I wasn't used to having this much attention. I was OK while I was fighting, but now, the crowd was probably wondering about the situation. Me, a vampire hunter, saved nate who was a vampire, fought my own knights, and killed my own royal adviser who happened to be a vampire. I'd be confused too if I didn't read the story. Ha, even I was a little confused. Maybe I should start in the beginning.


I was laying in my bed, asleep. That is, until my alarm rang off.

"Argh," I groaned, slamming my fist onto the thing, eventually knocking it off the side table by my bed... That happened a lot.

I sat up and stretched, realizing the clock on the floor. I lazily got down and placed it back on the table.

"What's up? I heard a smash," Shane said from my door.

I laughed. "It's ok, just me," I said simply. This was a daily routine. Alarm clock wakes me up, I smash it onto the floor, it makes a loud crash, and it wakes the guys up.

I got dressed and went down the stairs, seeing Jason and Shane. "Morning guys."

"Morning," they said in unison.

I sat down at the kitchen table, not seeing my best friend. "Where's Nate?"

Shane rolled his eyes. "Probably still at that Kassie girl's place."

I sighed, placing my head down on the table. My name is Tracy, or Teresa Vanaia. I live with Jason, Shane, and Nate Gray, Jason being the legal guardian or whatever. Long story behind all this. And no, they're not Connect 3 here.

"You seem upset," Jason said, picking my head up by gently pulling on my hair gently.

"It's always because of Nate. Ever since he turned 15, he's always off with random girls and spending the night." And with that I smashed my head to the table, again.

"Listen, I'm not happy about it either, but it's his life," Shane told me.

I glared at him. "And you call yourself a responsible brother."

You see, a few years back when I was 5, the Gray's parents had to go away, and were left with me and my family. Just recently, my parents died and Jasson became the one in charge. Well, we all take care of eachother. Now Nate and I are 15, Shane's 18, and Jason's 20.

Nate and I were best friends, until he turned 15. He started seeing other girls and probably sleeps with them, considering he stays at their place over night all the time. He's 15 for heaven's sake! Yeah, I know, mean to say about your best friend. But he's such a playboy right now. And with Shane and Jason not even minding it. Gosh, at times like this, I fell like I'm the only responsible one. And that's saying something, with me being the stuborn of this little broken family.

"Don't be mad," Jason said, patting my back. "Nate's just going through a phase."

I looked up at him. "Jason, he missed my 15th birthday, to go on a date with some stranger-girl. And you don't think I should be mad? Whatever happened to my old best friend?"

"He headed home?" Shane said, looking out the window.

Jason and I knocked Shane over to see the window and and saw Nate walking up to the door. I groaned and headed upstairs before Nate could reach the door. Forget breakfast.

"Morning guys," Nate yawned, me already gone.

"And where have you been?" Jason said standing up and acting responsible like I asked,

Nate and Shane starred.

"Since when did you care?" Nate asked.

"Since Tracy pointed out what you've been doing with your life," Jason said with crossed arms. "You're ignoring her, you know."

Nate looked around. "Where is Tracy, anyway?"

"Upstairs," Shane answered

They heard banging from the ceiling. That was probably me. I had a punching bag hanging from my ceiling to take out my rage.

"Definitely upstairs," Shane repeated, looking up and seeing the lamp shake from the ceiling.

"You should probably go talk to her before the kitchen ceiling collapses," Jason added as the lamp continued shaking.


"Stupid Nate," I muttered, doing a kick and a flip in mid air. I was good with martial arts. And I took my anger out on this bright, red punching bag hanging from my ceiling.

There was a knock at my door. "Trace, can I come in?"

I continued trying to beat the stuffing out if the thing. "Whatever."

Nate slowly opened the door, seeing me do my thing. To him this was normal. "You ok?"

"Oh yeah, just peachy," I said sarcastically, giving it one big kick.

nate winced as I kicked it. "I know when you're lying. I've been able to tell since we were kids."

I stopped my pointless punching and kicking and looked at Nate who was still by my door. "I said it's nothing. Just glad you're finally home." I added a lot of emphasis on finally.

He gave me a look and finally stepped into the room. "Is this what that's about?"

"Maybe," I muttered, taking one more whack to the punching bag. "You're almost never home anymore for one."

