If you can tell me the name of the song you get a shot of vodka and a reeses cup.


A woman sat in the graveyard her hands glowing green as she mumbled incantations and made hand signs. The earth before her shook and slowly bones rose, floating in the air. The green of her hands washed over the bones and soon soil and ash began to rise wrapping themselves around the bones giving them form and shape until a man lay, his hands folded and eyes shut. Slowly, those eyes opened revealing sapphire eyes behind them. Slowly, almost robotically he stood, his body heavily scarred from the battle that had killed him. She stood as when her black coat twisting in the wind, she knew it was not truly him that only through her painstaking research and jutsu was this doll able to appear alive. It had no heart, no will of its own. But for now that was enough, she could see him.

''Come my love.'' She whispered softly meeting his blank eyes. The doll nodded once and held out his hand which she lightly took. He placed an arm around her waist and held her hand as they danced with only the moon and stars lighting their way. Softly she began to hum and then sing. 'We are the lucky ones, we shine like a thousand suns in a world where all color runs together. I'll keep you company, in one glorious harmony. Waltzing with destiny forever." He released her waist and spun her under his arm before continuing as he had. She ran a hand through her love's golden locks. "Time dances far too fast. I gaze through the looking glass and feel just beyond my grasp your heaven. Sacred geometry where movement is poetry, it liaisons when we are together." He held her close as she continued to sing tears of remembrance on her porcelain skin. "Dance me into the night. Underneath the moon shining so bright." To her surprise the doll whiped away her tears and continued to hold her. "Let our dark waltz begin, oh, and let me wheel let me spin. Let it take me away and turn me into your light."

They released reluctantly and spun into a soft bow. He out of respect and honor to his creator and master, and her out of love and memory of the one she had lost. She looked at him fondly and opened a small flask. The wind suddenly picked up and the soil and ash that made up his skin began to fly into the bottle until he was nothing but bones held together by her dark arts. Green light gleamed from the eye-sockets as he watched, awaiting her commands. She walked to him and placed shackles on his neck, wrists, and spine before attaching him to the magnetic lining inside of her coat. "Sleep..." She commanded softly and the bones fell limp still connected by her jutsu. "You will be with me always, my beloved Naruto." She whispered stroking the cold skull as she closed her coat and departed, her dark purple hair flowing gently in the wind.


Just a little random thing I cooked up while I was bored. I don't intent on adding to it so it's a technical one-shot. But as you all know I'll fickle and can change in an instant.

This is Ganja Naraku, now with 20 percent more face stabbing, 70 percent more illegal substances and of course!

200 percent more Margaritas! WHOOO!

Kin: Where the hell are your pants?!

Pants are for the weak!