Chapter 10: Weakness

Grimmjow leaned against Ichigo's locker, arms crossed, trying to ignore the whispering students as they passed.

"Do you think he's gay?"

"He might be; they call that 'flaming gay blue'"

"He doesn't look Spanish."

"What kinda name is 'Grimmjow'?"

The arrancar ground his teeth and snarled at a group of boys who scampered away in fear. Ichigo had told him to stay there, while he went to go get some food from the cafeteria. The blue haired man had questioned why he couldn't come along and the redhead just mumbled something about it being a zoo. Like this whole place wasn't a zoo. This was a completely different universe to Grimmjow. Back in Hueco Mundo, the only thing that mattered was strength, and if you didn't have that, you had nothing. But here it was different. Here it was all looks.

Not that the espada didn't notice looks. It was quite the opposite. He remembered Ulquiorra giving him tips in fighting once, about how assessing your opponent's muscle composition could help you figure out their speed, strength, which side they favored, that sort of thing. Grimmjow scratched his cheek. It was actually amazing that he remembered that lecture, considering how adamantly he was protesting against needing any sort of tips in fighting at the time.

Of course, that wasn't the only way he noticed appearances. He was good looking and powerful. He had had more than his fair share of sex in the past, mostly with men. That was another odd thing about this world. A man having sex with a man was called 'gay' and apparently frowned upon. Grimmjow snorted. Back in Hueco Mundo, it didn't matter what you liked, as long as you got laid. End of story.

The espada shuffled his feet and furrowed his brows. Sex. He hadn't had any in a while and the animal in him was craving it. The grind of flesh on flesh. Heat. Lust.

"Hey! Space cadet!" Grimmjow turned his head toward the voice and caught a glimpse of Ichigo through the crush of students in the hallway.

"Meet us on the roof!" He called, pointing to a stairwell at the opposite end of the hall. The espada gave a short nod and the redhead turned and ascended the staircase. Grimmjow watched him go and couldn't help but notice the way his taught muscles flowed with his body, even beneath the clothes.

He banged his head lightly against the locker.

"Damn, I really am horny if I'm thinking about Kurosaki." Grimmjow mumbled to himself, smirking. He wasn't lying before. Ichigo really was cute up close. He wondered why he'd never noticed it before. If he did, he may have taken a whole different approach to their battles.

"Hey, you!" Grimmjow snapped out of his reverie as a boy with an ugly face twisted into a cocky expression stepped into his line of view.

"You're that new kid, aren't ya? Kurosaki's buddy?" The espada scowled deeply, vaguely aware of two other guys blocking escape from either side.

"What of it?" He spat, standing up straight and uncrossing his arms. The leader laughed, flipping his long dreadlocks over his shoulder.

"See, we've got a little bit of a debt to pay Kurosaki." The lackey on the right said. Grimmjow grinned. So they were looking for a fight. Well they'd get what they came for.

"Sorry about this." The leader said, matching his grin. The two lackeys dove in, each grabbing one of the espada's arm as the dreadlocked boy hurled a punch at his head. Grimmjow twisted his hips and kicked the boy in the chin, sending him hurling back.

"Hey! Stay still fucker!" The lackey on the left said, landing a hard punch to the ribs. Grimmjow coughed, stunned. That shouldn't have fazed him! He didn't want to admit it, but he was a lot weaker without his reiatsu. Almost as weak as a damn human! He jerked his left arm free and punched the lackey in the face, turning and lunging at the other, tackling him to the ground and beginning to punch him repeatedly.

"He's favoring his left arm!" He heard one of the boys say, and suddenly his right arm was grabbed and twisted behind his back. Grimmjow froze as pain shot through his body in waves. He had forgotten about his shoulder.

The espada yowled in pain and anger and swung blindly behind him as the leader landed a clean kick to his shoulder, sending him toppling to the ground. Grimmjow saw red. Those damn Shinigami, taking away his reiatsu. He was an espada! Here he was getting beaten by humans in mere seconds!

