Something Real

Lost in everything she trusts
Still can't seem to get enough
- The Silence, Mayday Parade

He tries to make her see that they could really have something together. Something real. He flirts with her and he offers her a smile every time he catches her looking at him and he silently promises her everything.

Whether its a promise he can keep or not, he doesn't know, but if she'll let him he'll try. He'll try harder than he's tried before in his life. That is how important she is to him.

But despite his advances, she continues to brush him off, a sad smile on her lips, an apology almost. To take that step with him, to try a relationship, is a change that has heavy consequences and he can tell those thoughts weigh on her decision. When it comes down to it, it's simple. She is scared.

She's afraid to move forwards but she won't let go of the piece of his heart she has somehow attached herself to.

And he? He is doomed.

What does a guy do when the girl of his dreams won't take a chance on him?

He's clueless how to answer that.