It is a well known fact, at least to those who inclined towards fantasy, that the Fae are far more in tune to nature than mortals. They have a connection to the land and creatures which inhabit it, there for are more understanding and tolerant. At least for most Fae.

Jareth on the other hand….

"I would stop laughing if I were you, Sarah." Jareth swatted again at his head, and again it did nothing. Sarah had, after two years of marriage, finally gotten her husband to agree to go on a picnic Aboveground. It was summer, and quite warm and breezy. The leaves rustled gently in the slight wind, the tall flowers bowed. The clouds floated slowly across the creamy blue sky in random patterns. Birds were singing, and children could be heard laughing not far off from the small clearing in which the two were reclining. Everything would have been perfect; would have been enjoyable had it not been for one little thing…

"Oh really Jareth, stop fussing. It is only a butterfly!" The corners of Sarah's lips spread wide as she watched her husband try, unsuccessfully, to swat the tiny yellow creature from his hair.

Ever since the two had settled down to eat Jareth been assaulted, if he was to be believed, by all creatures great and small. Or actually by all manner of butterfly. This particular one had taken such a liking to the Goblin King that it thought to take residence upon his head. This of course did not settle well with the fae.

It was not that it had chosen that particular area to rest, but more the incessant giggling coming from his young wife, who had promptly remarked that the fluttery little creature looked more like a hair bow than anything else.

"Yes, and while I do indulge as any Fae in image enhancement, I do NOT wear hair bows. And I do not appreciate made to look like I do." Jareth's normally smirking face was set in a deep scowl, causing of course Sarah to giggle even more. He looked so serious, and yet so silly.

"Come off it Jareth, 'image enhancement,' it's called makeup! You wear makeup, tights too!" The scowl deepened.

"Call it what you will, that is perfectly natural for a Fae. Mostly one in my position. This on the other hand! I assure you that this is anything from normal!" Sarah coughed slightly as she tried to calm herself. She knew Jareth was a bit sensitive about his appearance. It, she had realized a while back, was typical behavior from Fae. Mostly the males.

"What about your cousin Ceri? I do remember that at our wedding he wore a rather large white lace ribbon tied back into his hair, and just last week when he visited he wore one of red velvet." Jareth just glared.

"Yes, well Ceri is rather…peculiar. Always has been, he takes things a bit too far. But other than him no male fae would be caught dead with a bow in their hair." He shook his head wildly finally dislodging the persistent little creature.

"Well now, the butterfly has left so there is no more need to whine about it." Jareth smoothed out his long hair and returned his mouth to his normal smirk.

"I do not whine, I merely inform. Now if you have finished I think I have had about enough of picnicking.

"Shall we go?" Standing Jareth extended his hand to his wife helping her to her feet.

"Of course. And Jareth, thank you for taking me. I do appreciate it." With a soft smile he whisked Sarah away completely unaware of the three little yellow butterflies that clung to the back of his hair.

Sarah thought it best not to mention them this time.


Author's Note: Ok very random I know, but last night while I was reading there was a little ladybug that decided that it liked my Jareth doll a bit too much and refused to get off of his hair. And I had this idea. Hope everyone got at least a little giggle from it.