Digital Clue

XI: A red herring (part four)

madjack89: Okay, now that I've made you sweat a bit, time to get on to the REAL final chapter of Digital Clue.

Takuya: Really? You mean it?

madjack89: Yes Takuya, this really is the end. Those other alternate endings were taken from the actual movie Clue, but now it's time for me to show off my authoring skills and write my own ending!

Kouji: …So it's seriously over after this?

madjack89: You guys are so untrustworthy! Just let me answer a couple of reviews and then I'll get to the final chapter!


hazeleyedharmony: Well, you see, I'm going on vacation all next week and won't be able to update, and I REALLY wanted this story over and done with before I left to I can concentrate more on Holiday and F2R. And I'm showing off! (lol) Yeah, I could go on for a while with these alternate endings, but I think they've suffered enough! Thanks for reviewing this story!

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madjack89: It's time for the moment you've all been waiting for…the end of Digital Clue! Let's get to it!

Kouji quickly turned the lights back on and walked back into the hallway. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare anybody," Kouji apologized.

"You're a bit late for that!" Takuya yelled hysterically. "Oh my god, stop torturing me with déjà vu!"

"Alright, so after the lights went out, Zoe, Marcus, and Yolei were killed," Yoshi said, ticking them off on her fingers. "But who did it?"

"I think I'm going insane," Takuya muttered to himself.

"And who killed Matt and Sora?" Henry added.

"Here's my number," JP said, handing his card to a distraught looking Takuya.

"Alright, think about this," Kouji said, getting to his point. "Who invited us all here?"

"You did," Jeri replied.

"Who REALLY invited us all here?" Kouji reiterated.

"Well, Madjack did," JP answered. "But she doesn't like getting involved with our crap. She just puts us in situations and watches us squirm."

"But what if she didn't want to just play it safe in this story?" Kouji said. "What if she wanted to get involved this time? What if she wanted to be a direct cause of our squirming instead of an indirect cause?"

"Are you saying that Madjack committed all these murders?" Yoshi asked skeptically.

"It would have been easy for her to do," Kouji replied. "We all knew she was here, but we never thought she was actually HERE here. We just thought she was the author voice pervading in the background. I think she was more than that. She killed everyone, just to freak us out. She even gave us a plot to boot."

"Aw, man." I frowned, coming out from my hiding place inside the study. "Kouji, you're way too perceptive."

"Thanks," Kouji said, smirking at me.

"Wait, so this has nothing to do with Takuya's work on the new fusion bomb or Takato being a nuclear physicist?" Yoshi asked.

"Nope," I replied, shaking my head. "Communism is just a red herring."

"God, I have a headache," Takuya mumbled, clutching his head.

"Sorry Taki!" I apologized sheepishly.

"How about an apology for the rest of us for the hell you just put us through!" JP cried angrily.

"Aw, it was kind of fun, wasn't it?" I asked, smiling.

"No," the others said flatly, glaring at me.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry," I mumbled. "I just thought it would be fun to parody one of my favorite movies with the help of you guys, and Clue involves murder! It's a murder mystery!"

"Speaking of which, did you seriously kill everyone?" Henry asked, glancing around at the different rooms.

"Well, I didn't do it personally. I'm too squeamish for that," I explained, motioning toward the study to get someone to come out. "I got him to do it for me."

Out of the study walked Izzy, who was staring uncomfortably at the ground.

"Izzy?!" everyone exclaimed.

"Okay, even I didn't see that one coming!" Kouji added.

"Hey guys," Izzy said, waving his hand nervously.

"Oh, calm down Izzy, they're not gonna do anything to you," I said reassuringly.

"Speak for yourself," Kouji muttered, glaring at Izzy angrily.

"I'm sorry!" Izzy said apologetically, bowing his head. "I owed Madjack a favor, and she said this was the only way I could repay her! If it makes any difference, I feel horrible about it!"

