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I walked in to Alice and Rosalie's apartment and dumped my bag by the door, noticing with confusion that the room was stripped of it's comforts, and left with bare necessities. As I dropped the bag I noticed a letter had fallen from the coffee table, and when I bent down to pick it up, I scanned the contents quickly.

Dear Miss Hale and Miss Brandon,

It is with pleasure that I can inform you that the offer you made on the residence earlier this week has been accepted. As you know, the house contains 5 bedrooms and an attic, and is fully accommodated with everything you could need, including en suites and kitchen facilities. As due your request, you can move in by the end of the week, and I offer my congratulations. The legal side of the deal…

The rest of the letter trailed off into legal talk that I had no idea about, but I didn't need to know to understand what was going on. Rosalie was moving, and by the description of the size of the house, so was Alice. I felt tears begin to pool in my eyes at the thought that they didn't tell me, but I didn't have time to ponder the emotion, because at that moment the letter was ripped from my hands by Alice, who had snuck up behind me.

"Have you read this?"

Her voice was demanding, and her eyes had a look in them that I couldn't place.

"Yes, but I don't understand? Why wouldn't you tell me…?"

She cursed under her breath and called Rose out from the other room, at the same time leading me over to the sofa and sitting me down.

She and Rose stood side by side in front of me, shifting about nervously until Alice decided to speak. I just sat there with a hurt look on my face as I thought about that fact that my two supposedly "best friends" wouldn't tell me that they had decided to buy a house together.

"Okay, Bella we really didn't want you to find out about this until we'd made the final details, but it seems as though you already have. Please don't get mad, I know you hate surprises, but we both just thought that…"

Alice's tone was pleading, and she seemed suddenly extremely nervous. Rosalie just watched from the sidelines, but I could tell that she was holding back and letting Alice do the talking.

"Guys, it's okay, I mean, if you really want to move without telling me, then its fine. I'm only your best friend after all - so why should you tell me?!"

I had practically shouted the last sentence, and I realised with a jolt that I was now standing up. With chagrin I sat back down and looked steadfastly at my clasped hands that were resting in my lap, trying not to cry. I had heard Alice stop talking abruptly after my outburst, and it was silent for a few minutes before I heard muffled sounds coming from in front of me.

I glanced up, only to be greeted with Alice and Rosalie's amused expressions as they literally rolled on the floor laughing. The sounds I had heard was from them trying to smother their amusement, but it really hadn't worked. I'm sure I had an incredulous look on my face, because as soon as they saw me they sat up and became silent. I shot Alice a look that demanded an explanation, and I didn't miss the fact that she looked at Rose for silent permission before she answered.

"Bella! You silly thing! Do you honestly think that we would just buy a house and move without telling you? That's ridiculous! We're your best friends you daft girl."

I felt a grin light up my face as she assured me that I wasn't being left behind, but I froze in mid-smile when I realised I hadn't yet solved what the letter was about.

"Then what…?"

I trailed off and looked at Rosalie, who had been silent the entire time. She rolled her eyes at my slow mind but answered with excitement.

"You're coming with us! And before you refuse, it's too late. Alice was over at your apartment earlier and has packed up the stuff you need. The moving van has already taken your stuff to the house, and it is right this moment sitting in the foyer. There was no way in hell that we were gonna let you live in that disgusting place you call home any longer. We've put up with you saying no when we offer to help you out with money like friends should be able to, and this time we're putting our foot down!"

She finished her rant defiantly, and stood there looking at me, daring me to disagree. Alice was kneeling before me with a pout gracing her features, and I couldn't help but silently laugh at their nervousness.

I knew why they were so worried about my reaction, because they hadn't been happy for the past six months. Alice, Rose and I had been best friends since we were little, and so when we finished college six months ago, it was only natural that we stay together. Originally we were all going to get the same apartment, but because they had endless streams of money, and I refused to live with them when I couldn't afford the rent, I had moved to an independent place.

The first time they had come over they had looked at me with shocked expressions. I couldn't blame them really. My building was terrible, and I was pretty sure that the living conditions in my flat left a lot to be desired.

As much as didn't want to admit it, I hated living there, and had actually come over to their place today to swallow my pride and ask for a room. Now it looked as though that wouldn't be necessary.

I was snapped out of my trance by Alice, who was still pouting at me.


I could tell they expected me to turn down the offer, so instead I jumped up and hugged them both, spinning them around in excitement.

"YES YES YES YES YES! Thank you guys. We are gonna have so much fun!"

"See Alice, I told you that she would come round!"

"I know, I know, but…well, you know how she can be!"

"So," I started, "when do we move?"

