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Summary: Alice is the new girl in a small town called Forks. She has moved from the big city of New York City. Does she fall for a guy she hardly knows? What happens if she does? Read and find out! Involves Vampire and Humans!

Disclaimer: I Do NOT own Twilight Or any Characters. I OWN Jared, Lilly, Misty, and Ella.

Name: Light and Dark

Characters: Alice, Jasper, Bella, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jared, Lilly, Misty, Ella. MORE TO COME

Pairings: Alice& Jasper, Bella & Edward, Rosalie & Emmett. MORE TO COME

Rating: T

Rated For: Language, Some Blood, & Some bad content

Chapter: 1

Chapter Name: Who Is This?

Italics: Peoples Thoughts

Underline: Writing

Bold: --None In This Chapter--

…:*Chapter 1*:…

..:'*Who Is This?*':..

Alice P.O.V

"Mom, I don't have to go! I can stay if you want me!" I said patting my crying mothers back mother's back.

"No, no. Go. Misty and Lilly can help me out. Jared is dying to see you." She said. My little twin sisters, Lilly and Misty, were hugging me. My thoughts drifted to Jared, my dad, and remembered I was going to see him.

"Flight 67 to Seattle, Washington is now boarding," someone said speaking through an intercom.

"That's me. Bye! I love you. I'll call as soon as I land! Promise!" I said giving my mom a kiss on the cheek and hugging my sisters.

"Bye, Alice!" they said in harmony as I walked to the gate.

..*On The Plane*..

I found my seat. No one was sitting in the row I thought I was lucky, but just as I sat down in the window seat, someone tapped my shoulder.

"Yes?" I asked. I turned my head to see the person. It was a beautiful woman with brown hair and gold eyes.

"Hi!" she replied cheerfully. "My name is Bella!"

"Alice," I said. Then added. "Where are you going?"

"Oh, just this little place called Forks." she replied.

"Really? I am too!" I said too excited.

"Cool." She said. "Are you going there by yourself?"

"Yeah. Are you?" I asked.

"Yes, but my brother is picking me up. Do you have a ride there?" she said.

"No. Im planning on calling a cab." I said staring out the window.

We started to go off the ground when she said, "Oh. Do you want a ride? My brother will gladly."

"Um," I thought about it and then said in a cheerful voice, "Sure!"

The rest of the ride was slow. Bella had fallen asleep, even though I felt as if she could hear me. I put my I-pod on and it started to play Boondocks. I started to sing softly looking out the window. We were flying over nothing but green. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder as I got to the chorus of the song. I looked over and saw Bella smiling.

"Did you hear?" she asked.

"Um, no," I said blushing a little.

"Well, were going to land in about a half hour," she said still smiling.

"Oh. Cool. Bella can I ask you something?"

"Sure, Alice! What do you want to know?" She said. Her eyes were full of curiosity.

"What does your brother look like? And what's his name?" I asked. Her smile came back.

"I don't have a picture right now of him. But you couldn't miss him. Oh and his name is Jasper." She said.

"Oh," Was all I could say. I thought his name. Jasper.-sigh- He must be beautiful. I then mentally slapped myself. I was falling for a guy I didn't know.

When the plane landed I followed Bella. She found our bags in record time and we were off to find her brother. As we walked she looked like she blanked out. Soon she said,

"This way, Alice."

I followed as we turned left. Soon she set her bags down and yelled, "Jasper!"

\The man who had honey blond hair looked over to us and laughed as Bella attacked him with a hug. "Hey Bells."

"Alice! Come here," She commanded. I did as I was told. Jasper looked at me and smiled. Then asked, "Who is this?"

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