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The First Kiss

Their first kiss was awful. Their teeth clanked together, and the moment wasn't even right. It hadn't been perfect, like in the romantic movies. It hadn't been after their first date, but somewhere in between the third and the fourth, because of a stupid dare. But they didn't mind it too much, because now they were used to it. Their lips knew how to move together, their tongues knew when to pull back if they wanted to avoid getting bitten.

They were still living together, because who was rich enough to live alone while studying in such a nice apartment. With them lived three other students, and together they paid the bills, the food and the rent.

Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto were still learning about each other, but they made a good couple anyways. The other three living with them were Sabaku no Gaara, a red-haired guy Naruto had made friends with before high school. Sometimes Sasuke would feel jealous over the strong and unbreakable bond Gaara and his boyfriend shared, but he knew better than to get angry. The second was a classmate they didn't know too well, because he was always asleep, Nara Shikamaru. He was friend to Inuzuka Kiba, their third roommate, and therefore he ended up there.

They lived in a big apartment in the centre of Tokyo, with the perfect view over every building near and the subway, the station and the bus station close. It was the perfect location, a ten minutes-journey from their school and jobs. It was a really nice flat, high up with fresh furniture and modern colours.

Kiba worked at his family's kennel club at the afternoons, but ending up spending almost all the money he earned on his dog anyways. Shikamaru didn't work much, for all they knew, though Kiba had told them the reason the lazy brunette was gone every Monday afternoon was because he was making a career at the café© around the corner. Gaara were, just as Sasuke and Kiba, working at their family companies.

Naruto was the only one not working in the afternoon, for he was studying at that time, at another college than his friends. While Sasuke, Kiba, Shikamaru and Gaara studied economics, or in Kiba's case technology, at the college outside Tokyo, Naruto studied design and art at a small, private college inside of the big city. It was only luck that had helped him inside of the school, though everyone constantly reminded him that it was his skill as a drawer and artist.

When Naruto didn't study at TAD he worked as a substitute teacher at a high school near the same school his roommates went to, so he took the same train as them every morning anyways. But it didn't bother him to take the seven-thirty train with his boyfriend and his friends, because Sasuke's shoulder was always comfortable to lean against, and the Uchiha didn't mind having Naruto against him either.

And the seats weren't that bad either, Naruto thought, and nuzzled his nose against Sasuke's warm jacket. In fact, he hoped that the journey wouldn't stop yet, though it would end soon, when they reached their station.

"What's up with you today?" As most of Sasuke's sentences, this question came out as a clear mutter.

"I'm tired." Naruto mumbled and let Sasuke's strong arm pull him closer. "You kept me up all night."

"Yeah, we noticed!" Kiba growled. Naruto glanced up at his friend, who looked just as morning tired as ever. "Man, we gave you the bedroom furthest away, and we can all still hear you. Can't you do it some other place at some other time? Like, before Uzumaki goes to school?"

"But then he needs to focus," Shikamaru pointed out, his brown eyes still closed. "It's better if they do it at night."

Kiba frowned, "Just because you can sleep through a hurricane doesn't mean we others can." The subject fell as the monotone voice announced their arrival to the station. They all stood up, Naruto not looking all too happy about the fact that he had to walk for five minutes before he reached the high school. "See yah tonight, Naru!" The shaggy brunette patted the blonde on the back before running towards the bus station.

Shikamaru and Gaara simply nodded toward Naruto, and Sasuke hugged him. Naruto didn't want to let go of the raven-haired Uchiha, but he had enough self-control to push away when he could see the bus drive toward them. "Have a nice day, Sasuke."

"You too, Naruto. Don't let the brats push you around. Show them who's the boss." Sasuke smirked, pecking his blonde boyfriend on the lips before walking hurriedly to the others.

Naruto sighed and started walking down the street, until he reached the not-so-impressive high school. Maybe it was old and looked impressive, but Naruto knew better. Inside only loudmouthed brats ruled, and the place had lost it's glam before Naruto had worked the first week finished.

