"Are you sure you don't remember where this came from?" Barney asks, running the index finger of his right hand over the rough surface of a pineapple. He offers Ted a questioning stare, one eyebrow raised.

Ted glances from Barney to the pineapple and back again. He shakes his head. "Nuh uh. Not a clue."

"A late night visit to the veggie mart to pick up chicks, perhaps?"

"I honestly couldn't say."

Barney frowns and places the pineapple back on the table. "If I found out you did that and didn't call me first, I'm going to be very upset, Ted. I'm your best friend! You are obligated to call me if anything that AWESOME comes up! Obligated, I tell you!"

Ted shifts in his chair. "Well. I'm sure if I'd been put into such a situation last night that I'd have called you."

"But you can't remember last night! You said so yourself. How can you be certain?"

Ted shrugs. "Can't."

"That's not making me feel any better, you know."

"Well, I'm sorry, but I don't remember what happened."

"Well, fine! Don't remember! I don't care!" Barney crosses his arms over his chest and lets his gaze drift to the other side of the room, as far from Ted as possible. He puts on a sulky expression. Falls eerily silent.

"Fine! Don't care!" Ted watches him for several minutes before growing bored. He reaches for the pineapple. Fiddling with it, he holds it out to Barney, a peace offering of sorts. "Pineapple?"

Barney turns around, still pouting. "Fine. Because I am your friend, I will eat your pineapple. Because I am your friend, I not only will eat your pineapple, but I'm obligated to do so. Hand it over."

Ted smiles.