Digital Clue

I: It was a dark and stormy night…

madjack89: Yup, that's right! I'm a Clue/Digimon fan! And since it's almost Halloween, I thought I should celebrate by writing a Clue parody with Digimon! Because it's a murder mystery! Yeah! The cast list is as follows:

Wadsworth (the butler): Kouji Minamoto

Colonel Mustard: Takuya Kanbara

Mrs. Peacock: Mimi Tachikawa

Miss Scarlet: Yoshino Fujieda

Professor Plum: JP Shibayama

Mr. Green: Henry Wong

Mrs. White: Jeri Katou

Mr. Boddy: Matt Ishida

Yvette (the maid): Zoe Orimoto

The other characters will be introduced through the rest of this story, but these guys are more prominent, so I thought I'd let you know who they're gonna be (besides, the other characters are gonna die). Oh, and if you're annoyed by the fact that there are a lot of Digimon Frontier characters in here, I'm sorry! It's my favorite season!

Takuya: Heck yes!

Matt: Shut up and let's get this story over with.

Kouji: The butler?

JP: Ha ha, very funny. Make me the pervy doctor…

Kouji: …The butler?

Zoe: I am not wearing this skimpy maid outfit!

Yoshino: And I'm not wearing this dress!

Henry: Well, my role doesn't seem that bad. checks it on Wikipedia Oh my god!

Kouji: …The butler?

madjack89: Will you guys stop complaining? I have fanfiction to write!

Everyone: Fine.

madjack89: Okay guys, here you go!

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or Clue. I'm just writing a fan-based story which combines the two. So there!


It was a dark and stormy night as a car pulled up the drive to the large, Gothic mansion. The driver parked the car in its usual spot then got out. He had on a tuxedo as if he were going to attend some kind of party.

He glanced up at the sky and frowned. It had to rain, he thought, taking his groceries from the passenger side of the car.

He quickly walked around to the front door, passing a large window which showed a maid inside the lounge of the mansion, dusting the furniture in preparation for the guests.

The man made it to the front of the house, setting his groceries down and searching his pocket for his keys.

Suddenly two ferocious-looking guard dogs leaped from the bushes, attempting to grab the bag of groceries. However, the chains around their necks choked them before they could reach the food.

The man smirked. "Heh, stupid dogs."

At that moment the chains holding the two dogs back broke and they lunged forward.

The man grabbed the groceries, trying to keep them away from the dogs. "Zoe, if you would be so kind as to open the door!" he yelled frantically, trying to get the maid's attention.

The maid made her slow way to the door, dusting things as she went. The man's cries of pain could be heard from outside as the maid opened the door just enough for the man to make his way in.

He quickly slid into the mansion, bringing what was left of the groceries with him. He stood panting for a few moments, trying to catch his breath.

"Thanks for all the freakin help," he said to the maid sarcastically, straightening up and grabbing the groceries.

"Not my fault that the dogs got off their chains," she said huffily. "But of course now you'll expect me to go tie them up again. You're such a jerk Kouji, you know that?"

Kouji turned to her. "Tonight call me Wadsworth. We're going by assumed names, remember?"

"Of course I remember!" she said angrily. "But no one's here yet, so I don't really see the point!"

"Then what's your assumed name, Zoe?" Kouji asked, quizzing her.

Zoe gave him a blank look. He smirked, saying, "It's Yvette, just so you know."

Zoe frowned as he turned and made his way to the kitchen, sticking her tongue out at his back.

Kouji stepped through the kitchen door, holding up the tattered bag. "Sorry about the groceries, Sora, but the dogs got to them."

He set his bag down on the counter, staring at the cook's turned back. "So, when do you think dinner's gonna be ready?" he asked.

Suddenly Sora turned on her heel, holding a kitchen knife out in front of her, pointing at Kouji. Kouji winced, staring at the glistening blade.

"Dinner will be ready at seven thirty," she said emotionlessly, turning back to the meal she was preparing.

"Okay," Kouji said nervously, backing out of the room. "You do that," he added, closing the door with more force than necessary.

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Man, she gives me the creeps," he said to himself, checking his watch. "But I guess everything's ready now. All we have to do is wait for the guests."


madjack89: I'll end it there and give you guys something to look forward to in the next chapter!

Takuya: What's to look forward to?

madjack89: The appearance of you guys, aka 'the guests.'

Takuya: Well, that is something to look forward to.

madjack89: And Taki is conceited.

Takuya: What?!

madjack89: Okay, see you in chapter two!