Rose answered with a devious look on her face.




I looked at my best friends and had an epiphany.

"I never had a choice in this, did I? You would have made me come, even if I wasn't thrilled with the idea."

They both shrugged, and I had to laugh. I was suddenly graced with the vision of my protesting body being loaded by Alice into the removal van to be carted to the new house, and the scary thing was, I wouldn't put it past her to try it if I hadn't accepted already.

"Is that why your stuff is already gone then?"

"Yep. We were just waiting for you to come, and then we're gonna head out. I promise you will love this place Bell, your room is perfect for you."

By the end of her speech Alice was practically squealing, and I pretended to hold my hands to my ears.

"Careful Alice, if you get any higher, then only the dogs will be able to hear you."

She shoved me playfully before grabbing my hand, pulling me out the door and down to Rose's waiting convertible, explaining that her car was already there, along with everyone's stuff. The ride would take about 3 hours, because apparently the new place wasn't in this town, we would have to drive a while before coming to our new destination. So it really was a fresh start in a fresh city.

The entire ride there I was screaming in my head. This was just the new start I needed to really reinvent my life, because since college I had had nothing going on. And now we were all moving in together, I had the whole summer to just relax, there were no deadlines for me to meet, and I was gonna focus on having fun.

I was wrenched from my daydreaming once again as Rose let out a high pitch yell of excitement. We pulled up outside a large building, and I stepped out onto the sidewalk to admire the new house, that seemed to fit right into the city.

House probably wasn't the right word to describe it though I thought wryly to myself. It was frikkin' huge! The mansion was an old Victorian style building, and I couldn't help but marvel at it's beauty. I turned to the others and they had the same expressions on their faces, but they were reacting to my expression, because they had already seen the house.

"This is…Wow."

"I know Bella, see - didn't we tell you to trust us?"

"Uh huh! And I trust you completely now."

"Well," we walked up to the door and they lead me inside, "come on then - Alice can show you your room, while I go and finish unpacking."

We parted ways with Rose at the top of the stairs, and she wandered off down the corridor, entering a room that I assumed was hers. Alice however, pulled me down to hallway to a dead end, and then stood there looking at me expectantly. I just looked around once, and then apologetically back at Alice, who chuckled at my confused expression.

Without further explanation, turned me sideways and guided my hand to a part of the wall I had just looked at.


She commanded, making sure that I was listening. I did as she asked, and then gasped as the wall swung inwards. The door had obviously been made to look like part of the wall structure, and it opened onto the most amazing room I had ever seen. It had Alice's mark of designing all over it, and I moved speechlessly to the centre of the room, trying to take everything in.

The walls had been painted a soft white colour that would match any accessory. In the corner there was a small dresser that had already been set up with accessories and sentimental objects from my old flat, with a small mirror set in a frame on the wall behind. The bed was new - I could see that immediately - but I liked it. It was a double, slightly higher than a normal bed, and with light blue bed clothes that made the room look so much brighter.

There was a door leading off to the right, which I assumed was the en suite, and there was a large walk in cupboard which was leading off from the left side of the room. I sighed. As much as I hated the fact that they had spent money on this, I was glad - because I had fallen in love with the house already.

I turned back to Alice, who was still standing there with a smug look on her face, obviously realising that they had won the argument with the house, and I was smitten.

"Alice I…"

She held up a hand to stop me talking.

"I know."

"Thank you."

I ran over and gave her a hug, but the emotional moment was broken abruptly as Rose burst into the room and winked at Alice, holding her hand out towards us. We broke apart, and Alice once again cursed under her breath, handing Rose a note of some kind.

"See Ali, I told you she would let us without too much of a fuss."

"Yeah yeah, whatever."

Rose took the money and wandered over to my bed and sat down, while Alice ran over to the walk in wardrobe and began thumping around loudly. I rolled my eyes.

I was in too much of a good mood to let the fact that they had been betting on me affect me, and so with a good natured and mature action of sticking my tongue out at them both, I changed the subject.

"So, the letter said there was 5 bedrooms?"

"Yeah, but this room doesn't really count as one of them."

Alice must have sensed my confusion, because she yelled to me from out of sight.

"This room is the one that they describe as an "attic". We thought it was pretty ridiculous, but I knew as soon as I saw it that you would love it. I've designed each room to suit peoples personalities, and I'm pretty sure I know you two well enough for that to have worked"

Her musical laugh filled the room, and I loved the way she had no modesty when it came to her designing capabilities.

"Nice to see you have some humility there Ali!"

I could practically hear her stick her tongue out at my reply. I turned back to Rose.

"That still doesn't explain why we have so many bedrooms. With you and Ali, that still leaves three free. What are you planning?"

