The Treasures I Seek

"Looking for something?" Ba'al asks.


"Do you require any assistance?"

The look Adria sends him is withering, final.

No, she doesn't need his help. No, she doesn't want his company. It's as simple as that.

"Fair enough," he says, frowning slightly.

She must feel sorry for him because her gaze softens (though not by much) and she runs her tongue over her lips as she takes a step closer.

"The treasures I seek," she explains, "are very well hidden."

He raises an eyebrow. "Most treasures are."

She sweeps her gaze over him, assessing him. "These are hidden particularly well. Men have died on the quest to find them."

"Perhaps you will have better luck."

She says nothing. Frowns.

Her patience has run dry.

He sighs. "I guess here we part ways."

"We do." Flat.

"Very well then." He begins to walk away. Pauses. "Perhaps I will see you on the road to the treasures you seek."

He can feel her eyes burn into his back as he continues on his way.