Title: Unheard of

Rating: M

Summary: Grimmjow is cast out of Hueco Mundo after trying to protect a friend. Where has he got left to turn? The sereitei of course. Can Grimmjow handle trying to live like a human while enduring a certain red headed distraction?

Warnings: Yaoi, smut...all that jazz.

Pairings: Mainly Grimmjow/Ichigo. More surprise pairings in later chapters, some crack. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own bleach. Tite Kubo does. Lucky Bastard

Chapter 1: To break

Grimmjow twisted his way through the halls, letting his feet follow the path they had learned to memorize after constant repetition. Unranked arrancar avoided him in every way possible be it diving down staircases or jumping onto the ceiling so they weren't noticed. But, of course, he noticed anyway. He noticed everything. In fact, if the teal haired espada hadn't been in such a good mood, he probably would have killed anything within cero-blasting distance.

But, luckily for the innocent bystanders, it was noon.

Grimmjow passed by Szayel in the hall. Grimmjow and Szayel had a sort of alliance going after Szayel had agreed to take one of the sexta espada's missions when he had gotten a bout of the flu. Aizen never cared if they got sick. Their "lord" hardly cared about them at all. Despite what the unranked arrancars saw, the espada's were in fact pretty friendly with each other.

But, consequently, that alliance shattered after Ilforte died. Szayel always tried so hard to make people believe he hated the older brother that he had surpassed, and it fooled everyone until the night, 3 days after the Grantz's death was announced, Grimmjow had passed by the Octava espada's room and heard him crying. It didn't help that Grimmjow had also made fun of him to save face.

The Octava espada passed by him without a word and Grimmjow shook off the slight irritance that rose up in his throat. He had more important things to do right now than beat up a depressed drag queen.

He padded through the remaining stretch of hall until he reached the door labeled "4". He checked around quickly for anyone around who could question why he was outside Ulquiorra's room, opened the door and slipped in quickly, shutting the door behind him.

Ulquiorra's room wasn't anything special; white walls, plain blue bedspread on a regular double bed that took up about one third of the room, plain desk and bookshelf. The one thing in there that attracted him and the figures sprawled across the bed to come here as opposed to anywhere else was the T.V.

The lights were off in the room but the light from the T.V gave him a clear view of the pair on the bed, his friends.

Nnoitra tore his gaze from the flickering screen long enough to look over at him and grin.

"'Bout time you got here! The emo here and I got tired of waiting so we started the movie without you."

"For the last time, I'm not an emo." The quatros espada muttered, delicately placing a piece of popcorn in his mouth and chewing it carefully, a stark contrast to Nnoitra's grabbing a handful and shoving it in his mouth all at once.

Grimmjow grinned. He looked forward to this every day.

The teal haired espada scrambled onto the bed beside Nnoitra, causing Ulquiorra to hold onto the bowl of popcorn so it didn't tip over.

"What'd I miss?" He said, hoping to frustrate the little espada. He hated people talking during a movie.

Nnoitra smirked. He wanted in on this.

"We're watching fight club. Basically the dude met this other dude and then they beat each other up for fun."


Ulquiorra whipped his head around and glared at them coldly.

"Maybe if you were quiet and listened, you would know."

Grimmjow and Nnoitra shared a triumphant glance and then let their gazes settle on the screen. They didn't know how Tosen had managed to get a television set up all the way out here in Hueco Mundo, or where he got all the movies he lent them, but they decided not to ask questions. Tosen lent them a couple movies a week in exchange for the trio to babysit Wonderweiss on Thursdays.

All three of the espada's lives were very hectic and they rarely saw each other outside the two hours they managed to organize together nearly everyday. There were often reasons they had to cancel their get-togethers. Sometimes they were sent on long missions. Other times they were injured and were busy getting healed.

The trio had to be careful about how they went about organizing this. No one knew about this except for Tosen who stumbled across them playing cards together once a couple months ago. If Aizen found out, they wouldn't be allowed to see each other anymore at all. Tosen carefully explained that their lord would see it as a pending uprising, and for how faux Aizen was, Grimmjow couldn't deny the topic had come up once or twice.

Ulquiorra sighed and switched off the T.V and flicked on his lamp, combing popcorn out of his hair with his fingers as another piece bounced off his forehead.

"Aha! You missed!" Nnoitra cackled as he returned popcorn fire, aiming for Grimmjow's head.

Grimmjow squinted one eye shut and scratched his neck where the kernel had hit.

"How can I possibly finish the DVD with you two firing snacks at my head?" Ulquiorra sighed.