He walked up to the entrance doors, finding that some of the kids were already there. He nodded toward a few that greeted him, smiling vaguely as he searched for the keys to his classroom in his pockets. He fished them up, unlocking the door to the art classroom.

The room was soon filled with students, and Naruto jumped up on his desk while waiting for the last group to sit down. At first they had disrespected him, thinking that he could easily be fooled because he was so young and possibly couldn't be a teacher. Now, a few months of substituting as the art teacher since the real teacher was pregnant, they were warming up to him and trusting him to know what he was learning out.

"Today," Naruto said as the last pupil had seated, "we are drawing shades. I want you to think of someone special, and draw him or her or even it. It can be your mother, your brother or your dog."

The blonde teacher almost sighed when a girl raised her hand. He nodded to her. "Uhm, I don't have any pets. And I don't think my parents are special," she added when she saw her teacher's mouth open.

"Very well then. How about a friend?"

She shook her head, and Naruto wondered why she didn't want to draw her friends; he knew she had friends; they were glaring at her at the moment. She grinned. "I wanna draw you, Naruto-sensei!"

Naruto smiled. "You all know where the paper and the pencils are, so go and get yourself some and you can all draw someone special." He watched the class stand up and hurry over to the shelves with papers and pencils. Chaos, he thought. A little chaos never hurt someone.


The disgusting smell of cigarette smoke filled the room, and Sasuke had hard time breathing when Sarutobi Asuma walked up to him. School was already over; it had ended two hour earlier due the fact that one of their teachers had gotten fired for having an affair with another teacher. Sasuke didn't know what his math teacher wanted, but he wanted it to go fast so he could get home an hour earlier and maybe catch Naruto before the blonde went to school.

"So, I've heard rumours," Asuma said, a smile on his face. Sasuke was nervous, and he nodded to let Asuma know he was listening. "About you being together with Uzumaki Naruto."

"... What about Naruto?" Sasuke suddenly felt overprotective, possessive - but that was just the way he had been taught to feel when his 'properties' were mentioned.

"He's working as a substitute for someone at the high school, am I correct?" Asuma didn't wait for a reply. "He's teaching Konohamaru, my nephew, art."


Asuma's smile widened. "I've talked to my father."

Sasuke felt something inside of him wrench, Asuma's father was the principal and had a lot of contacts. What had Naruto done now?

"We want him to substitute for Izumo here, instead of at that high school." Asuma chuckled when he saw Sasuke discreetly breathe out in relief. The smell of smoke hit him like a wall, and Sasuke fought not to cough. "We offer him twice the salary he gets there."

Sasuke raised a brow. "And why him? What does the school earn on this?"

"SC have money, Sasuke-san. We have a good reputation, and want to keep it that way. And the fact that we are now learning out art as a side subject is getting pretty famous. And we want a good teacher, since it's a popular subject."

"But you can't judge if Naruto is a good teacher from a teenager, Asuma-sensei, this is college." Sasuke blurted out. He didn't want Naruto here; even though he knew that the blonde was a good teacher. Sasuke usually loved to brag about his boyfriend silently, but this was different - this was school, his private space. And not only that; the guys here different from the bohems and hippies at TAD that Naruto was used to. These students were future politicians and business men that didn't take no for an answer.

He knew too well that Naruto already had a hard time to say no, and that many asked him out. Naruto wasn't gorgeous, but his blue-eyes and blonde hair amazed most japans and gave them the illusion of being perfect, beautiful.

"Maybe I can't trust Konohamaru's judgement; I'll give you that one. But I checked up some of his work at the last gallery TAD held and you must agree with me when I say that his work is very creative and amazing."

"I do agree."

"Good. Then tell him we have an offer here at SC, and that I would love if he called my father sometimes this week." Asuma walked to his desk, sitting down behind it and starting to correct tests. "And Sasuke," he added as the Uchiha walked toward the door, "I'll know if you don't tell him."

Sasuke snorted to himself and walked outside, finding Shikamaru and Gaara waiting for him. He looked around, wondering where Kiba was. He always met them after last class so they could go home at the same time.

