Chapter 4 – Words Of Endearment

Ellie ran eagerly into her parents' bedroom, climbing up onto the bed and jumping on top of Rose. "Happy birthday, Mummy!"

"Thank you, Ellie darling." She tried to hide her annoyance at being woken in such a way.

The Doctor pulled the two year old off Rose and sat her on his lap, pulling Rose closer to him. "I told you not to come in 'till nine." He reminded his daughter; he'd wanted to let Rose have the lie in she so often sought after.

"What time is it?" Rose looked over at the clock. "Half six! HALF SIX!"

"Sorry, Mummy." Ellie frowned. It wasn't the most encouraging thing to make your mother angry when all you did was wish them a happy birthday.

"I'm not angry at you!" She softly kissed her daughter's forehead. "If I'm angry at anyone it's at him." She prodded the Doctor in the chest. "How can you be so bubbly and awake so early in the morning?!"

"I don't need much sleep at all; I prefer to watch you sleep anyway, much more interesting."

"That's rather creepy." She laughed at the offended look on his face. "Well, it would be if you weren't my husband."

"Thanks… I think? Happy birthday anyway, beautiful."

"Thanks." She smiled, feeling a little too tired to keep up the argument. She admittedly hoped that if she let the conversation slowly fade that she might, just might get back to sleep again.

"I've got a present for you." Ellie piped up just as Rose began to drift off to sleep.

"Let me sleep just one more hour, just one; that's not very long for me, and then you can give me your present and we can do whatever your father has planned."

"Okay… come on Daddy, come and help me make Mummy breakfast in bed."

Rose moaned. "Don't take my pillow away from me!" She held the Doctor down and refused to let him go.

"But I need his help!" The little girl moaned at her mum.

That was a great choice to be left with; either upset his wife or upset his daughter. It was Rose's birthday though, she had to get at least a little of what she wanted. "I tell you what… I'll stay here with you for an hour, love. Ellie, you go and play for an hour and then I'll come and help you alright?"

"Fine. You win, Mummy." She scowled.

Rose just laughed. "Love you too, sweetheart."

The Doctor had chosen New Earth for the day out, he remembered how Rose had loved it there, how she'd laughed and enjoyed the feel of the wind in her hair. They'd landed the TARDIS in the same place as the last time they'd been there, except that time there had just been the two of them. The weather was nicer this time, not that it hadn't been nice before, but now the only wind was a mild breeze which combined with the hot sun left a moderate temperature. In the same place they'd sat before was laid a blanket, the traditional English picnic blanket, tartan patterned and all, on top of which he'd put out a reasonably sized picnic. Again the traditional English picnic; sandwiches, sausage rolls and more, the whole deal.

Rose had laughed at his efforts, he'd claimed it was so Ellie could experience the human traditions that she perhaps would have anyway if they'd decided to really settle down. Technically Ellie wasn't half human but being half of Rose meant that at heart she was half human.

They'd soon eaten their fill leaving Rose and the Doctor feeling sluggish and wanting to sit back and relax. Rose wanted to curl up in her husband's arms and stay there; perhaps sleep if he'd let her. But with a two year old daughter that was never going to happen, one minute she wanted to play a ball game the next play hide and seek.

After a while of watching the Doctor play with Ellie; he as enthusiastic as she was which she admitted to finding very adorable, Rose got up to join them. She ran up behind the Doctor, grabbing him by the waist just as Ellie was within his reach, he'd so very nearly ended the game of tag. For such a young girl she was surprisingly good at escaping him, but he wasn't ashamed to admit she'd beaten him.

He turned round in Rose's arms and wrapped his around her shoulders. "Keep your hands off my daughter Mr." She pressed her cheek up against his chest and held her head there.

"Our daughter I'll have you know. And in which case I'll attack you instead." He slipped his hands down to her waist and began to tickle her. She struggled in his arms; attempting to get free but her laughter was overwhelming and the two of them soon ended up in a tangle on the ground, both in a fit of giggles.

Rose curled up against the Doctor, keeping her arms and legs entangled with his as she relished in his warmth. The temptation to stay there all day was huge, almost too huge. They were in total bliss, just the two of them there in their little world, tender kisses between words of endearment, all until a ball came flying out of nowhere.

Ellie had decided she wasn't getting enough attention and had thrown the ball their way, very conveniently managing to hit her father right in the head. It had the desired effect; he rolled onto his back, though kept Rose in his arms, and soon saw his daughter come over to them and look down into his eyes. She was still giggling hysterically; apparently finding her achievement amusing and not understanding why her parents were so easily distracted by each other.

"Come here then." He took one arm from round Rose and pulled Ellie to the ground, cuddling her as well. And as he looked down at his two girls he felt like the luckiest man alive; a gorgeous wife and such a clever daughter and they both loved him to pieces. This, he knew, was what they called heaven.

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