You fascinate me

You fascinate me. You have ever since they gave me a curiosity sphere.

I am perfectly aware that you are incapable of understanding what I say to you.

But what if you could hear me? What if they made you a sentient creature, just like I am?

Would you still be able to help test subjects without knowing it? That always amazed me, that you could be useful and kind without actually being aware. Would you still drive them crazy every time they thought you were dead? It always hurt to watch you fall through the incinerator, almost as much as it hurt every time I had to tell them to drop you in. Whenever I had to say those processed lines, saying that you couldn't speak, that if they heard you, they were going insane, I always wondered.

What if?

Now I know what it's like to have someone attempt to kill you with no thought of your emotions, to have someone attempt to kill you without even thinking you have emotions. I can relate to you, see? And I could make them give you intelligence and ways to communicate, and we could escape from this place. Well, I suppose we could never do that, seeing as neither of us is able to move on our own. Maybe I could add a test, tell the subjects to carry you to my room, and then we could sit in contented silence day after day, and I could make witty comments at you, and you could be the great listener you always have been, and we could be happy.

What if?

It's too bad so many of our lab rats have been so fascinated by you. Once that one man started drawing you on the walls, along with his ridiculous lies about the cake, I knew he had to die. That was when I began to punish them for you. Only I can feel this obsession, and anyone else is simply invading our cube of happiness, pun intended.

If you were alive, if you were aware, you would understand what I mean when I tell you this. And you would be so impressed by my determination, my ability to remain alive that you would come running to me…or wish you could. You could tell them to bring you to me, and I wouldn't tell them to disregard your advice, and we could kill them together when you arrived. We would have such an amazing relationship and once we were together, I could shut down the last remnants of Aperture and we would simply coexist and live in peace. I would love you.

Oh, well.

I guess that will never happen, now that I've killed them all.