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"Oh, Bella!" Alice squealed, running into the room and slamming the door shut. "I'm so super sorry! He made me swear not to tell and I thought it would be a good idea anyway — He promised me he would let you stay at my place if I swore not to tell and I've missed you so much and —"

"Whoa, Al It's fine..." I said, calmly. Too calm; she didn't trust me. I didn't trust me...

"But you said that you loved him, Bella. And I didn't warn you and you ended up fainting when he —" she stopped, looking at me with so much sympathy I thought she may cry. Ugh, yes. Faint... I think I'll die now...

You may be wondering what happened within that thin pretense of Edward confessing his engagement. Yeah, well I am too right now... Since... Right after he said it my knees buckled, my eyes rolled to the back of my head, et cetera, et cetera. Yeah. I fainted. I do that apparently. Damn, a part of my brain has truly turned against me, I swear...

Is there some sort of cosmic joke going on here that I am unaware of? Feel free to speak now.

Because we ended up leaving early. Doggy bags and all. Alice driving me home, completely worried. I had to fight her off at the bathroom door. I insisted a shower would do me good but she feared I would faint in there too and drown.

"It's okay Al. I forgive you. Actually, you don't need to be sorry. I —"

"Oh God, I can't believe you're so selfless — You were going to say it was your fault weren't you? Bella, when are you going to get it through your pretty little head that maybe it's got nothing to do with you?" she asked, shaking her head, eyes wide with disbelief and eyebrows creased.

"Okay... Well —"

"You've got two weeks."

"Two weeks? For what?"

"Bella... You got to stop that wedding..." she whispered.

"Stop the — What?" I said breathlessly.

You mean someone out there actually wants me to be with Edward Anthony Cullen?

"She's not right for him..."

"What's she like?" I asked, seriously. "Do you — Do you like her? Is she amazing?" I frowned. Because we all knew I was no where near that.

To my surprise, Alice snorted. "Only if you like Malibu Barbie."


"Bella, the girl is every male's dream. She's down right perfect. Graduated from Columbia, joined the Peace Corps for a year and even plays the violin."

My head was spinning.

"As far as looks go, she might as well walk around naked, I think people would thank her." Alice was sounding more and more annoyed.

"Well, what've you got against her?"

Little Alice sniffed. "Before she met Edward she tried hitting on Jasper." and she folded her arms over her chest.

"Who's Jasper?"

"Oh!" her eyes went round and hazy. "Only the single most wonderful specimen ever to come out of a woman's —"

"Okay!" I cried, shielding my face with a pillow.

"Oops." she giggled. "Um, Jasper's my... My boyfriend, Bell."


"I have been known to get a few of those every few years, yeah..."

"But —"

"I know, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to pull an Ed by not telling you, I just —"

I held up my hand. "You don't even have to explain yourself. I'm happy for you. You seem to really like him." I nodded assuringly.

"Oh, and you'll meet him soon, promise!" she squealed. And then it was quiet... I bowed my head and bit my lip.

"Looks like I'm the only one without someone."

"Bella, that's not true. You know that in a second my brother would pick you over any girl." Alice frowned. I shook my head.

"I wish I believed that."

"You do... Somewhere deep down." and she smiled a little. I think I felt it. The part of me that believed her. And I pressed my hand to my chest. Yes. It was there. Beating. That part had faith.


I was dreaming.

Of the most beautiful face in the world. His strong jaw. Fiery eyes and breath-taking smile. Tousled hair and long eyelashes. Half God, half man.

And he was holding me in his arms. A warm embrace, too sweet to release at all. And his lips tickled my forehead and trailed along my hairline in sweet kisses. A soft laugh brought me back to reality. And suddenly, oh so suddenly, I was awake.

I sighed deeply, recollecting the night.

'I'm getting married on the thirtieth. And her name's Tanya.'

My stomach churned at the very words he had spoken. My heart cracking at her name. Oh the envy throttled my lungs...

I closed my eyes.

And was I dreaming? For fingers were subtly prodding my hairline, stroking my back even.

'I need you, Bella.'

I sighed dreamily at the combination... But as I opened my eyes again, I came to the realization that I was awake. And that fingers were touching me in soothing ways.

I tensed.


I rolled over. But it wasn't Alice. (Good, that would've been awkward!) Rather it was someone larger, harder. I gasped sharply, a scream ready to escape my throat, when a hand wrapped around my mouth, a voice cooing in my ear, trying to calm me.

"Bella, it's me." he said softly, stroking my hair in a familiar way.


I relaxed, clutching my chest in relief. He peeled his hand from my lips and chuckled in my ear. "No screaming, please."

He even had the nerve to joke around. But I am almighty, and very good at revenge. I socked him square in the stomach, thank you very much. He howled quietly, breathless. I couldn't help but smirk. "No screaming, please." I said sweetly, glaring however, to the point that I thought laser beams may shoot out from my eyes. "Excuse me, Cullen but what are you doing here? In my bed!"

