The sequel to Disbeliever. Elizabeth Samuell is the granddaughter of Madeline Crawford-Linley. And all her life she has believed in fairy tales and magic. All her life she has waited for her dashing Prince Charming to come and sweep her off her feet.

But what happens when Madeline is transported to a whole new world entirely? A world that isn't as charming as it should be and a world where her Prince Charming is the High King and engaged to another. What will Elizabeth do then?

Will she break as her world crumbles around her or will she become as strong as her grandmother was?

Find out in "Believer!"

"Happiness is like those palaces in fairy tales whose gates are guarded by dragons: we must fight in order to conquer it." - Alexandre Dumas Père


"Grandma! What happened next?" Eight year old Elizabeth demanded tugging on Madeline's sleeve as Madeline was pulled from her trance. She smiled down at her youngest granddaughter and cleared her throat.

"Oh, right, where was I?"

Elizabeth smiled and quickly explained.

"You were just at the part after Aslan had crowned the Pevensie's!"

Madeline smiled and nodded.

"Yes, and then all of Cair Paravel erupted in cheers, shouting. Long Live King Peter! Long Live Queen Susan! Long Live King Edmund! Long Live Queen Lucy! And so, right there and then, the Golden Age of Narnia had begun."

Elizabeth dreamily sighed as she stared forward at the portrait of four monarchs standing before their thrones.

"Is that them?" she asked, though in her heart, she knew the answer. Madeline followed her gaze and nodded.

"Why, yes my dear it is. Queen Lucy the Valliant, King Edmund the Just, Queen Susan the Gentle and King Peter the Magnificent."

Her crinkled eyes swept over the young kings and queens faces and she couldn't help but let her eyes stray to the face of the dark haired king.

"And what happened next?" Elizabeth demanded, knowing there had to be more to the story. It couldn't just end there.

"A story for another time." Madeline reply, patting her granddaughter on the head as Elizabeth pouted. The two heard footsteps from behind them as Elizabeth's mother, Lillian, came barging into the room.

"Beth time to go. Where you telling her that story again?" Lillian asked exasperated of her mother who innocently shrugged.

"Oh, but mommy do we have to?" Elizabeth whined coming to her mother's side as Lillian nodded.

"Yes, we do, we have to get ready for Uncle Edmund's party."

"But I don't want to leave grandma!"

"Grandma…don't leave…" Nineteen year old Elizabeth Samuell murmured in her sleep as she rolled onto her side and hid her head in her fluffy pillow.

"Shut up Liz!" Her roommate, Hadrienne Berr, muttered from across the room as she burrowed herself farther into her cocoon of warmness. At the sound of Hadrienne's annoyed voice Elizabeth was pulled from her sleep as she blinked rapidly and sat up, wiping her eyes.

"Not again." she whispered aloud, the image of her Grandma Madeline still flickering in her mind. She remembered that day as if it had happened minutes ago instead of eleven years ago.

That day had been the last time Elizabeth had ever seen her beloved Grandma Madeline.

For just after Elizabeth and her mother had left her grandma she had been hit by a car.

Elizabeth shuddered just thinking of how awful it must have been. Her grandma hadn't even seen it coming.

She vehemently shook her head as her Grandma Madeline faded away to the dark corners of her mind. She yawned and stretched her limbs as she looked to her alarm clock and gasped.

It was seven forty-two!

She was late!

She jumped up from the twin bed and began scrambling about the room trying to get ready in time to catch the eight o'clock Chunnel Eurostar train heading to London.

"Be quiet!" Hadrienne hissed from her little corner as Elizabeth paused in slipping on her jeans and took the time to glare at her roommate.

"Quiet?! How can I be quiet! It was your job to wake me up! I'm going to be late thanks to you!"

All the answer she received from her lazy bunkmate was a shrug, or what appeared to be a shrug, it was hard to tell due to the excessive amount of comforters, quilts and pillows.

Elizabeth hurriedly pulled on a turtleneck and wrapped a scarf around her neck as she hopped around trying to put her flats on. Her straight red hair fell back behind her shoulders as she grabbed a hair tie and wasted no time in placing it in a braid.

When she was properly dressed and not looking like quite a mess she reached for her suitcase and swung it over her shoulder as she headed to the door. She was almost out the door when Hadrienne's sleepy voice called out.

"Don't forget your notebook."

Elizabeth froze mid-step and with a huff of exasperation went back into the room and grabbed her spiral blue notebook that she carted around everywhere. The notebook was her life.

"Thanks." she spat out through gritted teeth and she swore she could see Hadrienne giggled from beneath her wall of protection.

