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"Beeeeeeeeeeeep, Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep"

A young woman was roused into consciousness by her rather loud alarm clock. Dark brown eyes scanned the room. Her eyes settled on the nuisance that awakened her from her peaceful slumber, still singing its unwanted song.

Kicking off her dark blue covers, she dragged her groggy form from the bed. She reached over to the clock and turned it off, fighting the urge to break it into a million pieces. The room was flooded by much desired silence.

The room was dark but enough light came through the tightly shut blinds to allow her to see. Grabbing a pair of jeans that lay carelessly folded on her desk chair, she pulled them on. She then picked up her brush and headed into the bathroom. Turning on the light as she entered, the small room came into view. Her hands traveled up and down her hair brushing it out. Pulling the rest of the dark, reddish brown, waist length mass over her shoulder she brushed out the ends.

After finishing her morning rituals, she stood in front of the mirror once more. She had on a black t-shirt that was slightly too big, with jeans that went the entire length of her long legs and covered the tops of her beat up sneakers. Part of her long hair was draped over her shoulder the rest of it clung to her back almost touching the top of her jeans.

Her inspection was interrupted by a purring kitten nudging her leg. Bending down she picked up her pet and brought her into the kitchen. Where she filled up a dish with the cats breakfast. A few moments after she set the animal down it bowed and hissed in the direction of the door.

The woman crept to the door silently. Her cell phone then began to vibrate on the kitchen table, startling her. Seeing nothing unusual she turned back to the kitchen taking one last glance to the door.


"Hey it's me. Where are you, we're all waiting?"

"Sorry, I'm leaving now."

Grabbing her keys, she started for her car. Her fingers touched the doorknob, but never turned it.

A black clad figure had her subdued with a gloved hand over her mouth. Her breath turned shallow as he spoke in a deep monotone voice.

"You're coming with me"