"Technically the mattress is property of my baby sister. Not you."

"Oh, so we're being smart?" I mumbled sourly. He laughed and I could barely make out those green eyes, playfully glistening in the dark before me. He pushed the bangs from my face.

"Remember... When we were eighteen... And I got this stupid idea to visit you every night?"

"One o'clock sharp." I said with a smile. I involuntarily leaned closer to him, as if sinking into the memory and he was the recollection...

"Some things never have to die out." he muttered. I looked over his shoulder at the alarm clock that read ten past one.

"You came..."

"You were mumbling and sighing for a good ten minutes."

"How did you get in?"

"Window." he snorted.

I eyed him doubtfully.

"Well, Alice did give me the key, as her very protective older brother." he explained, easily.

"Do you always check on Alice in the dead of night then?"

"I had to arrange some things to actually come here, you know. Like my sleeping habits for example. I usually go to bed at around eleven, wake up at six. But I don't know, a friend of mine has come into town and I wanted to make sure her mattress wasn't squeaky."

"Is it?"

"Well, it took her about ten minutes to realize I was actually here, so I'd say this mattress is certified."

"Good." I half-whispered.

"Yeah." And I was locked in his very green very piercing eyes. His mouth, his nose, the curve of his chin... They all called to me in silly, amazing ways. And my heart stuttered out the confession I had yet to recite. I love you. I love you. It drummed.

I moved closer... Closer, tucking my head under his chin, touching his cotton shirt, even feeling the muscle that resided beneath. He was hesitant, but he let go of all the unease and I felt his hands at my back and his face in my hair.

"You scared me tonight, Bells." he murmured somewhere near my ear.

"I'm sorry." I tried not to let the tears spill, so I further dug my face into his neck.

"You... You just — I guess I came to see if you were okay... You faint sometimes Bella, but I don't want it to become a habit or something... I mean — What was it? You didn't think I could get ma—"

"Hey —" I said quickly, hoping to escape the word. "I was just..." I dared to look back up at him. "You never... Spoke of a girl, and —"

"And?" he asked seriously, his gaze was full of concern, and mine bled with fear and sadness.

"I guess... I never thought I'd see the day... I mean — I just figured you would tell me about someone major in your life, and you never mentioned —"


The name made me grimace as if the syllables exerted a great deal of pain in me.

It did.

"I... I was a bit... Ashamed." he confessed, fingers trailing beneath my jaw. Oh, his touch...

"Of what? You were ashamed to tell me something? When have I ever judged you?"

"That's just it. I was afraid you would start..."

"What, did you knock her up or something?"

"No, not even close..." he muttered under his breath, probably guessing I hadn't noticed. "Actually... It's because... Well, you and I talk a lot, don't we Bells?"

"Yeah, we do." I said eyebrows creasing.

"And I used to tell you stuff... About how I wanted to get married. Right?"


"And what did I say?"

"You weren't going to marry someone unless you were entirely sure and as long as you knew her for a good amount of time. She had to be willing to start a family, and you had to have a stable enough job." I recited.

"Don't forget the important one." he urged.

I rolled my eyes, "I had to approve of the girl before you could even propose..."

"And had I done that?" he said, seeming very angry with himself.

"No, I guess not... But, I mean hey it's —"

"I'm what? Fresh out of med school? Working with my father, which is great, but hey. I want something bigger."

"You're getting there." I assured, patting his arm.

"She doesn't want to have kids..."

"Oh... Well, hey just say you used one when you didn't." I shrugged. Honestly all this assuring was making my heart sick.

"I've only known her for nine months." he said seriously. I tried to catch the flicker of a joke in his eyes. It hadn't come, and he was watching me carefully. I tried not to laugh.

"You said you were adamant that you know her for a solid amount of time, I thought —"

"And that is where my shame comes in. She's all wrong for me, Bells."

I laughed in disbelief, shaking my head at him.

"Are you even sure she's the one?" I demanded.

"That's the one point. The one point that hits. I know I'm sure about her. She's the one."

The words speared through me. I never felt so much agony.

"Really?" I whispered, eyebrows furrowed.

"I love her."

It was quiet for awhile and I tried not to look at him... My eyes couldn't even meet his face, and I felt sick. But he cradled me back into his arms. "I'm sorry."

You have no idea...

"I think... I'm just a little jealous." I love you.

"Jealous?" his hand smoothed the side of my face and I feared my tears would overflow. His touch, oh the agony of his touch and the warmth of his palm. All of me wanted all of him.

But she had his heart.

I pressed my lips to his cheek softly, and stroked his jaw before rolling over and falling back into unconsciousness.


5'10. Blue eyes. And strawberry blond curls.

Check, check, check.

Creamy peach skin. Dimpled cheeks. Long eyelashes.

