Better Days

She often finds herself daydreaming of better days, better days with Robin.

They'd had so much together, so much love, before he'd gone to the Holy Land. It feels like forever ago but really it's only been three or so years.

They had spent entire days back then doing as they pleased. Together. With no threat of impending doom to worry about if they were discovered.

It had all been so easy and so simple. It had been a dream.

They had been together and were in the strongest sense of the word, lovers.

Now, she doesn't know what they are.

In the years gone by, things had changed. The space between them had grown and she doesn't know her place anymore in Robin's life and even to some extent, her own.

Too much has come and gone to just slip back into their old lives, never mind the danger they'd both be in if that were to happen.

She usually ends up with a headache thinking about it all and so every so often lets her worries fade away to allow her fantasies to surface. It's the only way she can convince herself that what they're doing now is worth the distance between them.

They're fighting for more of the better days they'd once shared.