Helloo there people, this is a good ole' challenge fic to the word "Broken" by the fab players of Endiku07's challenge!

Although i've gotta' say writing it is easy...

100 words...not so much

WARNING: language and LImp-ness cos i'm feeling low on some Sammy time...

Summary: Set season 3, for challenge word 'Broken'. Sam and Dean, their account on Broken bones and bonds- multi-chapter for multi-length challenge fic ideas...:D cos im that awkward, LIMP Sammy and protective Dean.

Disclaimer: Cows wear tights and ghosts play poker, you really think i own that much goodness of the boy's and their crew...nope, nada, nill.

Any questions?... Wanna' play? Pm Endiku07 and check out the other players, seriously the stuff them lot come up with- even Yellow Eye's would be speechless...

Basically this is a Sammy whammy and Dean's looking out, bless...however slight relevence to season 4, although no spoilers

THANKS! to those who know I always break the one rule we have, sorry to dissapoint, again...but there's lengthier versions...:D

And ofcourse, to Courts the one and only AMAZING gal in the world, cos fate has given her a hurricane hail storm of shit latley x


Bonding more than just broken bones...




"Dean, forget it...it's over"

Strong hands pulled Sam back to face him. Stern gaze, set jaw, Sam tensed, then sighed, wincing.

"The way you looked at me tonight...i'm not a freak Dean, you've always said that"

"Your not" Dean stepped back, defiant.

"A picture says a thousand words. That look was enough...look I don't wanna' talk about it"

Sam cradled his left side and left Dean behind.

"You should get that looked at" Dean called, flustered.

Sam stopped and turned, his brow creased, he pulled out his gun and threw it to Dean.

"I didn't kill him. Check it..." Voice raw, eye's puffy.

The motel door slammed, Dean leant back against chevrolet metal.

He emptied the chamber.


And a broke heart...