Her reply was immediate, and I could tell she was obviously waiting for this topic to come up.

"Well, Alice and I have kinda already got some new housemates lined up, if that's okay? We figured we might as well meet some new people, and it turns out that they are in the same situation as us."

"Like what?"

"Just got out of college, all good mates - actually, I think they're siblings - and they want some fun for the summer. I said sure."

"That's fine. When are they getting here?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, they said they would come either today or tomorrow. I really don't know that much about them - Alice has done the organizing. I must say, she was pretty excited. Even though we haven't really met them at all."

She raised a hand to stop me from speaking and telling her that that was a bit irresponsible, if we don't know them, then what are they like.

"Alice said that they have good references, and it was either these people, or a freaky guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, that wouldn't stop staring at her chest. Newton I think his name was."

The conversation died out after that, with both of us sitting in companionable silence as we listened to Alice reorganizing my wardrobe. Finally, another thought occurred to me.

"You do realise that I'm gonna have to give you some money or something for this, right?"

She waved off my offer with one hand.

" Yeah I know - just give us what you can. To be honest, this wasn't all us. My parents sent over some money for it, and you know Alice's parents left her everything in their will. This is only a small part of that money, so we have nothing to worry about."

"I can still do something though…"

"I'm sure neither of us will complain if you make breakfast, or buy the groceries once in a while Bella. Just chill. What are mates for, eh?"

She laughed at that, and the tense atmosphere was immediately eradicated. When Alice came bounding back out of the other room from whatever she was doing, they both left my room, telling me to get settled. We weren't planning on doing anything tonight, and I needed to get my head around the fact that this was now my home.

I lay on my bed with the Ipod headphones in for a while, flicking through a battered copy of my favourite Wuthering Heights.

The darkness slowly began to set in outside, and I quickly changed for bed into a pair of lacy navy boy shorts and matching camisole that Alice had thrown at me before departing earlier. Slipping under the covers, I set the alarm under my pillow for 8am, determined to wake up early and make breakfast for everyone.

I might not be able to pay them back for the house, but I could certainly try. I knew that neither of them would rise before 9 at the earliest, but I still wanted to leave myself plenty of time.

Reaching out, I flicked the light switch and fell into a deep slumber, watching the light from the moon dancing across the ceiling, and occasional shadow being cast across the room as a bird flew across. Tomorrow would be a good day.

Beep-Beep. Beep-Beep. Beep-Beep.

I stuck my hand under the pillow and fumbled slightly for the alarm clock. After I shut it off I jumped out of bed and cleaned up in the en suite, before brushing my teeth, running a brush through my hair, and throwing it back in a loose ponytail. A few strand were already escaping, but at least it kept the bulk of it out of my eyes.

Grabbing my Ipod from beside the bed where I left it last night and fixing one of the headphones into my ear, I padded silently out of my room and closed the door behind me, watching in satisfaction as the door seemed to blend in with the wall. I knew that if you didn't know it was there, then it would have been near impossible to find.

I retraced my steps back to the hallway from yesterday, and then wandered around the vast bottom floor to find the kitchen. I walked in, and just like the rest of the house, it was amazing. The counters were gleaming, and the open space to create masterpieces in was any cook 's fantasy. There was a bar near the middle with stools along one side, and the rest of the area looked positively professional, but at the same time very welcoming.

Glancing at the clock I realised it was almost quarter past 8 already, so I quickly got to work, preparing a fresh fruit salad for Rose, getting a raspberry yoghurt for Alice. After setting them on the table I whipped up a stack of pancakes - probably far too many for us - and set them on the table next to the rest of the food.

At that moment I heard the doorbell ring, and my nose wrinkled in confusion for a split second before I remembered that Alice liked to go on morning jogs - as did we all. What I couldn't work out was why she had done so this morning - when last night she claimed to be so tired. Oh well, I thought, at least I won't have to face waking her up now. She was terrible to wake in the mornings when she didn't want to be. But not as bad as Rose.

The bell rang again, and I ripped the Ipod from my ear. Retracing my steps from earlier I made sure to watch where I was walking so that I didn't trip on any unknown objects, and after finding my way back to the front door I tugged the bottom of my camisole down slightly to cover up the skin that had been showing.

After fumbling loudly with the lock for a few minutes I wrenched the large door open, making sure to watch my feet and keep them out the way. I was sure I had a look of ridiculous determination on my face, but I had had to many run ins with doors in the past to become complacent.

"Alice, I thought you were still upsta-"

I trailed off and my voice died in my throat as I skimmed my gaze upwards. This was definitely not Alice.

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