AN:// This song was inspired by the Song "Last Call" by Lee Anne Womack after a crazy all nighter on Friday where I ended up listening to CMT, which is really strange since I don't really listen to country. But I liked this, and thought that I could do some J/B damage. So for those of you pro-jake, don't read. READ SECOND AN.

DISCLAIMER:// I always forget to put this. I am in no way or form Stephanie Mayer or Lee Anne Womack. I do not own "Last Call" or any of the Twilight series. I'm just borrowing them for a while. I'll give them back. Eventually. : )

It's two in the morning when the phone rings. I look at my caller ID and I can feel my heart flip in my chest, to see the familiar number. His number. It's the first time I've really been happy in two weeks. And it kills me.

"I recognized your number

It's burned in my brain

Felt my heart beating faster

Every time it rang

Some things never change

That's why I didn't answer"

I met Jake my Sophomore year of college and at first things were great. We were great.

Totally in love. Head over heels.

"I bet you're in a bar

Listening to a country song

Glass of Johnny walker red

With no one to take you home"

And then I started hearing rumors.

And had suspicions.

He was working later.

Went out with his friends more.

Drank more. Without me.

He decided that we needed space.

"They're probably closing down

Saying 'No more alcohol'

I bet you're in a bar

'cause I'm always your last call"

I go days, weeks sometimes without seeing or hearing from him. And then I get a call at two in the morning. "I love you baby, I'm sorry I've been so stupid. Take me back. Baby I still love you. Please, baby…" and like that I do.

"I don't need to check that message

I know what it says

'Baby I sill love you'

Don't mean nothing when there's

Whisky on your breath

That's the only love I get

So if you're calling"

Only to find that he doesn't mean it in the morning when the whisky's worn off. What's worse is that the in the time between these two am calls I'm miserable. I can barely function. I live for these calls at two a.m. and still they hurt more than anything else. Because I know that in all the time I've been miserable without him, he's out without other girls. Sleeps with them, loves them, and never not once does he ever think of me until Last Call and there's no one else is able to come get him.

"I bet you're in a bar

Listening to a cheating song

Glass of Johnny walker red

With no one to take you home"

I'm the one to get him when he's failed trying to pick up girls for the night.

"They're probably closing down

Saying 'No more alcohol'

I bet you're in a bar

Cause I'm always you last"

And I take him home and love him with everything inside me.

He smells like whiskey and rolls over and sleeps it off after he's finished.

"Call me crazy but

I think maybe

We've had your last call"

I know I can't do this anymore. But those words haunt me every time.

"Baby, I still love you…"

This time, it's Emmett who calls. He's a friend of mine from the old bar Jake and I used to go to all the time. He's a nice guy who knows to call me when Jake is too drunk to drive. I tell him I'll be there in half and hour.

"I bet you're in a bar

It's always the same old song

That Johnny walker red

By now its almost gone"

A large part of me wants this to be like every other time he's called. To hope that maybe it'll be different this time, that maybe hell come back to me and love me like he used to. But the other part, the smaller part, wins over and forces me to make this the last time. I have to end this, get my closure, and end this. I'll drop him off at his place and leave him a note for the morning. I need to move on and live my life, a life without him.

"But baby, I won't be there,

To catch you when you fall

I bet you're in a bar

'Cause I'm always your last call"

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