Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Bella POV

I sat in biology class listening to the teacher go on and on about mitosis. I was so bored it wasn't even funny. The seat next to me was always vacant now-a-

days because my old lab partner Jason Rocks left at the beginning of the term. The door to the class opened and in came the receptionist.

She walked to Mr. Mikinz desk to speak to him about something I assumed. She spoke in a low voice—too low to eavesdrop. Mr. Mikinz was frowning now. What

she must have said seemed to upset him. Most of the class were watching them by now. If you attended West Bloomfield high school AKA the home of the Lakers

a distraction was always appreciated. She then bustled hurriedly out of the class. "Well class." Mr. Mikinz said in his deep voice once the receptionist was out of

sight. "It seems a Mister and Miss Cullen will be joining us tomorrow so please try to behave yourselves." He was staring in Lauren Mallory's direction when he

said this.

Most of the class snickered. It wasn't every day Miss Head cheerleader got told off. Since she was popular she acted like she was a queen and all the rest of us were her slaves so only she had the right to speak. She glared at the teacher with disgust and the teacher glared back then he went back to his speech.

I felt like slapping Lauren but with the amount of makeup she applied I doubted she would feel it. She was apparently pretty-snort-to most of the guys here so even if I could slap her I'd have to face the whole male populace. Honestly I found my long wavy brown hair, big brown eyes and creamy white skin more attractive than her unnatural blonde hair, slanted blue eyes and fake tan skinned. I knew it was fake because in gym I accidentally bumped into her and when I looked down at my shirt it was stained with brown smudges. Everyone had bursted into laughter of course but they quickly gained composure when they saw the look on Lauren's face. She was furious. I continued to stare dejectedly out the window whilst the teacher spoke…

When the bell rang I jumped up, packed my things and was out of the door in a flash. I had lunch so I ran to the cafeteria to go join my friends.

When I entered I half ran half walked to the line. I got an apple, lemonade and mashed potatoes then went to our table. I ate while I waited for my friends.

I saw the distinct figure of Sage Larensee. He felt my staring and turned around to see who it was. I beamed at him. He waved then continued to pick a very wide selection of food for him to eat. I got out a note book and started doodling while I waited for the others.

"Hi." I heard Nikki greet me. "Hey girl! What's up?" I greeted her cheerfully. Nikki was my best friend. "Nothing. Couch Stanley kept up in late because stupid Jessica refused to play we ended up running laps." She grimaced.

Nikki was a tall, tanned girl with big lips and brown eyes. Jessica Stanley was one of Lauren's minions. "Aw! You'll survive!" I joked. She muttered something that sounded like 'You sure?' That was so like Nikki. I playfully hit her shoulder.

"Yes I'm sure." Sage finally came over to us carrying a tray that looked like it could feed a small village. "Sage if you actually shared your food there wouldn't be world hunger." I joked. He laughed. "Well too bad for the world I'm not sharing." He joked. "Where's Makayla?" he asked.

I shook my head. "No idea." Just then Makayla hurried in running towards us with a brown paper bag. She had a thing with school food. "Oi!" she called. She sat down panting. "Hi guys." She said out of breath. Makayla was a light skinned, blonde haired and hazel eyed Australian girl.

"Hey Makay." I greeted her. "What's up?" She grinned mischieviously at me. "Oh nothing. Just thought I'd properly greet the kids tomarrow." she said with a wink. I instantly understood. She was planning to greet them with a good ole fashion welcome-to-the-school nuggie. I stared at her with horror. "What did they ever do to you?" I asked. She laughed and Sage joined in. "Nothing just thought I'd greet them the proper way."

Nikki was staring at Makayla with admiration. "Under all the pressure they put us under you still remmember the legendary school greeting." she said apreciatively. I was going to laugh but held it in. No need to feed in to their little pranks.

"Well you can do what you want. But i will not be a part of this!" I said firmly. They both stared at me with disbelief clear in their eyes. Sage had a similar expression but add the stuffed mouth and hand holding a chicken leg. It was halarious.

"You can't be serious!" Sage exclaimed before the girls could start with me. "Are you sure you're feeling all right? C'mon Bells!" I rolled my eyes at him. Talk about melo-dramatic.