest strategist heads to the office with no delays. Assembling all Macros units on Stellvia to be on guard at the same time.

Ayaka: Otoyama-kun !

Kouta: What now?

Ayaka: James sensei is looking for you.

Kouta: Good timing, I'm on my way there too.

Ayaka: Who's this strange style person?

Shingo: Ao Shingo, division 2 leader.

Kouta: Introduction, cut short. Go !

They both realize the time critical period and use short words, avoiding all questions on the way.

The admiral slam on the desk after hearing what Kouta and Shingo said. Shima got in, exhausted from the running.

James: Are you guys telling me invaders are targeting us?

Shingo: According to my calculations, yes.

Shima: I....I knew it !

Kouta: Shima-chan, catch up with your oxygen level first.

Shima: Ok...

She sit down on the nearby cushioned chair.

Leila: I refuse to believe them...They're children.

Shirogane: Well, as for me, I'm neutral.

Shingo: Silence !

The distrust have finally made the young talented strategist go mad.

Shingo: Can you even explore the deep space?! Your KT fighters are nothing but toys ! And what do you know about string drive? Stellvia sensor perimeters?
overvis control panel program? A pilot need sense of directions ! Keen eyes and skills ! Not your crap machine and training ! What if we are telling the truth?!

Kouta: Shingo, calm down.

Shingo: But what they're talking about is !

Kouta: Calm down ! That's an order !

Shingo: ...alright.

Leila starting to feel Shingo's unknown intelligence. The words "a pilot need sense of directions, keen eyes and skills strike her deeply.


Leila: Sensei, can you tell me how to get to elite rank?

Instructor: Well, listen carefully. I'm telling you this because you're my best student. A pilot rely on keen eyes, sense of directions and skills.
These overvis machine only serve to give you data. For example, checking an ally location and your coordinates. Not everyone use the same data inputs. Select your own needs.

-End of Flashback-

Leila: (Could he be...) Hey Shingo, what does a spacecraft do for a pilot?

Shingo: You're finally beginning to test me. Very well then, listen. The spacecraft only serve to give you data. For example, checking an ally location and your coordinates. Not everyone use the same data inputs. Selecting your own needs is the key. But Macros pilots doesn't need data unless they're a non-alice Macros pilots.

Notes: non-alice on Macros are individuals rescued from battles with the pirates.

Leila: I believe you.

Shingo: Anyway, it's time critical period now, we need to convince you guys of our existence. It'll take the deuxillo 7 months. 4 more weeks is Great Mission.

James: Wait, it's next week, not 4 weeks.

Shima: Wrong, the calculations is 4 weeks.

Kouta: Shima-chan, I thought you're-

Shima: Caught up in lack of confidence and unable to use my alice intelligence? I'm back !

Kouta: Great !

Shima: Anyway, you guys must come to Macros foundation as ambassadors.

James: But still we-

Shima: Had to make preparations just in case?

Cold sweat break out from the admiral.

Clark: Are you guys mind readers?

Everyone from Macros laughs at the question. Ayaka who's been standing there with no one noticing became silent from surprise.

Shima: Ayaka-san, how long are you gonna stay there like a tree? -laughs-

Ayaka: Just surprised that's all.

The alien girl got in through the wall all of sudden.

Lilith: Katase-chan !

Shima: Lilith?? Not here...gosh...

Clark: Wait a second ! Who's...that? Katase-kun, explanation?

Shima: Alien girl.

Ayaka: What alien girl?

Lilith: Kata-

Shima: Shima ! Not Katase !

Kouta: Oh, great. Now here goes a mess.

Lilith: Anyway, Shima-chan, I need your robot combat team.

Kouta: Go ahead. She allows it.

Lilith: I'm talking about that special team. I need GX-Divider and R-3 along with the rest.

Ayaka: Robot...Huh? Toy models?

Shima: Lilith....what are you going to do with the robot team?

Lilith: I'm leading them to save my people. Only spacecrafts and fighter can get there in 20 days warp...

Shingo: Already sent.

Lilith: W-What?

Kouta: As you've heard we already sent 3 elite team. Special Force Division A and B are heading there as we talk. Sent them
3 days ago.

Lilith: I haven't expect you guys to be this smart... -sweat-

Ayaka: Can someone tell us what's going on?

Shirogane: That's right. You guys are talking about technologies that we human haven't discovered yet.

Shima: Shingo, explain please.

Shingo: Roger. As you guys already know, things in anime and games are not totally impossible. We can see
That in kendo for example, amakakeru no hirameki is extracted from 1996 anime, Rurouni Kenshin. Our robot team
too, came from a game released for a very old outdated console named Playstation. GX-Divider the great power shot robot with
average armor and plasma sword together with shield launchers. R-3 the heavy, slow, and ultimate powered robot. All these are
extracted. We are far more intelligent in extracting usable concepts from games and anime.

Leila: My god...And we only extracted 6 or 7 things. You guys must have alot...

Kouta: 10,000 inventions reached, from the smallest to the biggest

Stellvian: What?!

Note: Stellvian means everyone from Stellvia that is present in the scene.

Clark: Gah...what do we do with these smart alice...

Shima: Commander Clark...there's 3 pirate ships total up to 15,000 pirates heading to Stellvia. We're being theaten by 3 directions.

James: Pirates?

Shingo: I passed through them on my way here.

Leila: What are you guys up to?

Shima: I will show you the power of the top Macros Authority. Those pirates doesn't realize there are 400 alice on board of Stellvia.

Kouta: Commander Clark, advice your soldiers to take shelter and ignore our people. Shima-chan and myself have once taken on 40,000 ourselves before...

Shirogane: 40,000? But wait, still dangerous !

Shingo: That's what we're gonna show you. Pirates here in 30 minutes. Sir lets' go, I've asked them to set force field. The Stellvian can stay behind it and watch.

Shima: Alright ! Come on and stop talking ! Move it !

Ayaka: Hey ! Wait !!

The 3 of then run out from there followed by the rest.

-End of Chapter 6-

Please comment on this chapter as it might not be well written. This is a fan remake of Stellvia and is non-related to original work, nor is it an extract from a rumored 2nd season release.