Chapter 1 The twist Lloyd's little mistake

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Symphonia (Sylvarant territory Dirk's house)

The seventeen year old Lloyd Irving was gazing at the grave stone of his mother Ana who was one of the many victims of the exspheres thanks to the Desians who were responsible for conducting the research, a lot of humans were sacrifice in order to create the small stones known as exspheres which they were basically created by slowly draining their lives. Many people suffer because of the stones because they were use as powerful tools to fight, since exspheres have the ability to unlock and increase one's fighting capabilities. The organization of the Desians have exspheres manufacturing plants which they call it as human ranches, in these ranches they force the humans to hard labor in order for the exspheres to awaken. Once an exsphere was attach to a human the stone must remain attach into the human skin which can make the person sick and weak, in order to stop these symptoms cause by the exspheres a key crest is made in order to hold the exsphere. A key crest is a tool that is attach to the skin in order to hold the exsphere and prevents from having contact with the skin preventing the symptoms of the stone; of course only dwarves have the skills to create a key crest.

One of the reasons the Desians were creating exsphere by using human lives was for the sake of revenge, the Desians were half elves who wanted revenge on the humans for many years half elves were treated as outcast, hated, shun and a lot of them were killed by their haters the humans. They decided to have their revenge by siding with their leader Yggdrasil who was known as Mithos another half elf who who did whatever he could to bring peace to both races, even putting an end o the great Kharlan war four thousand years ago. But he completely change his vision when his precious Martel was murder by a human, once the person that was precious to him was gone his hatred for the human race grew and he wanted to make them pay by unleashing his anger and pain on them. Mithos during his travels with his companions he made pacts with the summon spirits that resides in the world, with his pact with the summon spirit the king of summon spirits he created a mighty blade called the Eternal sword to his pact maker Mithos for the betterment of the world. But he was betray as Mithos sealed him and use the power of the sword to split the worlds in two created the angel organization of Cruxis along with the Desians, the Eternal sword has the power to control time and space one possessing that kind of power was consider a god. For four thousand years the two split worlds of Sylvarant and Tethealla have been living in a way to via for each others mana which Is the most important element that gives life more important than water, Mithos wanted to bring back his sister Martel back to life so he has kept her soul inside the great seed that once belongs to the great Kharlan tree which four thousand years ago it was the tree that gives infinite mana however the tree wither and died after the Kharlan war was over.

In order to reverse the mana flow between the two worlds and restore Martels body Mithos who became the angel Yggdrasil have send oracles for those humans to become the chosen of regeneration and the beginning of regeneration ritual which was nothing but a fake vision to save the world, once a chosen has been named the ritual begins as the chosen travels the world in search of the summon spirits seals. The chosen makes a prayer at the altar where the seal is located, and once prayers were finish the seal was released causing the mana flow to switch places between the two worlds, however all of the chosens have failed in becoming Martels vessel and eventually they died. After four thousand years Lloyd was able to stop the Desians with his companions and stop Mithos from creating a world of lifeless beings, he was able to form a pact with the summon spirit Origin and he became the new owner of the Eternal sword gaining the title of Eternal swordsman. With the power of the Eternal sword Lloyd planted the great seed at the center of the two worlds creating the Kharlan tree once again and finally the unification of the two worlds.

But his quest wasn't over after the union of the two worlds he decided to go on a journey to find the entire exspheres scatter all over the world, his childhood friend Colette and his pet Noishe were also coming with him. He already misses his friends who help him defeat Mithos, his best friend Genis and teacher Raine went on a journey to help the half elves around the world just because the worlds have been reunited that doesn't mean that discrimination against them has been lifted. The chosen Zelos have been supporting the king of Tethealla making laws and projects that will make it easier for the half elves to live, Regal the president of the Lozareno Company has also being supporting the half elves with the company's sources and technology. Presea became Regal's assistant and she's helping him in any way she could, and finally Sheena became the new chief of the land of Mizuho which they have moved next to the giant tree and has been helping the organization of the Renegades to protect the great tree of Symphonia Martel (AN I think that's the name Lloyd gave it).

He gaze at the grave stone while looking at the fire sword Flamberg which used to belong to his father and formal Cruxis angel Kratos" mom I've been thinking in leaving dad's sword next to you but I'm going to keep it I do need it they are still monsters out there I need to defend myself if I want to gather all of the exspheres" he stood up ready to move out" well I'm leaving"

"Yeah good luck son and don't forget that when you're feeling weary and hungry you can always come here" the dwarf Dirk said who raise Lloyd and became his father figure.

