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This is by far the best Christmas present ever, Sasuke thought as he licked his lips.

It was better than the clothes his mother had given him, it was better than the sex toys Itachi had given him when they were alone, it was better than the new car his father and uncles had bought him.

After all, a half-naked Naruto was better than any sport scar his family could come up with. Especially if the only clothes Naruto was wearing was that French maid outfit Sasuke had bought him all those months ago.

Naruto looked dangerously sexy in it. It was short, showing off slim legs, and tight, showing off a slender body. It was black and frilly with a white apron, and Naruto even had the high heeled shoes on, which made the blonde almost as tall as Sasuke.

"Sasuke-sama," Naruto whispered in his ear, blowing hot air on his neck. His blue eyes seemed to sparkle as he let his hands travel over Sasuke's already naked chest. His hand was almost healed now, and he could manage without the bandages for a while.

"Mmm... Naruto ..." Sasuke put his hands on Naruto's hips, leading him towards the bed. They more or less crashed on it, Naruto on top of Sasuke. He straddled the Uchiha's hips, grinding his groin against Sasuke's. He moaned, and Sasuke let out a strangled sound.

"How do you want it, Sasuke-sama?" Naruto asked, his voice steady compared to Sasuke's. "Tell me what to do."

Sasuke licked his lips again, unconsciously. "Suck my dick."

Naruto smirked, his fingers soon working with Sasuke's zipper. "Up," he demanded. Sasuke bucked his hips, allowing Naruto, who was now seated between his legs; pull his pants and boxers off in one swift movement.

Naruto threw them on the floor, not taking his eyes off Sasuke's erection. He put his hands on Sasuke's thighs, spreading them apart and letting them bend by the knees. He leaned down, licking at the tip. Sasuke groaned, wanting more. Naruto traced his tongue over the entire shaft, reaching the balls.

"Ahh... N-naruto!" Sasuke bucked his hips a little, but Naruto simply pulled away.

"Don't do that," Naruto muttered, before taking the head in his mouth. Sasuke's long fingers found their way downwards and he gripped blonde hair with them, trying to push Naruto down further.

Naruto breathed deeply through his nose one time before relaxing in his throat and slowly lowering his head, taking almost all of Sasuke's cock in his mouth and some in his throat. He slid up again, licking on the underside of the dick a few times before finding himself breathing more or less normal again.

He sucked on the head, wetting it with his saliva. He made his way down the shaft and gave Sasuke's inner thigh some attention with his mouth, nibbling and sucking.

He soon found his mouth back between Sasuke's legs, and let his tongue travel even further down, and he let his tongue enter Sasuke.

"N-naru-" Sasuke's voice broke when he felt Naruto's tongue inside of him. He really wanted Naruto to stop doing that, licking and kissing his hole, but it felt so good. "Damn ..."

Naruto kissed and licked his way up Sasuke's chest again, nibbling on a dark nipple. He smirked as he heard and felt Sasuke's breathing come out in small huffs, and be dragged in like sharp knives.

Naruto's frilly dress was stroking over Sasuke's privates and parted legs, as he reached the Uchiha's lips and captured them. They shared a long, wet kiss and Naruto smirked into it. His tongue made its way inside of Sasuke's mouth, and he rubbed over the Uchiha's own tongue.

Sasuke would be so happy to find out that Naruto was taping the whole scene. He would give Sasuke the DVD later tonight, and he just hoped his lover wouldn't use it to earn money like he had joked about. (You never know with Sasuke.)

A deep moan snapped Naruto back to reality, and he pulled away from Sasuke, a trail of saliva falling down on Sasuke's chest. The blonde smirked.

"Would you like me to ride you, baby?" He groaned out the last word as Sasuke bucked his hips up and rubbed against Naruto.

"Yes," Sasuke panted. "Yes, ride me. Ride me now."

Naruto himself was starting to get impatient. He threw a knowing glance the camera's way, smirking and turning back to his lover. He had borrowed the camera from Kisame, who had used it for similar purposes. He had insured Naruto that it was good quality and that if the blonde broke it (or stained it) he would damn pay for a new one.

"Naruto ..."

The blonde concentrated on getting out of the horrible thing Sasuke had bought him. He felt a bigger hand on his back pull down the zipper, and smiled down to Sasuke. It was pulled down, and Naruto slid out of it smoothly.

He placed his hands on Sasuke's chest, placing himself over his boyfriend's dick. Sasuke gave him a confused look, as if he was wondering if Naruto was sure. "I prepared myself in the shower, Sasuke-sama," Naruto reassured, "while thinking of you and your big cock entering me."

Sasuke shivered at the thought of Naruto moaning his name in the shower, all wet and steamy. "I want to prepare you anyways."

Naruto arched a brow in surprise.

"Let me push a finger in your hole." Sasuke watched as Naruto placed tanned hands on Sasuke's chest to support himself as he stood on all fours. Sasuke soon placed his own hands on Naruto's butt, stroking over it and slowly sinking two fingers inside.

"Sasuke-sama ..." Naruto mewled and pushed down on the fingers. Sasuke pushed them in and out, loving the moans that his lover emitted. When he took them away and placed his hands on Naruto's ass, the blonde leaned down and bit his earlobe playfully.

Sasuke groaned, bucking his hips upwards, wanting more.

Naruto smirked. Why hadn't he done this before? Taking a deep breath (otherwise known as gasping) he slid down on Sasuke.

"Ahh... Sasuke-sama!"

Sasuke placed his hands on Naruto's hips, helping him bounce up and down, even though it was unnecessary. He let his hands travel over smooth skin, up to Naruto's neck and stroke the jawline with his thumb. Sasuke tried to keep his eyes open, but with what the way Naruto moved over him it was impossible.

He clenched his eyelids shut and bit his lip, listening to the way his blonde boyfriend was letting out moans and small mewls whenever his prostate was stroked.

Sasuke opened his eyes, staring at Naruto before shakily sitting up, making Naruto sit in his lap instead of riding him.

Naruto clenched around Sasuke, wrapping his arms around the Uchiha's neck. Sasuke put his hands on Naruto's back, pressing his lips against the blonde's.

Sasuke's tongue made its way in Naruto's mouth, roaming free and uncontrolled until Naruto decided it was enough and pushed Sasuke down again, so he was on his back, his legs bent at the knees. He started moving again, making Sasuke moan.

"F-faster, Naruto. Ahh...! Yes, baby, just like that ..." Sasuke's fingers encircled Naruto's shaft, pumping it. Naruto let out a little high-pitched scream, that made Sasuke lose control. He bucked his hips up, wanting Naruto to continue now. The blonde seemed to think the same thing, moving up and down again.

Sasuke came as Naruto clenched around him, and Naruto continued moving. The blonde orgasmed when Sasuke's grip around him hardened and the last jerks became dangerously fast.

He almost fell over Sasuke, smiling into the Uchiha's chest. He waited until his breathing had slowed down, and Sasuke's grip around him loosened.

He climbed off, sperm streaming down his thighs from having being filled generously by Sasuke. He smirked and nodded toward the bathroom.

"If you move quick enough I may let you do me in the shower."

Sasuke flew up, more or less flying to the bathroom without Naruto.

"Are you coming, Naruto?!"

Naruto rolled his eyes and moved over the floor after having covered his lower parts with a pair of boxers. He stopped the camera and hid it in the wardrobe before hurrying to the bathroom.

The End … for now