Soz I haven't written in awhile. So Jacob's dead, Rose (Edward's sister) killed him because she saw Edward and Jake fighting. Also, Nessie just found an envelope with an invitation to the Ball inside, and thinks that Sam (her friend/love interest) sent it to her. The invite told her to meet her mystery man in the school corridor near the ballroom the day before the actual dance. Enjoy!

Time went painfully slowly until Friday, when I was supposed to meet the mystery boy of my dreams (who was obviously Sam). I didn't know who else it could be, I had a nagging thought that it could be some loser like Max, but I tried to ignore that thought completely, and focused on what I was going to wear.

Friday came along finally, and I pulled on the grey dress that I had been planning to wear for ages. The ball was tomorrow, and so I wanted to look nice in case Sam would change his mind about me.

I didn't say anything to mum or dad, and thought about watermelons and other incredibly boring fruits whilst dad read my mind (I could tell when he was reading and when he wasn't now).

'Honey, where are you off to?' Mum asked, looking at my dress and made-up face. She looked paler than usual (if that's possible) and her eyes seemed to be popping out of their sockets. I felt sad for her, but then I felt worse for dad, who never cared much for Jacob anyway. There was some history there, but I had never been told it. All I knew was that once Jacob kissed her... when I heard this I wouldn't talk to Jacob or my mother for days to come. It's weird.

'Just to school, quickly. It's the dance tomorrow and I thought I might go... I have to, er, meet my friend.' I said, pretending to look okay. Mum looked at me pityingly and patted my head in an annoying, patronising way. I suddenly felt angry, really angry. She was always thinking that we were just so similar she wanted me to be her! And I wasn't! Why couldn't I just tell her that?

'That's not true, Nessie!' Argh, Jeez, I should have kept my thoughts on guard whilst dad was around.

'You know, dad, you don't always have to do that! It's bloody annoying and you don't even have to! I'm just going out, and everybody else my age does to so what's the big deal?' I screamed, suddenly not being able to control my rage anymore.

'Hormones.' Dad said. That was it. I stormed out of the cottage with tears overflowing from my eyes. When I turned around all I could see was my mother at the door.

'You've never wanted to talk about what happened, Nessie. I can see how hard it has been for you, but you can't take your anger out on me and your father.' Damn, stupid vampire hearing. She only whispered it but it was as clear as crystal for me to understand half a mile away. And it only made me feel guilty for yelling.

I ignored her though, and continued to school, trying to pretend that I didn't have stupid butterflies in my stomach.

I finally arrived at school, and dashed to the hallway near where the ball was going to be held. There was no-one there. It instantly crossed my mind that this was all a joke and Sam was going to be filming me, and then post it onto the internet. Oh, how I would kill him.

Suddenly, I heard a noise. It was a cough. A pathetic, little, human cough. I could also smell the person who stood behind me, and it was not Sam.

'Max?' yelled, and then groaned. Max looked pretty intimidated and nervous, but I couldn't help but be outrageously disappointed. Of course it would be him.

'Hi, Nessie. I wasn't sure you would show.'

'Well, curiosity won again.' I muttered curtly.

'Yeah. I guess so. So, er, Nessie. I was just, like, wondering, if, like, you... er, wanted to go to that thing tomorrow.' He was sweating like a pig, and I wasn't helping but standing there with my back arched. I was going for the look that suggested I was about to pounce at any moment. Max even looked, dare I say it, scared.

'Go where, Max?'

'Did you not get the invite?'

'I was hoping it was a joke'.

'Ha... ha ha. You're funny. I know why everyone likes you. But, Nessie, I like you more! More than that Sam guy!'

'What has Sam got to do with this?' I grunted, leaning against the wall and slowly slipping down it to the floor.

'He... were you a, couple?'

'If you thought I was with Sam then why'd you send the invitation?' This made Max look even more nervous. He laughed an embarrassingly fake laugh and his smell became more repulsive and disgusting as he sweated.

'He... he told me to...'

'Fat chance,' I said sarcastically, wrapping my arms around my knees.

'Yeah, he did, he said that you would want to go with me, and not with him. That's the only reason I did this, he told me that you and him were never an item.'

'Damn straight.' I muttered angrily to the floor. Suddenly, I caught the scent of a Miss Rose Masen. It kept darting around, and I leapt up from my self-pitying position on the floor.

'Woah, Nessie you look crazy,' Max said, backing away from me slowly, with one hand out in front of him as if that would protect him from me.

I couldn't blame him, my eyes must have shone with anger, and I started inhaling air through my nose as if I actually needed it to live.

'Rose?' I said, as calmly as I could. There was no reply.

'Nessie, what are you doing?' Max said, daring to take one step forward toward me.

'Rose? I know you are here!' I screamed, my eyes darting all around me, trying to find a glimpse of her. Why was she here? How could she dare to be?

'Who's Rose!' Max yelled, tears pricking his eyes. He was terrified. I ignored him as I paced up and down the hall. As I got to the door, Rose jumped down in front of me.

'Why are you here?' I whispered, the anger inside me was too passionate to come out in my voice.

'Nessie... I'm so sorry!' She exclaimed in her beautiful voice.

'Why are you here?' I repeated, confused out of my mind.

'Nessie, who is she? She shouldn't be in the school,' Max's monotone voice came from behind me.

'I came... to apologise.' She hung her head with shame. It didn't make me feel any better.

'We had a whole life together. We loved eachother. We were going to get married!'

'What?' Max exclaimed. He was really getting on my nerves.

'Max, get out of here.' I said, but it was his turn to ignore me.

'I know, I know. But how was I supposed to know that he meant anything to you lot? Edward was fighting him, and he was getting hurt! I was merely protecting my brother! I couldn't stop once I had started, I didn't know what it would cause! I thought I was helping! I'm so, so, sorry!'

'Yeah, well, you being sorry doesn't change what happened.' I muttered, glaring at her. She looked down at me with hard, cold eyes. They were flat black, and she came closer to me, and gripped my arm.

'You don't understand. I just got my brother back in my life, I wasn't about to have him killed by some... some...' - she glanced at Max - 'some idiot.' As she spoke she unintentionally gripped my arm harder and harder, until I let out a high-pitched scream. She let go immediately, and stood back, shocked at what she was capable of. Max rushed forward to (try to) scare Rose away and help me.

'Nessie! Nessie are you alright?' He was getting on my last nerve, and I forgot that he was completely human for a second. I turned around and pushed him away, with enough force so that he was shot against the wall. He yelled as his arm began to bleed red, crimson blood, and Rose disappeared.

'Max! Max! I'm so sorry! I didn't know I was that strong! I am just so angry with her! I'm so sorry!' I stopped breathing as I awkwardly patted him on the shoulder as he clasped his arm. I rang Carlisle immediately, and I sat with Max until he arrived.

'I'm so sorry, how can I make it up to you?' I murmured, swallowing the guilt I felt pathetically.

'It's fine, Nessie. But, I dunno, you could let me take you to the dance?' He grinned as I grimaced, but I obliged. Yes, tomorrow something is happening that I never thought would. I am going to the Winter Wonderland Ball with a human. A greasy, weedy, sweaty (but otherwise okay) human. Yay.