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Hot and Cold

"Babe, you're hot. And I'm cold." The bespectacled girl gave Aoi a lopsided grin. "We're opposites. We have nothing in common. But I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me?"

"C-chie... we... you... No… I-I mean I need to think about it." A small part of Chie's mind was expecting this answer. What she was not expecting, was for it to hurt so badly.

Aoi cast Chie an apologetic look and picked up her bag before fleeing. A minute ago Aoi was having the time of her life with her one and only. This was their last night together before Aoi would leave for Fashion week at Paris. She was a model working for Natsuki Kuga - A famous designer. Chie was an ex-street photographer, now a professional photographer who majored in fashion after having met Aoi 2 years ago.

"Wait, Aoi. Don't... go." Chie dropped her extended hand.

Aoi stumbled out into the cold abandoned street, dressed in only a skimpy lace mini-dress and heels. She pulled out her mobile phone and called the first person on her speed dial.

"Mai. I need you right now. I think I've messed everything up really badly now. Please come and pick me up. It's cold... and I miss her already." Aoi's voice started to crumble, holding back the tears was becoming more and more difficult for her.

"What? What happened Aoi? You're not making any sense."

"Chie-oh-chie. My Chie. My one and only love proposed to me and I just ran away from her like the fucking coward that I am... She'll never want to even look at me anymore. I'm disgusting Mai. Why do people even like me? I don't even deserve to exist." Wailed Aoi.

"Oh Aoi, what have you done? We'll talk more about this later. Stay put. Where are you?"


Chie promised herself that she wouldn't cry. But as the minutes passed, it seemed to get more and more difficult.

Chie was a simple person.
She loved Aoi more than anything in the world.
Nothing in this would compare to Aoi.

Before she met Aoi, she was a free soul. Nothing in this world could tie her down. She was flying sky high on her own. And she was more than happy. Well, that was what she thought.

Chie quickly wiped her eyes before the tears started to spill. She was currently seated alone in a VIP booth of a club. In front of her was a bottle of whiskey and a glass. She hated the stuff, but it was the only way she could ease her pain.

Pouring out a small shot, a small lithe figure slid into the small booth.

"Chie-kun, don't do this to yourself. Go home. Get some rest." Said Nao in a soothing voice. She found out everything that had happened, Mai had informed her. Nao was equally both Aoi's and Chie's friend. Deciding that Chie needed someone to look after her, Nao came looking for her friend. Meanwhile Mai calmed Aoi down before their trip to France. Nao was a model for Natsuki's clothing line, she too was planning on going to France with her friends. But after a phone call from Mai and a phone call to Natsuki, all her plans were cancelled for the time being. Right now, her friend Chie needed someone to talk to.

Nao hesitantly picked up the bottle of whiskey and moved it away from Chie. She saw Chie's hand tremble and thought maybe it was a bad idea to take away the bottle from Chie. Maybe all Chie needed was one little sip to ease the pain of her heart breaking.

Chie looked up at Nao, her face fell immediately. A small part of her wanted it to be Aoi who came. Even after all that had happened, Chie wanted to see Aoi one last time.

Nao caught the look on Chie's face and she suddenly felt cold. Knowing that Chie was in a vulnerable position, she dismissed that feeling of being rejected. Nao moved closer to Chie and stretched her arms open for her friend.

"Talk to me Chie. Don't bottle it all up."

Chie took one look at Nao with her arms wide open and moved closer to Nao, until she was hugging the redhead. She didn't hold herself back this time, she didn't hold back the tears that poured out of her eyes.

"She doesn't love me as much as I love her. I've always known that."

"She loves you Chie, very much. I've never seen her so in love before." Nao stroked Chie's dark hair. Her own tears were threatening to come out soon, she hated seeing Chie like this. A free spirit was now all broken up.

"I shouldn't have proposed to her Nao, even though I was ready I knew she wasn't ready. I've lost her." Chie mumbled into Nao's soaked blouse.

"She didn't reject you. She just needs time. You know how Aoi gets when she's put on the spot."

"No. Things are over between us now. It'll never work out." Chie released her hold on Nao and sunk down until her head was resting Nao's lap. Nao ran her hand over Chie's pale forehead and she brushed Chie's bangs out of her eyes and leaned down. Nao briefly kissed Chie's forehead and whispered a small promise into the photographer's ears.

"Don't say that. Things will hopefully work out for you. No matter what happens, I'll always be by your side. I promise."

Chie smiled weakily, she pulled Nao's hand into her own and kissed her palm. Nao blushed hard when Chie's soft lips met the inside of her hand. "Hey Nao, can we stay like this for a little while? I'm just gonna rest my eyes for a little bit. Don't leave..." Chie twisted around on Nao until she felt comfortable resting her head beside Nao's stomach whilst hugging the redhead's waist.