"Well, I'm a guy with hormones. I actually happen to be liking girls now if you haven't noticed."

I laughed shortly as I plopped down onto the bed. "Oh believe me, I have seriously noticed."

Natesat down next to me. "Don't worry. You're still my best friend," he said, bringing me into a surprise headlock.

"Hey!" I retorted as he messed up my short black hair.

He whispered into my ears. "And I'm still wearing my purity ring if you haven't noticed that."

I popped a vein and stomped on his foot, making him let go of my head. I smirked. "Whatever you say, Romeo."

"Oh, and I suppose you're Princess Juliet," he said, rubbing his foot.

I rolled my eyes, but then Shane ran into the room. "Yo Princess, phone for you!"

I gave Shane a look as Nate stiffled a laugh, seeing as he just called me Princess Juliet... And why did Shane call me princess anyway? "Hello?"

"Are you Teresa Vanaia?"

My head jumped. Not every day I was called by my full name. "Y-Yes? Who is this?"

"I am Sarah, calling from the Kingdom of Ronovia."

Shane and Nate came by me, seeing how worried I looked. Jason and rrived at the door too.

"Ronovia?" I repeated. I never heard of that country on the globe before.

"Yes," the lady's voice answered. "I am calling for you. Your grandmother, Queen Teresa Defluo III has recently passed away."

My eyes widened. "I had a grandma- Wait Queen?"

Nate's and Jason's head dropped forwarded as Shane continued listening, seeming already known this. No wonder he called me princess... Wait, princess?!

"W-Where is this conversation heading to?" I asked, obviously nervous about the answer.

"You are the last blood line heir to the throne, Teresa," Sarah said in an as-matter-of-fact tone. "If you do not come, our entire kingdom will fall."

I looked towards the guys. It seems that they were expecting for me to say something. I spoke back into the phone. "When do I have to leave?"

Their heads jumped. Well I couldn't let down the only thing left connected to my family, epsecialy when it's a kingdom.

"Catch a plane to Ronovia as soon as possible. Be here within three days," Sarah explained. "We will be waiting for you, Princess Teresa. And remember, you don't have to accept the throne, but I suggest you consider visiting your kingdom."

I nodded and pressed the end button on the phone. I turned around, seeing the guys starring at me.

"W-What just happened?" Shane stammered. He never stammered.

"Some woman named Sarah called. She's an assistant of my late grandmother."

"So you had family all this time?" Nate asked in a softer tone.

I sat on my bed. "It seems so. She lived in Ronovia."

"Ronovia?" all the guys stated.

" Yeah I dunno either. Seems my grandmother was their queen, so I'm their-"

"Princess?" Jason finished.

I nodded and looked out towards my window. "Yeah."

"So you'll be leaving?" Nate asked. I could hear some sadness in his voice, something I haven't heard in a long time.

"Won't be the same without you," Jason added.

"She says I don't have to accept the throne, but what if I don't?" I looked back at them. "I mean, I have some kinda duty to them and I can't just turn them down because I want to stay home."

"Is it because I'm not here all the time?" Nate asked suddenly, probably about to panic. "I mean if that's the case I'll just break up with Kassie and I'll spend more time here with you-"

"No no Nick, that's not it," I said laughing. I stood up and walked towards them. "It's like a feeling, ya know? Sarah says I should visit, then make my choice there. Probably for a couple three weeks or so maybe."

Shane pouted. "Well these are gonna be a quiet three weeks."

My eyebrows raised and I smirked towards the guys. "Maybe I can bring you guys along?"

Shane quickly cheered up. "WOAH! VACATION!" He ran out of my bedroom, probably to go pack.

Jason laughed. "Better go make sure he doesn't pack my stuff into his bags. Shane wait up! DOn't rtouch my birdhouses!" And with that he left too.

I laughed at my friends' randomness.

Nate sat beside me. "So are you gonna say yes and stay there?"

I shrugged. "Maybe. I don't know yet." I looked at him. "Do you want me to stay here?"

"Believe me, I'd really like it if you stayed, Tracy. But if you feel your heart belongs overseas, then go for it."

I smiled. It's been a while since Nate said something like that. Usually it's hot girls this, sexy babes that. "Thanks Nate, I needed that." Maybe with ME going away, he'd actually feel what I've been feelings these past few months, neglect from your best friend.