The leader stood over him laughing triumphantly, stepping on the arrancar's shoulder and pressing down. Grimmjow hissed. Damn that Ichigo for making him submit. Damn Aizen for taking away his sword. His home. His family. His everything. He was at his lowest point. A crowd had gathered, watching silently as he was defeated. Literally stepped on. The dreadlocked boy ground his foot.

"Any last words before we send you to the hospital?" Grimmjow snapped. What the hell was he doing, letting a kid walk all over him? He was Grimmjow Jeagerjaques! He was going to defeat Aizen! This human was nothing!

He swung his arm out, grabbing the boy's leg and curling up.

"GRIMMJOW!" Someone called from the crowd as the espada clamped his teeth down on the leg, forcing all his strength, all his anger and determination, into his jaw. The boy screamed and Grimmjow heard the satisfying crunch of bone, tasting the blood begin to ebb.

Ichigo dashed from the crowd and grabbed the leader, throwing him into the lockers, away from Grimmjow, releasing him from the arrancar's jaws. The boy continued to scream and teachers came running. The blanket of panic fell as people were screaming for someone to call 911, throngs of students being jostled out of the halls, Ichigo kicking Grimmjow repeatedly in the chest.

"What the hell were you thinking?" The redhead screamed over the pandemonium. The arrancar was the only one in a clear headspace, breathing heavily, eyes closed. Blood dripped from his lips. The satisfying taste of it. The continuous stabbing pain of his shoulder dazed him. He was so weak. He hated this weakness. It was all too familiar to him, from his days as a meager hollow.

Ichigo was kneeling beside him now.

"Dammit Grimmjow, can you hear me?" The redhead's voice was tinged with worry. He opened his eyes slowly. Worry? Why the hell would that damn shinigami be worried about him?

"Fuck!" The blue haired man growled, reaching across and clasping his shoulder. The situation he was in made him furious. If Ulquiorra was here, if he saw him now…


"GOD DAMMIT!" The espada screamed.

Ichigo watched from the floor as the espada shifted on his bed, a small groan escaping his lips.

"I can't believe you got expelled on the first day of school." The redhead chided.

"Shut up." Came the half-hearted reply. Ichigo sighed and rested his chin in his hand.

"Look, you were handicapped in more ways than one! It doesn't mean you're weak! It just means you don't have all your strength right now!"


Grimmjow's gigai was stashed in the closet, Grimmjow having pulled himself out of it the second they got in the door. It was a good thing his family was gone for the night, or they may have questioned why his new friend was in such a state.

The redhead sighed again and got up, sitting on the bed next to Grimmjow, observing him. The espada's eyes were open and staring out the window, the full moon reflecting in the sadness of the deep blue pools.

'Damn, how can one guy be so sad?' Ichigo thought, rubbing his hands together slowly, awkwardly. He hated this silence.

"Look, I'm going downstairs. I can grab something for you if you want." The younger man watched the other's face, trying to decipher a response. Grimmjow was quiet for a few seconds and Ichigo rose to leave.

"You got any booze?"

Ichigo froze. He didn't know if that was a good idea. He didn't know what kind of drunk Grimmjow was, and he was already pissed off as hell. The redhead began to respond, opening his mouth to say no, when the arrancar shifted with another small whine. Ichigo blushed and rushed down the stairs. He made it into the kitchen before leaning over the counter and bracing himself with his arms.

'What the hell is wrong with me? He's a monster! A heartless monster! He tried to kill me!' Ichigo pushed away from the counter and looked up at the cupboard. The booze cupboard. He opened it up and grabbed a bottle, realizing he needed it as much a Grimmjow did. Anything to stop the butterflies in his chest.

How could Grimmjow make him feel like this? A few days ago all he felt was hatred for the espada. The sole drive to defeat him. He had never felt this…attracted to him before. Or had he? The redhead flushed deeper, his eyes widening slightly at the realization. Had he been attracted to Grimmjow all along? Is that why he thought about him constantly?

