Thanks to my wonderful beta Kristen! At last, the end is here... The next story is entitled The Oncoming Storm, and posting should begin soon. Ever wanted to delve into Lily's world a little more? The Oncoming Storm is told entirely from her perspective, when she is forced to 'babysit' the team.

Chapter 15: Epilogue

Leroy Jethro Gibbs hid a smile as his team visited. In reality, he wanted nothing more than to leave the hospital, but knew he would have more luck persuading Lily to help him. She would probably agree, if only to annoy the doctors.

Tony was attempting to tell him what had happened back at the Navy Yard, but Ziva and McGee kept interrupting him, and accusations of exaggeration were flying everywhere. Gibbs was keeping silent, for now. He planned to get the full story from Lily later.

He wanted to ask Jenny about what had happened, but she had not yet appeared. Lily would certainly show up, mainly because she could not resist the chance to gloat. Her version of events would involve her saving everyone singlehandedly, but at least her bias was obvious. And she wouldn't blatantly contradict herself as DiNozzo was doing.

At last, they all filed out, promising to come back tomorrow. Gibbs sighed and settled back down. He might as well get comfortable.

A knocking on the window disturbed him, and he opened his eyes, ready to yell at whoever was trying to stop him sleeping…

It was Lily.

She opened the door carefully, and he noticed she had a twin in her hand.

"Jenny's getting the coffee," she answered before he could ask. "She's got Rose."

He smiled up at Camilla, the stress of his day forgotten. The painkillers made his arms feel like lead, but he managed to caress her little head softly.

The door opened again, and Jenny entered this time. She had the promised coffee in one hand and Rose in the other.

"Hey," he whispered.

Jenny smiled at him. He knew she was holding something back, but decided not to push her for now. This was a good enough start.

"Hey yourself," she replied, bringing Rose to his side.

He ignored the coffee and stroked Rose's cheek.

"Good thing we came," Lily smirked. "He's so ill, he doesn't want the coffee."

"I want the coffee," he growled at her. "I want to see the twins more."

Lily carefully placed Camilla on her father's chest. "Scream if it hurts," she advised.

Jenny shook her head as the twins continued to sleep.

"Do you two need some alone time?" Lily asked. "Because I can head down to the coffee machine and get enough for everyone."

Gibbs smiled at her gesture. Lily could be an angel when she wanted to be.

"I'd prefer it if you stayed," Jenny told her.

What was going on?

Jenny took a deep breath to steady herself before she spoke. "I know I've been an idiot lately, and I can't tell you why. It's… complicated but Lil and I are handling it. I shouldn't have stopped you seeing the twins; it was stupid and selfish of me and I need to start thinking straight again."

He nodded, careful not to rush to judgment. Whatever she needed to keep secret, he'd let her succeed, for now.

"So, forgive me?"

He smiled up at her. "I can't stay mad at you for long," he admitted. "But, please, can we talk about things before you panic again?"

"Okay," she agreed.

"You do realize," Lily piped up. "LJ just said 'please'. I knew I should have bought my tape recorder."

"You did," Jenny reminded her.

Lily's face split into a grin. "How could I have forgotten? So, LJ, what can I get you to do in return for the tape?"