She left Hadrienne and sprinted through the hallways of her dormitory, racing down steps and nearly plowing down innocent bystanders. She ran out into the crisp French air as she hurried through the Sorbonne campus heading to the Channel Tunnel.

She didn't allow herself to slow her pace or take a breather as she pushed herself harder and harder. If she missed the train she knew she would receive hell from her strict mother.

Lillian Samuell didn't accept excuses no matter how probably they were. Excuse was not in her vocabulary or her internal dictionary.

Elizabeth silently cursed the heavens and then took it back because she was not in the mood to have God's wrath upon her.

It would not be pleasant if that occurred.

No, not pleasant at all.

She continued on and nearly cried with relief when the entrance to the Channel Tunnel came into view. She raced down the stone steps not even bothering to apologize to those she rammed into.

She bought her ticket and boarded the high tech passenger train with one minute and forty-four seconds to spare.

Sadly for her the train was filled to a brim and she spent a good hour of the ride looking for somewhere to sit. She finally was able to find a cramped seat next to the window, not that it provided much of a view seeing as they were traveling under the English Channel to London.

Elizabeth leaned her head against the cool window and closed her eyes, allowing herself to relax for the first time that day.

"Grandma! What happened next?"

Elizabeth's eyes flew open as she sat up straight, back rigid and breathing labored.

Why was this happening to her?

She hadn't thought of her Grandma Madeline in months. She had been so busy at Sorbonne and with her writing and daydreams to even remember her own family let alone her deceased grandmother.

"Yes, and then all of Cair Paravel erupted in cheers, shouting. Long Live King Peter! Long Live Queen Susan! Long Live King Edmund! Long Live Queen Lucy! And so, right there and then, the Golden Age of Narnia had begun."

Her grandma's voice was soothing within her ear as Elizabeth relaxed once more and slumped down within her seat.

She remembered that tale…

Of the four Pevensie siblings who traveled through a wardrobe and had come to the magical world of Narnia. They had battled against the White Witch who had held Narnia in her icy grip. After beating the White Witch with the help of the Lion Aslan the four Pevensie's had become the rulers of Narnia thus beginning the Golden Age.

Elizabeth lazily smiled remembering the tale in great detail in her head; the story came to life and was woven like a tapestry and she could see it so clearly that she was almost there. A part of the epic tale of Narnia's independence from the crazed ruler the White Witch.

Oh how she wished she could have been there. How she wished, even to this day, that Narnia was truly real. She would give up anything to live in a place as stunningly beautiful as Narnia.

Suddenly images of snowy mountaintops, glistening seas and the towering castle of Cair Paravel came to mind. Her grandma had drawn so many pictures of Narnia that it only fueled Elizabeth's imagination.

If it hadn't been for her grandma Elizabeth wouldn't be who she was right at that moment.

Her grandma was the one who had inspired her to find her true passion in writing.

While her own family had looked down upon her wild antics and imagination she knew that if her grandma had been living she would have loved it.

Her family did not tolerate her ambition. Her mother thought it rather silly, her father didn't really care, her older brother never ceased to stop calling her a bohemian and her sister wondered why she couldn't be more like her.

But why would Elizabeth want to be like her sister?

All her sister did all day was go to modeling auditions to become the next Heidi Klum. That was rather strange in Elizabeth's mind.

But then again Elizabeth was rather strange in Miranda's mind.

Elizabeth sighed and opened her eyes as the intermingling thoughts of Narnia and Miranda washed away. She looked around the train in a bored manner but her eyes widen in interest as she saw a cuddling couple down a little ways away from her.

The girl was a classic beauty, alabaster skin, prominent cheek bones, perfectly symmetrical face and her almost black eyes. Dressed in an outfit that only made her seem more beautiful she intertwined her hand with that of her lover.

The man who could have given Clark Gable a run from his money smiled showing off a dimple in his chin as he stroked her thumb with his forefinger. He leaned down and buried his head within her long neck as he placed a trail of kisses up and down her skin. The woman closed her eyes and smiled calmly and then let out a small giggle as her lover nipped her ear.

The scene caused Elizabeth's heart to flutter.

Young love, so obvious and yet so carefree.

So without another thought Elizabeth took out her notebook and began to write of the pair of lovers before her.

Wrapped in his warm embrace I shivered with excitement as his fiery kisses grew hotter against my skin. I gasped as he hit that special spot just at the tip of my earlobe and had to giggle when he grinned down at me and I knew then that I never wanted to leave him…


Yes, it's a sequel! I hope everyone remembers Elizabeth from before and I hope everyone is happy that I'm writing again. I have to say it just came to me this morning and I knew I had to write it.

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