"Believe it or not, but the mutt has a date," Shikamaru drawled.

Sasuke's eyebrows flew up in shock. "Really?"

Shikamaru nodded. "Yeah. Amazing, huh." They walked toward the exit and Sasuke tried to ignore the glances Gaara and Shikamaru threw him, even though they were annoying. They were roommates, not friends, so they had no reason to care why he had been held back after class.

It was just as cold outside as it had been in the morning, maybe a little less windy. They walked fast to the bus station, where two other students were waiting for the same bus. Gaara, Shikamaru and Sasuke mostly avoided them, since they were annoying.

"Hi, Sasuke-kun!" The taller of the girls smiled and waved. "Hi, Shikamaru!"

"Sasuke-kun, how are you?" The pink-haired, shorter girl asked. Sasuke shrugged, knowing that he would feel a lot better if he met Naruto before the blonde went to school. "Well, I'm fine, thank you." She said sarcastically.

Shikamaru chuckled, mostly no one dared to insult the Ice Prince, Uchiha Sasuke. Truth to be told, even now Shikamaru could be a little scared of him, though he knew better. Sasuke was as dangerous as a lamb.

"How's Naruto?" Yamanka Ino, the taller blonde, asked. Sasuke frowned, before muttering something. "It was ages ago I met him, but now when we ended two hours earlier we're going by the same train, ne? Then I get to meet him again!"

Both girls squealed, happy that they were meeting an old friend again. They had all went to the same high school, and only Naruto had gotten in to TAD of the students, along with a girlish brunette named Haku. Sasuke had never liked the brunette, especially not in high school, when the girly boy had stolen so much of Naruto's attention.

The bus arrived, and not until they were seated Shikamaru popped the question. "What did Asuma want to talk about, Sasuke? Answer honestly, because you know I can ask Asuma later."

"Why do you ask me then and not Asuma-sensei?" Sasuke muttered, but Shikamaru's brown gaze never left him, and he swore he could feel the bright jade orbs of Gaara's stare at him. He sighed in defeat. "Izumo got fired, right, and they want Naruto to take his job."

"No way!" Ino and Sakura yelled at the same time.

"Yes way." Sasuke growled. "And you two are not saying a shit to Naruto, get it?"

The girls looked shocked to be treated that way, but nonetheless nodded. "Sure."

The bus stopped by the train station, and they all got off. A blonde male was talking to two teenage boys, both with shaggy brown hair and looking eager to talk to Naruto.

They walked up to the blonde, and Sakura hugged him tightly from behind. Naruto gave a yelp in surprise, wondering who the hell was giving him such a bone-crushing hug. "Naruto! It's me, Sakura."

Naruto turned around, and Sasuke noticed how annoyed the teenage boys looked when the blonde ignored them for a pink-haired girl and her blonde friend. "Sakura? Hi!" They shared another hug, and Naruto frowned when he noticed that he was shorter than his former neighbour when she wore those high shoes.

"Sensei!" One of the brunette boys yelled out in irritation. Naruto flinched at the loudness, though he was probably as loud. Sakura let Naruto go, so he could turn to his students again. "Naru-sensei, you didn't answer my question!"

Naruto rolled his big, innocent eyes. He smiled at the kids. "Well, I don't have a girlfriend, Konohamaru."

"Oh," the other boy looked a bit surprised.

"Konohamaru, Udon - this is my boyfriend, Sasuke." Naruto gestured to the sulking, ignored dark-haired male behind the red-head that was Gaara. Sasuke took the opportunity to sneak an arm around Naruto's slim waist. "Sasuke, these lovely boys are my students, Konohamaru and Udon."

"Nice to meet you!" Both boys grinned, but when Sasuke didn't move a muscle in his face, they became a little worried if he was building up some kind of rage or anger inside of him. Naruto elbowed his boyfriend.


The train arrived, saving Sasuke from being forced into talk more.