"Yeah I know well dad I'll see you later" he said while Dirk nodded" let's go Noishe"

The large ears dog that wasn't really a dog but an ancient being who has the ability to evolve into something different and strong, bark in agreement as he went to him. That's when he saw Collette standing on the small wooden bridge wearing her usual white outfit, she smile at him while running to him.

"Colette you're finally here"

"Of course I am going to help you collect all the exspheres we want a world free of exspheres right?" she smile at him.

"Yeah and no more victims like Marble and Alicia let's go"

"Wait Lloyd can we go to Iselia first?"

"Huh Iselia what for?"

"I have a surprise for you it will help you a lot in our journey"

"A surprise" he said blinking curiosity taking over him" what is it?"

She giggle" it wouldn't be a surprise if I tell you would I come on let's go"

He nodded while leaving the house with Noishe close on him he wave Dirk goodbye before leaving the house from sight, they enter the small forest to go reach Iselia which was full of monsters. Of course they have no problem at all taking care of the monsters since they have become quite strong(AN in this story they are in the level which I have them since the last time I played the game which is level 250 that's the max level). They defeated the small monsters with just one hit they were hardly a challenge, until a couple of minutes they reach a massive rubble, Lloyd couldn't forget this place it was where the Iselia human ranch was located they eventually defeated forces along with Forcystus one of the Desians five grand cardinals. Colette notice that Lloyd has stop walking she saw that he was gazing at the destroyed human ranch, she went to him while putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Lloyd let's go"

"Huh oh yeah sorry I got lost thinking…."

"About the human ranch"

"Yeah but it's no big deal it's all in the past we stop the Desians and Mithos now it's up to us to get rid of the exspheres"

"Good then let's keep going" she smile at him while he smile back.

They resume their walking after defeating a couple of monsters they were finally out in the field; they saw the village Iselia in the distance. Minutes later they arrived at the village they saw that some of the houses that were burn when the Desians attack have finally been repaired, the people were happy doing their usual daily activities as soon as they saw Lloyd and Colette they wave at them while smiling giving them a good welcome home.

"Welcome back Colette and Lloyd" a villager said kindly.

"It's good to be back" Lloyd said.

"Lloyd let's go to grandmothers house"


They went to Phaidra's house Colette knock on the door, the door open revealing the old woman Phaidra who smile seeing her adoptive granddaughter.

"My dear Colette you're back already and Lloyd welcome please come in"

The two enter the house when they enter they saw Frank Brunel sitting on the table he got up wile waking to them.

"Colette Lioyd welcome back"

"Hello Frank" Lloyd said.

"Hello father"

"If you are here then that means you're going to start your journey to collect all of the exspheres"

"That's right it's time to get rid of them the world will be a lot safer without them" Lloyd said.

"Yes father so why don't you introduce Lloyd to our surprise" Colette said while smiling.

"Why not come Lloyd I want to show you something"

Now Lloyd was really curious to know what it was the big surprise that Colete was talking about he left the house with Frank and Colette close to him, when they reach the middle of the village Lloyd's eyes widened. The villagers were all happy when they show him a caravan with a horse, Lloyd have fially got the idea why they were giving him the caravan.

"Do you like it Lloyd?" Frank said.

"Yeah and let me guess were using this to collect the exspheres right?"

"Of course were talking about hundreds of exspheres you need some transport to carry all of them" Phaidra said.

"Thanks you guys you didn't have to go all this far just for us" Lloyd said sounding embarrassed.

"Lloyd you save us from the Desians and save the world so the least we could do is give you something useful on your journey" a villager said.

"Actually the idea of building a Caravan for you was the mayor's idea" Frank said.

Lloyd was really surprise he never thought that the mayor of Iselia would bother to build him a caravan, after what he did to him in exiling him from the village along with Genis. He thought the mayor hated him for bringing the Desians to the village and having two half elves living in the village, he smile maybe the mayor has finally change his ways about the half elves looks like there is still hope for everyone.

"So the mayor really build the caravan for me" Lloyd said.

"That's right he felt bad for everything that happen and what he did to you looks like he has finally change so he ask us to build the caravan so you can begin your journey" Colette said.

"And also Colette has started helping you in your journey" Phaidra said.

"What do you mean?"

Colette giggle as she took from her pocket two exspheres" here I already found some of them"

"Colette you're amazing where did you find them?"

"I found them near the Iselia human ranch before coming to your house I check everywhere but this were the only ones I found"

"You are starting to help me already Colete I made the right choice in asking you to come with me" Lloyd said with a smile.

