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Aoi leaned over the railing and looked down at the scenery. A small cry was working its way up her throat. She wanted nothing more than to call Chie. Just to hear her husky, soothing voice. But she couldn't, she feared the cold response she would receive.

Aoi flipped open her mobile to check if she received any missed calls or text messages.
She didn't know whether she should be disappointed or not when she was greeted by the blank screen. Looked like no one had missed her.

Aoi gripped the railing and closed her eyes; her mind went back to the day Chie had proposed to her.

Aoi straddled Chie's lap and tugged Chie's tie with her fingers. She loosened the tie a little, but not enough to free Chie of the suffocating blue silk. Chie grinned and chuckled huskily. The hairs on Aoi's neck stood their ends and she leaned down and kissed Chie's cheek.

Aoi sunk her head down on Chie's chest, and felt her heart beat. She sighed blissfully and closed her eyes in content.

She flinched when she felt icy cold fingertips stroke her exposed shoulders, "Chie, your hands are freezing." Aoi sat up straight and took Chie's cold hands into her own. "Are you cold Chie?"

"No." Aoi blinked repeatedly at Chie. "But your whole body is turning blue from the cold. Come, let's go back to my place." Aoi finished her sentence with a slow wink.

"It's ok. You're keeping me warm…" Chie's voice took a change in tone - Aoi noticed the difference instantly. "Because… because… you're hot and I'm cold." Chie continued.

"And we're opposites. Yes, I know Chie – we've talked about this so many times before. Please, let's go home now before you turn ill!" Aoi cut in.

"…We want different things." Chie looked up at Aoi, and smiled gently. "And we will always want different things."

Aoi grinned down at Chie; she rested her body back down on top of Chie's and her head smoothly came to lie down on her girlfriend's shoulder. She closed her eyes and breathed in Chie's scent. "Apart from one thing. We want each other." Replied Aoi.

"Yeah, but generally we never agree on anything." Chie erupted into laughter, soon joined by Aoi.

"But…" Chie continued, "What I'm trying to say is…" Aoi sensed the serious tone in her voice again and sat up straight in Chie's lap again.

"Babe, you're hot. And I'm cold." The bespectacled girl gave Aoi a lopsided grin. "We're opposites. We have nothing in common. But I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me?"

In Aoi's opinion everything was perfect. The scene, the setting, the timing, the specific moment she choose to propose. But everything went downhill for her; she wasn't expecting this to happen. She didn't know how to react. Suddenly her small fear of commitment turned into something ugly.

Her body reacted uncharacteristically, her heart screamed out yes, but her mind screamed out a thousand other thoughts. She couldn't function right, and that was when Aoi knew she would somehow ruin everything.

"C-chie... we... you... No… I-I mean I need to think about it." Aoi was horrified at her reaction. She wanted nothing more than to go back in time and fix up her words properly. But, alas there was nothing she could do to make everything better. Without thinking, she did the worst- she fled.


Chie counted the amount of times Nao's leg kept bumping into her own. By the time they finished their meal, she had reached the number 6. Normally this wouldn't have affected her, but today it did because no matter how far she kept moving her legs away from Nao's, her legs would eventually brush up against Nao's.

Brunch wasn't particularly fun; in fact it had been somewhat painful. Watching Nao try so hard to take her mind off Aoi made her feel bad and toward the end of their meal Chie had tried to brighten up a little. It hadn't taken long until Aoi's name was mentioned again her and made her heart sink down to the bottom of her stomach.

As Nao left to pay a visit to the ladies room, Chie's mind wandered back to the day she first saw Aoi. She saw Aoi backstage of the opening of Natsuki's clothing line, "Azure Sky". Chie was walking around all the hustle and bustle of the backstage before the start of the show. Natsuki had given her a special VIP tag meaning she had a special place reserved only for Chie in the audience to shoot pictures and had access to the backstage.

Chie saw all the make-up artists smoother all the models in make-up, she saw Natsuki and a few other women make some finishing touches to a few of the pieces that were going to be displayed, she saw some... very naked models rush around looking for their underwear or whatnot, but what stood out the most was a tall slender brunette looking very striking. She didn't approach Aoi at first, instead she choose to admire her from a distance. Chie wasn't the type to get muddled up with girls; she was a free soul, nothing in this world could tie her down to earth... well, that was what she thought.

A loud, shrill whistle made her concentration on the brunette break and she glanced up and saw a large circle forming around Natsuki.