"Sorry Ulqui." Grimmjow smirked as the quatros espada's face darkened at the unfavorable nickname. The teal haired espada shoved the remaining popcorn in his hand into his mouth, barely chewing before swallowing.

"Hey, you two'd better be more careful. You guy's haven't been as rude to each other lately. I think Aizen suspects something." Nnoitra said, taking on a serious tone. "I mean, I like what we've got going on here. I don't want it to be ruined 'cause you two aren't being careful." Ulquiorra crossed his arms.

"I hope you aren't implying what you think you are."

Nnoitra looked at him.

"What? What do you think I'm implying?"

"That if Aizen did find out, you'd do anything but what he commands."

Grimmjow sighed. This is where his two friends differed. Nnoitra wasn't sure of his loyalty to Aizen, and Ulquiorra was nothing but loyal.

The two looked at each other challengingly for a while before he cut in.

"Hey! Guys! Enough already! Geez, if we're careful, we'll never have to deal with that, okay? Now sit down before you make me mad!" he growled.

Ulquiorra studied him, as if deciding whether or not to pull rank on him, before looking away in submittance.

The quatros espada glanced at the clock on his bedside table. There was hardly any sense of time in Hueco Mundo, so Aizen decided it would be easier if they went by human time.

"One thirty..." He muttered to himself. He stood up. "Excuse me, I have a meeting with Aizen now and I'd best not be late."

A flare went off in Grimmjow's head.

"Now? He knows it's your break now!" Grimmjow had always noticed the way Aizen looked at Ulquiorra. As if screwing that Ichimaru bastard wasn't enough. A sense of dread ran up his spine. He knew something was wrong. He'd be damned if that bastard laid a finger on Ulquiorra. God or not.

Ulquiorra gazed at him coolly and walked out of the room, avoiding argument.

The sexta espada looked over a Nnoitra who was reciprocating with a questioning look.

"You okay Grim?"

"I...we..." He tried to think of what to do. On one hand, it was just a feeling. He could be wrong. But on the other hand, when had his feline intuition ever let him down? His face hardened and Nnoitra stiffened as he realized there was, in fact, something wrong.

"We have to follow him."

"Huh?!Are you suicidal?! He'll find us out for sure!"

"We can't just sit here! I think Aizen's gonna rape him!" Nnoitra's eyes widened. Grimmjow and him had exchanged words about the suspicious actions of their lord before towards Ulquiorra.

"How do you know?"

"I just feel it! C'mon!" Grimmjow dashed out of the room after Ulquiorra. The quatros espada was out of sight by now, but Grimmjow used the full extent of his stealth as he headed up to Aizen's quarters.

Just as Grimmjow reached his destination, he saw Ulquiorra dissapear into the bedroom, leaving it open a crack.

The espada slinked up to the door, doing his best to conceal his spiritual energy.

He saw Aizen talking, back turned to the black haired espada. Ulquiorra said something back. Aizen turned around and took a few steps towards him. He looked down at Ulquiorra. He said something. Ulquiorra looked up at him.

Grimmjow's eyes widened.

In one quick movement, Aizen grabbed Ulquiorra's chin tightly and thrust a hand down the from of the espada's pants, causing him to gasp.

Grimmjow snapped.

He flung the door open and pounced on Aizen, punching and screaming and clawing at him. But Grimmjow barely caused the former-captain to shed a drop of blood before he was pinned to the wall by his neck, Aizen standing several feet away.

"Well, well Grimmjow. I would have never thought you of all people would come to four's rescue." He smirked.

Grimmjow attempted to claw at whatever was holding him to the wall but his claws reached nothing. Instead his eyes bulged as he felt a weight pressing down on this lungs.

"You obviously know the punishment for attacking me, don't you Grimmjow? I should kill you right now in front of your..." he looked at Ulquiorra. "friend." Despite the pain, Grimmjow smirked back

"Fuck you..." he rasped. If he was going down, it wouldn't be begging, he knew that much.

Aizen cocked his head and gave him a small smile.

"Impudent to the end. I see you need a better lesson than I can give you here." He let Grimmjow fall to the floor gasping, and before he could do anything, his arms were seized from behind and a reiatsu-restraining collar was snapped to his neck harshly. The sexta espada hissed as he felt his energy begin to sap away.

As the unranked arrancar began to drag him away, Grimmjow watched as Aizen wrapped his arm around Ulquiorra's shoulder. But what was worse was Ulquiorra just turned his gaze away, not sparing him a second glance.

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