"Why'd you owe Madjack a favor?" Mimi asked curiously.

"I'm not at liberty to say," Izzy replied, glancing at me.

"Just don't worry about it," I said reassuringly. "Anyway, I did get Izzy to kill the others, but you guys are forgetting one very important thing: I'm the author! I can just bring them all back to life like this!" With that I snapped my fingers.

After about a minute of waiting, Kouji asked, "Um, did it work?"

"Give them a minute, they're probably disoriented," I replied, glancing in the study. Sure enough, Sora, Matt, and Yolei were slowly getting to their feet, looking dazed but okay.

"Izzy, you bastard!" Suddenly, Zoe burst from the billiard room and jumped on Izzy, knocking him to the ground. "How dare you freaking strangle me! I'll kick your freaking ass!"

"Zoe, Madjack told him to do it," Kouji said calmly. "And she did bring you back, so I guess we can let it go."

"Fine," Zoe grumbled, getting off Izzy and walking over to the lounge to check on Kouichi.

"You know, I expected Marcus to freak out like that," Yoshi said thoughtfully.

"I've got too much of a headache to freak out," Marcus replied, coming out of the library. "God, this is worse than the time I got strung up by my ankles, hung on the limb of a tree, and left there for an entire day."

"Oh, Marcus," Yoshi and I muttered, sighing.

"So, why was TK here?" Henry suddenly asked, confused. "He didn't do anything except make us worry about his mental health."

"Oh, don't worry, he's just pretending," I replied, walking down the hall toward the door.

When I passed the study, Matt exited and said, "Madjack, I have a few things to say to you!"

"Shut up, Matt," I said, opening the door for the others to join us. "Guys, no need to rush in, the plot's been ruined."

"Aw," Davis muttered, entering the house with the others I had waiting outside. "I wanted to be important to the story!"

"I think you're important, Davis!" I said, giving Davis a hug.

"What the hell?!" Tai exclaimed. "I thought I was your favorite character, too! Where's my hug?"

"Davis needs self-esteem boosting," I replied huffily.

"Yeah, right," TK and Kari muttered, rolling their eyes.

"You know what? Let's just leave," JP said, headed for the door. The others nodded in agreement, headed for their respective transportation vehicles.

"Thanks for being good sports! Especially the people that got killed!" I yelled as they left.

"Next time I want a part that requires more than one line and has less of me getting shot!" Yolei yelled back.

"I second that!" Sora added, glaring angrily at me.

"Babies!" I exclaimed, sticking my tongue out at them as they all left. Then I turned and noticed Kouji hadn't left yet. "You want to make sure Kouichi's okay?"

Kouji nodded, glancing at the lounge door. "But, since Zoe's in there with him, I'd better not."

Suddenly the lounge door opened and both Zoe and Kouichi exited the room, Kouichi looking a little flustered and dazed. "Don't worry, he's fine," Zoe said reassuringly to Kouji.

"I'll bet you made sure of that," Kouji muttered sarcastically.

Zoe glared at Kouji while Kouichi turned to me and asked, "Madjack, why the hell am I covered in wine?"

"Take it up with Yoshi," I answered, shrugging.

madjack89: And that was the true end of Digital Clue. I hope you liked it and I hope you enjoyed the story!

Takuya: God knows we didn't.

madjack89: Oh, you know you had fun!

Kouji: Well, I had fun picking on everyone in the last few chapters.

madjack89: That's the spirit! Any final thoughts, guys?

Yoshi: Never go to a party when you don't know the host.

Jeri: You could get killed.

madjack89: Excellent thought!

Henry: I learned never to trust Madjack.

Kouji: Trust me, you've barely scratched the surface of Madjack's evil.

madjack89: Hee hee!


madjack89: Alright, thank you all very much for sticking with Digital Clue and reading it to its final conclusion! I'm very grateful that you chose to read this story out of the million others out there! Thank you again and see ya!