A|So after watching HSM3 and watching Shrpay get kicked to the currbb i decided to do the whole new ending.

So in my story, Troy did go after Gabby he did find her but the two decided to NOT continue the relationship so he is going to UNC (universty of North Carliona for Basketball) He just didnt tell any one!

Also Sharpay didnt get Julliard, Kelsi and Ryan did and everything up too the whole spring musical happened and it stops so NO! graduation.

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So the titly Lyte as a Rock comes from a song. It was used in Love and Basketball (great movie) and it is what I am usuing for the story so.

Ahh the chapter names! Notice I am usuing quarters because in basketaball their are four 16 mintue quarters or two thrity two mintue halfs. Just so you know!

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Do you understand the metaphoric phrase 'Lyte as a Rock?'
It's explaining, how heavy the young lady is

"Ahh. Mr. Evans congratulations on your acceptance" Mrs. Darbus glowed and hugged her formal student. Ryan humbly bowed his head and mumbled thanks.

"I was wondering where is Sharpay. I have seemed to" she paused and threw her scarf around her neck, "misplaced her. I needed to discuss something with her."

"Umm" he said scratching his head; he did not know where she went. He and Kelsi had been celebrating their acceptance with each other. Sharpay was the farthest thing from his mind. "I think Troy saw her" he supplied while walking away.

She scanned the crowd and saw all of the Bolton's huddled together taking a picture.

"Excuse my intrusion but my I steal Mr. Bolton for a moment. I need his help with something."

"Of course Mrs. D!" Mr. Bolton said going over to talk to Chad's Dad. Shaking her head at her husband Mrs. Bolton added, "Hurry back son!" she walked over and joined the conversation.

"Sorry to pull you away but have you seen Ms. Evans?" Mrs. Darbus asked hoping he had but her face fell when she saw Troy shake his head no.

She silently tusked, "I know this may sound strange but could you look for her? You know more than anyone knew how important it was for her to get into Julliard and loosing, to two people at that must have taken a toll on her. So if you could look I would appreciate it. Please Troy!" she added hopefully.

"Sure. I'll find you if I find her!" and he ran off to find her.

Pushing through the crowd he went backstage and headed towards her dressing room and paused when he heard a crack noise.

"This is unacceptable Sharpay." He heard Mrs. Evans say. He peeked through the crack in the door and saw Sharpay holding her stinging cheek.

"You lost, again. All the money I've spent lessons, camps, studios, for nothing. You couldn't even get into Julliard and you let the basketball boy and the brainy girl win! AGAIN!" She hollered at Sharpay who cowered in fear.

"I'm sorry mother I tried" she weakly whispered.

"Well sorry isn't going to be enough. Not this time. 2 weeks and I want you out. Out of my house and out of my life. U of A" she paused to scoff, "Acting scholarship. How low can you go?" With that she swiped out of the room holding her sari with Troy just barley ducking out of the way.

Thinking it was the end he almost walked in but stopped when he heard Sharpay brokenly ask, "Daddy?"

"I am so sorry princess. But I can't--" he paused regain his composure. "Sharpay you heard your mother. Two weeks."

"Daddy? Where will I go?" she asked again sobbing.

"I'm so so so sorry. You know your mother." he said again heading to the door.

"Daddy! You can't do this. Please" she pleaded sobbing even harder. She grabbed on to his shirt.

"Sharpay" he said pulling her hands off, "I will still pay for everything. I won't let you be completely cut off! See if you can stay with one of your friends until the fall! I love you princess, remember that. But you mother...you understand don't you?" he asked but when he got a sob he quickly kissed her forehead and walked out of the room.

"Daddy I don't have any friends" she admitted to no one sobbing some more. Her shoulders were fully shaking from the force of the sobs. She was hiccupping from breathing and crying so hard. Troy stepped fully into the dressing room now exposing his self to her.

"Bolton? What are you doing back here?" She hurried to wipe her tears. But it was useless. Her eyes were puffy and red and her cheek was red from the slap.

"How much did you hear?" She whispered not wanting to know the answer.

"They really threw you out?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yeah. No biggie." She said shrugging it off like it was nothing.

"But where will you go? Where will you stay?" he asked more and more questions.

"I have two weeks. I will find someplace to stay." She whispered off.

"Come on. You can stay with me and my parents for now. We just have to tell--"

"NO!" she cut him off. "You can't tell! She will hurt them" she begged as she cried some more.

"I have to." He said looking at her swollen cheek, "Look at your face!"

"No. I'm protecting them. It doesn't hurt anymore. Honest. Just, you can't tell" She pleaded like a 5 year old who got caught for doing something wrong. She was sobbing and grabbing onto his sweater just like she did to her father moments before.

"Mrs. Evans you can stay with us" Mr. Bolton said interrupting them and walking into the room.

"I cant" she stressed again. "I will get in trouble."

"You are coming weather you like it or not." Jack said. He has seen a lot of things in his life before but never did he see a woman hit her child for failing.

"I couldn't impose" she whispered as she backed away a little.

"Now you are just being foolish." He laughed a little, "Just come!"

"But I have to go back. To get my stuff to see if my other letter came" she whispered to him so Troy couldn't hear.

"Letter?" he whispered back.

"I applied late acceptance for UNC." She mumbled playing with her hands.

"Tarheels? They have the one of the best basketball programs in the nation!" he exclaimed raising his voice.

"I know." She said smiling, "that's why I applied."

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