First Day Of School

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"I want you all to step up here and tell us a bit about yourselves." Mr Porter said, grinning sheepishly as he patted a high wooden stool at the front of the classroom.

"Renesmee Cullen?" He said, looking at me, an evil glint in his shallow, yellow eyes.

"Yes, sir." I said, standing up in one swift movement, and wondering what I was actually going to say. How do you tell a class full of children that your parents are eighteen?

"Start, by introducing yourself. What's your mother called? Where about do you live?" I swallowed, I wasn't exactly good at acting.

"Well, my family are originally American, but we moved to England a couple of months ago. I live with my grandfather, grandmother, uncles and aunts. And my parents." I stopped, wondering if I had said enough.

"What are your parents names?" Mr Porter asked. Should I just tell him? I thought, luckily I thought quickly, so hopefully no one would notice I had paused.

"My parents names are Bella and Edward." I looked at the teacher again, why was he doing this?

"What do they do for a living? Come on Nessie, you're usually so good in English." I scowled at Mr Porter. My parents went to high school!

"My dad's a doctor." I said unthinkingly, I guess Edward would be able to pose as one if need be.

"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" He probed, the class sat, seemingly intrigued in my bizarre life.

"Err.. Yes I do. They're adopted though. Not my parents, but they are related, we look pretty similar." I said, thinking of Elizabeth and Rory in their junior classes. "You see, after me, my mum and dad couldn't have any other kids. So, we adopted, but we're all pretty much family now." I said, the words tumbling out of my mouth. One of the most truthful statements I had ever said to humans.

"Okay. Has anyone got any questions for Ms Cullen?" Mr Porter asked, a dozen hands were flung in the air. I sighed.

"Wait, your adopted siblings are Elizabeth and Rory?" Jack asked, his small, freckly face scrunched up in confusion. This was when I wished I had dad's skill.

"Yeah. They are like my real aunts mums cousins twice removed kids." I said, hoping to stop the flood of questions.

"But you look so similar." Jack stated, looking at me accusingly. Of course we looked similar. The same, alabaster pale faces, bruise like shadows under our eyes. All amazingly beautiful. How could he not wonder?

"My whole family looks similar." I said, looking at Jack right in the eye. Making him look away, blushing.

"Why did you move from America?" Jess asked me, pouting as the class turned to look at her. It must have been obvious that I didn't want to answer any more questions.

"We didn't like it." I fumbled about in my brain for excuses.

"America is beautiful." Jess argued. I sighed impatiently.

"I am entitled to my own opinion Jess." I said, getting a bit annoyed with her.

"So, thank you Nessie for letting us into your life." Mr Porter murmured, gesturing for me to sit down again.

I took my place at the back of the classroom, thanking God that mum, dad, and everyone else didn't go to the same high school as me.

"Hey Nessie." A boy whom I hadn't met patted my arm unthinkingly.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"I was wondering, whether you maybe, wanted to, like, go out sometime?" I frowned. Why me? Why did everyone ask me? Was it because I was new? I had to ask.

"Why?" I said. Uh-oh I had knocked his already shaking confidence, he looked as if he was about to burst into tears.


"Well, why does everyone keep asking me?" I said, hoping I didn't sound too vain. I failed.

"Because, you're like, like, the like, most beautiful girl in the like, entire world." He blushed a deep scarlet, and looked at the floor. Was I pretty? Not as pretty as my mum, or Rosalie. Cor, these kids should meet Rose!

"Well?" He probed. What do you say to that?

"Hang on. Erm.. I don't think I'm, allowed." I said, thinking hard on the spot.

"Oh. Yeah." He said and turned away. That was odd I thought as English properly began. Well, I wasn't spotty like the rest of these adolescent kids. But I always thought I was quite plain, brown ringlet curly hair, brown eyes and pale skin. Since when was that attractive?

"Daydreaming, Ms Cullen?" Mr Porter asked me. What was this school? Who was he? The police?

"No sir." I said.

"Well, would you like to tell me, as I just said, five facts about Shakespeare." I sighed, and rattled off at least ten that Grandpa had told me, which seemed to make Mr Porter rethink whatever he was about to say.

"Very good." He choked, and proceeded back to the front of the classroom.

"You showed him." Whispered Jack. Showed him what? After that many kids turned around and smiled, or gave me the thumbs up. Why? What had i done? I didn't understand high school at all.


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