The redhead quietly grabbed two glasses and made his way back upstairs with the bottle. When he got back to the bedroom, Grimmjow was already sitting up, back pressed against the far wall. The espada's face brightened as Ichigo held up the bottle, shutting the door.

"My dad's." He offered by way of explanation, but Grimmjow didn't care. Ichigo had barely sat down before the blue haired man had grabbed the bottle, opened it, and chugged a good three fingers. Ichigo snatched the bottle back.

"Slow down!" Grimmjow glared and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. The redhead waited for the retort. A 'fuck you' or 'shut up', but nothing came.

'I wonder what he's thinking?' Ichigo shook his head and took a long swig from the bottle. It burned as it slid down his throat and he coughed, pulling the bottle away. Grimmjow reached for it and Ichigo jumped lightly as their fingers brushed, sending a little spilling into his lap.

"Whoa, easy there." Grimmjow said, mouth close to his ear. Ichigo jerked away and flushed and Grimmjow took another long swallow.

"D-don't get that close asshole!"

Grimmjow lowered the bottle from his lips, observing the redhead. He didn't know whether it was the alcohol or the lust, but the espada couldn't help but notice how sexy Ichigo was. He was the perfect mix of shyness and strength, long legs and taught muscles.

The arrancar smirked, licking his lips. Maybe there was more than one way to dominate Ichigo.

"Why're you blushing?" he said, leaning closer to the redhead, resting the bottle on the floor. The teen grabbed Grimmjow's shoulders, pushing him away.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"C'mon Ichigo, I've seen the way you look at me."

"You're drunk." The teenager muttered defiantly, releasing the arrancar and turning away. The espada could see Ichigo fuming with embarrassment. Grimmjow's smirk widened. This was going to be fun. He slid over to Ichigo, slipping his legs so they settled on either side of the boy, slightly bent. The blue haired man pressed his chest against his strong back and purred, running one hand up Ichigo's thigh.

The redhead gasped, jerking away from the touch.

"C-Cut it out!" Grimmjow grinned, sliding back. The redhead turned his head to watch the arrancar retreat, his face flushed, eyes glaring. The espada bared his teeth. Man was this boy a piece of ass! He grabbed Ichigo's shirt and pulled him over, forcing him onto his back on the bed. He crushed their lips together, muffling the teen's protests and pinning his wrists above his head. Grimmjow pried the boy's lips open, letting his tongue explore and relishing the sweet taste of his mouth before Ichigo bit down, causing Grimmjow to jerk back.

"You fucker, that hurt!"

"Get off me you rapist!" Ichigo was glaring daggers at him, squirming against his grip. Grimmjow stared at him for a few moments before smirking broadly.

"You're a virgin, aren't you?" Brown eyes widened before returning to a glare.

"Yeah, so?" Ichigo squirmed against his grip, and Grimmjow noticed the redhead wasn't wearing the ring. Had he gotten rid of it?

"Where's that ring?"

"What?" Ichigo looked up at his hand and frowned

"I left it in my bag." The redhead scoffed, "I was starting to think I could trust you. But I guess I was wrong!" With that Ichigo jerked his hands free, the espada dodging Ichigo's punch and grabbing his wrist. Grimmjow pulled Ichigo roughly into a sitting position, their faces close. There was only one way he was going to get the sex he desperately needed right now.

"Ichigo," Grimmjow breathed, shifting himself so Ichigo was pressed against him. Ichigo's eyes widened as the espada's hips pressed against his own, Grimmjow's growing arousal evident beneath his pants.

"I need you."

Ichigo's breath hitched as Grimmjow laid him back down on the bed, releasing his wrist.

"Please…" He whispered, laying gentle kisses on Ichigo's neck. The redhead gripped Grimmjow's shoulders, breathing heavily.