Nao wriggled a little underneath Chie. Her face looked like it had just been dipped into pink paint.
Holding her breath Nao glanced down at Chie. The tomboy looked so cute and innocent when she was asleep. Nao had to resist the temptation to sweep down and kiss that little pink nose that had been sniffling all this time.

Nao traced her fingers down Chie's handsome face affectionately; her hands paused when they came into contact with Chie's square-rimmed spectacles. She pulled them off and placed them on the table in front of her.

"Sleep well Chie. I..." Nao painfully closed her eyes. A wet tear rolled down her cheek.


Akane buttoned up the last buttons on Aoi's coat. The moment she completed dressing Aoi she shoved the pretty brunette down the aisle. Aoi stared straight out ahead, a thousand flashs went off, a single flash alone was enough to blind anyone. But Aoi had been trained to avoid being put off by the flashs. She rested one arm on her right hip and let her other arm swing as she strutted down the catwalk. As she reached the end of the catwalk she got into an elegant pose, the photographer that was at the end of the catwalk was disappointingly not Chie. The pose wasn't special like her previous ones for Chie had been. Aoi twirled her body around and walked back down the catwalk again.

Standing at the start of the runway was Shizuru Fujino getting ready to strut her stuff. Just as Aoi disappeared off the runway Shizuru strutted on, as another thousand flashes went off on her.

Aoi walked down the back stage, Akane found her almost immediately and began to strip Aoi. Aoi looked just as lifeless as the rest of the models; she used to have a special glow about her that was unique. Now she was just like the rest of them. Pulling on her boots, Aoi saw Shizuru getting undressed by Yukino. Shizuru cast her a sympathetic look before Aoi was abruptly pushed out onto the runway again. This time she let her hands hang by her sides as she sauntered down the catwalk. As she reached the end of the runway she pulled both her hands up onto her hips and posed seductively. Giving the photographers a second to capture the picture, Aoi whirled around and walked back down.

Just as she show was coming to an end, all the models lined up into a long line and slowly marched down the catwalk in unison. After all the models had cleared the catwalk, Natsuki Kuga the famous designer walked shyly onto the runway with a single pencil tucked behind her ear like an artist. She bowed and waved a hand at all the people who were going crazy for her in the form of a massive crowd.

The after party was an event that Aoi didn't want to attend. She felt far too miserable and didn't have the heart to ward off any admirers. All by herself, Aoi walked around the party aimlessly. Usually Chie would be here to flirt with her, or joke with her. Thinking about Chie brought fresh new tears to her eyes.

"Aoi-san, how are you doing? I heard from Natsuki about what happened. Are you ok?" Shizuru wrapped an arm around Aoi's exposed shoulders.

"Why is everyone being so nice to me? I don't deserve all this sympathy. I'm a monster." Aoi's voice turned into a harsh whisper.

"It's ok Aoi. I understand what happened. You just felt scared. It's ok to feel like that. Don't worry. I'll help you work things out. Ok?"

Aoi hugged Shizuru tightly, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I thank god for having such great friends like you and Mai."

"It's my pleasure to help you out. Now come on lets go mingle with some of the guests. Ara, would you look at that. Who is that girl clinging onto my Natsuki's arm?" Said Shizuru in a light voice.

"Come on, lets save your Natsuki from her fans. Hey Shizuru, where's Nao? I didn't see her once today."

"That's because she stayed back. With Chie." Shizuru cast Aoi a solemn look. "Someone needs to look after her after all."

"Oh. Well, I'm glad that it's Nao. She'll take good care of Chie..."


Chie lazily peeled one eye open. She was still dressed in her shirt, tie and jeans. And she was lying in an unfamiliar trendy apartment.

"Hey, you're finally up now. Are you feeling better?" Last nights events suddenly rushed back into her memory like a tsunami.

Nao strode into her bedroom dressed in only a pair of pink knickers which were definitely a product of Natsuki's. Chie blushed a deep shade of red and buried her head back into the duvet. Her hair was cutely sticking out in odd angles. Nao climbed up onto her bed and dug her hand into Chie's messy hair. She slowly dragged her hand down Chie's head and straightened out the jet black hair.

"What are you suddenly so shy about? You've seen me naked plenty of times when you used to sneak into the backstage during the shows. Heck, you've seen everyone naked!"

"N-n-nao put something on now!"

"Fine." Nao pulled a top over her head.

Chie hesitantly lifted her head up and off the bed, she gave Nao a sceptical look as the redhead laughed heartily.

"What do you want to do today Chie?" Asked Nao as she applied make up onto her face.

"Nothing. I want to wallow in my self-misery." Replied Chie nonchalantly.

"No way. I gave up going to France for you. You are going to get out of this depressed mood and go out there into the world and have fun. You hear me? But first we're going out for some brunch. I'm starving."

"Whatever." Replied Chie as Nao pushed her into the shower.

"Shower quickly. I've got a fresh set of clothes for you waiting in the guest bedroom. I'll be in the living room waiting. Hurry up."

End of chapter one.

Second chapter should be up soon.