"Well looks like you should get going you have a lot of places to go" Frank said.

"Yeah" Lloyd said as he got on the caravan along with Colette" well time to go oh and Frank if you see the mayor tell him thanks"

Frank nodded while everyone started waving goodbye as the caravan left Lloyd was driving the caravan, the caravan left the village heading to the large field. They didn't have to worry about the monsters in the area since they weren't so many and the monsters in this region are very weak it was child's play for Lloyd and Colette. After an hour of traveling they were now on a road, Lloyd knew this road as the road that leads to Iselia region house of salvation. Suddenly they stop as they heard a loud growl from somewhere ahead; they left the caravan as they prepare their weapons Lloyd took his material blade while Colette took her angels halo chakrams, they gasp as they saw the monster landing in front of them it was a giant monster color green with long claws and sharp teeth's it's eyes were glowing red. The two were surprise to see this monster after traveling everywhere from Sylvarant to Tethealla they thought they have seen all kinds of monsters but they have never seen this one before, the monster made a loud growl while the two teens stood their ground.

"What is that thing?" Lloyd said.

"I don't know I haven't seen it in professors Sage's monster book it must be a new species" Colette said.

"Great we have no choice but to fight"

(Battle sequence music Tales of Symphnoia soundtrack the struggle to survive)

Lloyd charge at him swinging his swords while the monster block his attacks with its claws, Colette charge using stardust cross the rain of stars hit the monster giving Lloyd the advantage to attack. He swung his swords while using a combo of sonic thrust with fierce demon fang and hunting beast, the monster fell on the ground but it got back to his feet quickly. Before Lloyd charge at him the monster fire a powerful ray from its mouth, he dodge it the same with Colete activating her angel wings Lloyd charge again with his swords but the monster block all of his attacks he couldn't believe it he hasn't broke its guard yet. The monster swung one of his claws hitting Lloyd sending him a few feet away, Colette went to him while using ray thrust and ring whirlwind hitting the monster.

Lloyd got up watching Colette fighting the monster then it hit him (of course why I didn't think about it before the magic lens) he took a magic lens (looks like this is my last one this is an emergency we need to see what's its weakness) he activated the lens seeing while gazing at the monster but he found no data on it no elemental weakness no name no origin.

Lloyd was shock (I don't believe it the magic lens can't get any information on it damn it this is not good we have to do something)

Colete attack the monster with her chakrams and use a combo with ray thrust ring whirlwind and torrential para ball, the monster was hit but was still standing she couldn't believe it was still standing. The monster was about to fire another powerful ray but Colette use her wings to fly away from the monster she took Lloyd avoiding the attack, the monster made a fierce growl while the two teens were getting tire even as strong as they were it seems the monster was even stronger.

"Lloyd what are we going to do?" Colette said worry.

"We have no choice we have to hit him hard you know what to do Colette"

The blond nodded and Lloyd charge at it again faster than before, the monster block all of his attacks but he manage to make a guard break on it. Colette started casting judgment her strongest angel spell, Lloyd attack the monster with a tiger blade follow by pshi tempest once he finish his technique he kept his distance waiting for Colette to finish casting the spell. His eyes widened as the monster was about to fire another powerful ray.


From the sky powerful rays of light fell like rain hitting the monster, however he was still standing and Lloyd prepare to attack again.

(I knew he was going to be alive so it's time to finish him off)

He charge again at the monster and this time his he activate his angel wings his material blade merge into one powerful sword the Eternal sword, the monster was hit by the powerful shockwaves as Lloyd prepare to swing the mighty blade.


Lloyd cut the monster with the mighty sword cutting it half slowly it began to vanish the battle was finally over, Colette smile as she went to him when suddenly a blue hole appear in front of the two and started sucking them in like a vacuum. Noishe who was hiding during the battle because he was afraid of the monster stood hiding behind the bush, he helplessly watch as its master and friend were trying to escape from the powerful vortex.

"Lloyd I….I can't fly the pressure is too strong were going to get sucked in"

"I know just hold on I'll think of something (hopefully)"

"What is that thing?"

"I think it must be some kind of portal it must've happened when I used the Eternal sword"

"But the Eternal sword controls time and space meaning that portal……" she trailed off as Lloyd lost his grip on her and she fell into the vortex.

"NO COLETTE" he shouted desperately but he also lost his grip and was suck into vortex.

The vortex vanish and Noishe came only to find the whole field empty he howl in pain not seeing his master and friend, just like that Lloyd and Colete were gone.

To be continued

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