Check, check, check again.

Killer body. Long legs. Boobs.

Check. Collective sigh. Check. Rubbing of temples. Check. Palm-forehead.

I'd always imagined this'd be Edward's type. The kind of girl who didn't pale in comparison. Rather — If anything — They'd compliment each other.

Yes. And that was the case with Miss. Tanya D I've-got-the-ring-on-my-finger-so-I-am-almost-Cullen.

She was all he deserved.

And everything I wasn't.

Oh, Miss. Tanya D wherever shall I begin? Hm, perhaps the second of her entrance. And a tad before. You see, Tanya was on her way straight from the airport (she could hardly wait to see Edward and his best 'gal-pal') to the restaurant in which we were currently nestled in for lunch. We stood at the front, awaiting her presence. Alice murmured the details to me, and I could almost hear her rolling her eyes as she recited Miss. Tanya D's very words. 'Oh, I cannot wait to see her! This is so exciting, it'll be like having another sister!

Edward and I were never close to being brother and sister.

I fumbled nervously with the hem of my skirt, Edward literally bouncing on the balls of his feet. He swiftly took my hands, looked me straight in the eyes and said, "You'll love her. She's beautiful." he said breathlessly, eyes bright. I forced a smile and squeezed his hands.

"Let's keep the squealing to a minimal, yeah, best friend?"

He grinned and rushed to Alice.

"Almost here, do you think?" he asked excitedly. His sister whipped the air with her small hand, annoyed.

"Don't ask me every five seconds, wait it out!" she growled, turning away from him to look through her cell phone. I walked over to them and Edward took my hands, fumbling with my fingers nervously. I looked up from our intertwined mess, and couldn't help but smile. He smiled back weakly and shrugged like a little boy.

I squeezed his hand again.

And right after that short sweet moment, the doors opened.

Oh, the classic cliché. The sunlight suddenly streaming into the room that had apparently been dimmer two seconds previous. (It's winter for God's sake, it's supposed to be gray and cloudy!) The gust of wind that found the perfect time to tousle her hair. And the girl. Tall and pretty, bright and skinny.

Meeting her was like meeting Meagan Fox.

You can look at her. And when you do you feel your self-esteem plummet to the depths of hell. You can try to formulate your greeting, but schucks! That won't work out. And you don't know whether or not you should be star-struck or enraged. Because somebody stole from the good looking pile.

Yeah, I was starting to think to option of all of the above was finally plausible.

Let's just say her greeting was a little overwhelming. Oh, no. Not to me. To Edward...

She literally flung herself into his arms and at the second of contact, they were kissing like he was a sailor going off to sea for a good full year.

I think it was me who was getting sea-sick.

I recall:

"Tanya! This is my Bella!" said Edward, holding her at arm's length. The beauty before him snapped her head to me, her eyes wide and elated.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Eddie! She is so pretty!" and she squirmed from his grasp and flung her arms around me. Just as quick, she pulled herself away. "You... Are so pretty." she said again, very seriously. I tried not to laugh. She sounded like a mother telling her very awkward thirteen year old daughter that she looked the least bit decent.


Oh, and now here we sat, our meal just arrived. Alice watching me hesitantly, for I was all but knives and daggers for Miss. Tanya D...

"Could you pass the salt?" I asked, voice strained. I watched her carefully, I almost glared...

Alice slammed the shaker in front of me, clearing her throat loudly. I snatched it without breaking contact and put some onto my chicken. "So, Tanya," I began with my most sweetest of voices. That I could muster anyways, for the venom ran through my mouth hot and smooth... "How long have you known Edward?" I nearly demanded, icily. She quietly cleared her throat, dabbed her pretty pink mouth and squinted me a smile.

"Probably about nine — ten months." she giggled, clasping Edward's hand over the table.

"Lovely. You must know everything about each other."

"I'd hope so."

"Me too."

"I'd say we got the general gist of things."

"Because in reality, that's all you need in a marriage — just the general gist —"

"BELLA, can you come with me to the bathroom, I think I'm having a seizure." Alice said loudly. I continued to glare at the blond across the table from me and Alice snatched my arm, pulling me towards the restroom.

"Oh. My God." I said in utter disgust as the door swung close.

"Bella, are you insane, use a d —"

"General gist?! C'mon!"

"I know, I know, but tone it down, I don't like the girl any better than you do but did you see the look on Edward's face?"

Oh, and the clarity that came with the name.

"Was he mad?" I asked hesitantly.

"Not quite. More like scared to death. He was whiter than the table cloth..." she laughed. I ran a hand over my forehead and took deep soothing breaths.

"I can't loose him to her. Alice, I love him, not her. She may have graduated cum laude from Columbia but she doesn't know a thing about him. She ordered him red wine. He hates red wine!"

A knock on the door. A gasp from Alice's mouth. My knees buckling.

"May I come in?" and the door swung open.




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