It was dark outside, and Naruto was walking from the train toward the apartment, and would arrive in five minutes if he continued this pace. He hated walking outside when it was dark, or at least when he was alone. He was a bit shorter and thinner than most of the males in his age, and therefore he was often mistaken for a girl or a high schooler until they realized they were looking at a mature face.

He hated the fact about how easily he could be raped, kidnapped or murdered without being able to protect himself, but he pushed the thoughts away as he walked over the street and past a few closed stores. His bag was heavy from all the fabric and all the folders that were stuffed in it, so he was also fighting with that.

At least he could hit someone with it if they came too close for his liking.

He could see the door to where he was supposed to go in, but he could also see that the very same man was leaning against it, just as yesterday and the day before that. It was a snake-like man that had taken a liking in Naruto. Sometimes the blonde wished that they weren't allowed to stay at the school even after the classes; he always forgot time and ended up taking the nine-thirty train home, which meant he was home somewhere around ten o'clock.

He inhaled deeply and gripped his bag harder. He walked up to the man, who had - so far - been completely harmless. He had only talked to Naruto, but never more. "I need to get inside, could you move?" He asked, somewhat rudely.

The man shook his head, "Not until you give me a kiss." Naruto had a hard time getting what the slurr meant, but then he understood. He had never seen the man drunk before, and it was scaring him a little. The pale man was scary enough when he was just standing there - and now he was talking.

"I'm sorry, I'm not on the market. Could you please move?" Naruto felt something bubble inside him, feeling close to nervous and fear. "Now, sir."

"A kiss."

Naruto wished that he could at least reach the intercom, but the man was blocking it. He took up his cell phone, and dialled the home number.

"Yep?" Kiba's harsh voice could be heard.

"Uhm, Kiba, could you please come down here and help me?" Naruto hadn't meant to sound so helpless, so scared. But the man before him was both taller and stronger, older.

"...Okay. Sure." Kiba hung up, wondering why Naruto hadn't simply asked him through the intercom, it would have been easier.

Down at the street, the man was still leaning at the door, talking with a sneaky voice. "You should kiss me, and then everything would be over." But Naruto ignored him.

Naruto sighed in relief when the door was opened, and the man almost fell inside. "Oi!" The man hissed, clearly angered. Kiba looked angry with the man, thinking that he was harassing his friend.

"Get lost, creep!" Kiba barked, shoving the man away. He grabbed Naruto's bag and gestured for him to get inside. "Don't come back here, freak!"

Then Kiba followed his friend up the stairs. He ran up to Naruto, opened the door for him.

"Are you alright?" He asked when the blonde simply walked into the kitchen, taking his bag back with a small "thanks". Kiba sighed. "Naruto, are you alright? Did he do anything?"

"No." Naruto put his heavy bag on the kitchen table and took out the folders with his drawings and descriptions. "I'm fine."

"I'm telling Sasuke." Kiba turned around, only to feel long fingers encircle his wrist and stop him.

"No, Kiba, don't."

Kiba shrugged. "Fine, let me go." Naruto let go, and Kiba walked out of the room to find Sasuke.

Naruto sat down by the table, opening one folder to look at the drawing of an obi he was going to do. He took out a pen and put it in his mouth, chewing on it while thinking how much fabric he was going to need to make an entire kimono, with the obi and everything.

Sasuke stepped into the kitchen, Kiba and Gaara behind him, the latter leaning against the doorframe while Kiba just looked nervous.

Naruto looked up, only to see Sasuke look angry. He turned his blue orbs to Kiba. "Traitor!" The brunette shrugged.

"What did he do?" Sasuke sat down next to his boyfriend.

"Nothing! He was just a drunk," Naruto rolled his eyes. "And he was blocking my way, nothing more."

"Right." Sasuke snorted. "Tell me what he did."

"He just wanted a kiss, okay, and then he said he would move." Naruto muttered, the pen still in his mouth. Sasuke's dark brown eyes were staring right at him, worry visible with the anger. "But I didn't kiss him, so he didn't move. And I called up here. Nothing happened."

But he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable.

To Be Continued

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