"Ok, guys and girls. Do not be nervous. Everything is going according to plan. The backstage crew are great, you're all doing such a good job of keeping this performance in tact, thank you for your help. Ok models, it's up to you now. Just go out there and do whatever you like, there aren't any rules. Fuck rules, we're different. I want you guys to walk down the runway however you feel like. If you want to make it interesting then do whatever you feel like. I trust you guys will put on a good show. Mikoto's band is providing excellent music to accompany the show – brilliant idea Mai, thanks for that. Now models, show them all that our clothing line is unique and remember that you are all representing me and the rest of the crew. Good luck."

Everyone erupted into a loud cheer, Chie herself was clapping along with everyone.

"Chie!" Natsuki voice boomed.

Chie jumped out of her skin, "Yeah?".

"What are you still doing here? Get out there and start shooting pictures. We're going to start soon!"

"Yeah, I'm on my way. Thanks Natsuki by the way."

"Don't mention it. I'll see you later. Stick around for the after party, I want you to meet some people."

Chie grabbed her heavy camera equipment and rushed out into the audience. The minute she finished setting up her camera at the end of the runway, the show started. Loud heavy rock music filled up the hall, the first model down the catwalk was the model Chie had wanted to see so badly, the brunette she had seen earlier. The brunette casually walked down the catwalk with confidence; her smooth hair was flowing behind her as she glided down the runway and Chie shot as many pictures as she could. When the brunette reached the end of the catwalk, she moved into an alluring pose. Chie almost forgot about her camera. The brunette noticed this and cast Chie a flirtatious look and remained in her position until Chie started to shoot some pictures.

One by one, models strutted on and off the catwalk, and after an exciting display of Natsuki's clothes, the show came to an end.

The after party was full of life and excitement. Everyone there were having such a great time; even Chie who was new to this kind of scene was having a great time. A few models were talking to her when the sight of the beautiful brunette caught her gaze. The brunette quickly pulled her eyes away from Chie when the latter caught her staring. Chie smiled politely and continued her conversation with the models surrounding her and her attention was focused on the girls standing in front of her but her mind was on the brunette who was spying on her a metre or two away. Chie continued to speak idly with the girls and occasionally they would touch Chie's arm or shoulder. Chie was completely oblivious to their blatant attempts at flirting with her.


Aoi rolled out onto her back; Chie's smiling, handsome face was printed in her mind.

She wanted to be back at home, wrapped up in Chie's arms. She wanted to feel Chie's fingers stroke her skin like it was the world's finest silk. She wanted to feel Chie's short messy hair tickle the back of her neck. She wanted to feel Chie's warm breath caress her cold ears.

Aoi clung on tight to her pillow and sobbed painfully.

"Please Chie... Forgive me." Whispered Aoi to herself; she only hoped that Chie could hear her from across the other side of the world.


Chie swayed on the dance floor, her mind was spinning and all she could see was Nao's face amongst the crowd. Nao was grinning at her, her body moving along with the music alluringly.

The music in the club was blaring and she felt the vibrations thrum through her veins and down her spine.

Chie tried to stand still, but the liquor that she had consumed throughout the night was starting to take its toll on her.

She held her hand out to Nao; the red head gave Chie a worried and confused look before taking Chie's hand into her own. Before she knew it Chie pulled her body close until their bodies bumped together. Nao blinked up at Chie, her green eyes sparkled under the disco lights. "Chie?"

Chie ignored Nao, wrapping her arms around Nao's small waist and moving with the beat of the music. She closed her eyes and let herself relax and soon Nao encircled Chie's neck with her thin arms. Together they danced in a silent mutual understanding.

"Nao," Chie called over the sound of the music. Nao lifted her gaze to meet Chie's. "Thank you. You know I love you so much." Nao sucked in her breath. She looked alarmed. "You're the greatest friend I could ask for. I owe you." Of course Chie never meant it that way. Nao wanted to kick herself in the head so badly for raising up her own hopes.

Chie placed a small subtle kiss on Nao's forehead. Nao's heart instantly began to thump erratically. She slowly extracted herself from Chie's secure embrace. She smiled tiredly, "That's what I'm here for. I'm looking after you now."

Nao winked at Chie before disappearing into the large crowd. She ran toward the ladies room and upon arriving there, she locked herself into a cubicle. Her whole body was shaking from the sudden surge of all those mixed emotions.

She wanted to cry. She wanted to scream. She wanted to hit something.

But most of all, she wanted Chie…

Taking out some tissue, she wiped her forehead and neck clear of all the sweat that had built up. Taking in a deep breath, she unlocked the cubicle door and walked out confidently.

Returning to Chie, she tugged Chie's jacket with one hand. It was enough to catch Chie's attention. "Let's go home. You're staying at my apartment. No 'buts' - you're coming with me".

Chie smiled softly. "Yes ma'am." Following Nao's lead they both left the club together.

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