"Stop…" Came the half-hearted reply. Grimmjow choked back a smirk.

"I know you want me too." The espada slid his hand down Ichigo's thigh, stopping to brush Ichigo's erection, pressing against the cloth. Grimmjow moved until he was straddling Ichigo's thighs, kissing, licking, sucking at his neck, hands sliding to the buttons on Ichigo's shirt.

"Please stop Grimmjow, please." The teen begged, breathing heavily.

"It'll feel really good, I promise." Grimmjow muttered into his ear. The espada couldn't help but feel disgusted with himself, acting this way. He should just take what he wanted, but right now, this kid was stronger than him.

Grimmjow tore the shirt open, not bothering to figure out the buttons, and grinned down at the boy.

Ichigo was flushed, panting, eyes drooping. The slacks framed what Grimmjow could see to be an impressive manhood, straining against the cloth. Grimmjow wanted to ravage this boy, virgin or no.

He descended on a nipple, sliding his tongue over the bud, nipping lightly and Ichigo moaned. The redhead ran his fingers through the blue locks, gripping them hard and pulling Grimmjow away.

They locked eyes and the espada could see the younger man struggling to maintain the gaze.

"W-why?" Ichigo stuttered.

Grimmjow froze. There was no good answer he could give the boy. He couldn't say it was lust, it would just make him struggle more. Instead he closed the distance, kissing Ichigo once more. The kiss was soft, gentler and the espada felt the boy relax.

Grimmjow's hands traveled down Ichigo's body, running across his chest, fingers brushing the nipples lightly. The redhead moaned and the arrancar pulled away to nip his jaw, his neck, working his way up to nibble Ichigo's ear.

"You like that, Berry?" Grimmjow muttered, tweaking the dusty bud and earning another moan from the boy. The espada grinned, the erotic sound going right to his cock. He brought his knee up and rubbed it against Ichigo's full need, making the boy squirm.

"Grimmjow!" The boy breathed, tugging on blue locks. Grimmjow growled lightly, loving the feel of Ichigo's hands in his hair, and drew back slightly to rip his shirt off, tossing it to the floor. The redhead's breath hitched and the espada sneered.

"What? You like this?" he said, taking Ichigo's hand and running it across his chest. The boy hesitated, eyes drifting across the arrancar's body before clutching his shoulders, bringing Grimmjow in for another kiss. The teal haired man's eyes widened at the innocent passion in it, real affection evident in the way the teen pressed against him, opening his mouth welcomingly.

Grimmjow was stunned for a moment. The stupid shinigami had feelings for him? Ichigo's tongue slipped into his mouth and teased his own, a shudder running down his spine as Ichigo's fingers trailed down his back, massaging the sensitive skin in his hollow hole. The espada was suddenly very aware of his full need, trapped beneath cloth. He reached down and undid his pants, pulling them down along with his underwear, sighing as his member was released.

Ichigo squirmed, turning his head away from the kiss.

"Grimmjow, I dunno." The teen said breathlessly, trying to bring a knee up between them. The espada smirked, taking Ichigo's hand again and trailing it down his stomach, grazing his hollow hole, until it hovered just above his aching member. He needed to be touched, needed release. He guided the redhead's hand to touch the base, letting his fingers slide up the shaft. Grimmjow moaned.

"Fuck Ichigo! Can't you see how much I need you?" He growled. Ichigo bit back a moan, curving his back as Grimmjow ground his hips against his own.

"Oh god, Grimmjow!" Taking that as confirmation, the espada reached down and undid Ichigo's pants, undressing the boy quickly. He smirked.

"Damn, Ichigo!" The arrancar panted, eyes glazing with lust. Grimmjow admired the strong curves of Ichigo's muscles, glistening with sweat, chest heaving as his panted. He lowered his head, letting his breath ghost across the redhead's impressive member, feeling himself go slightly dizzy at the moans that solicited. He took the head in his mouth, holding Ichigo's hips down as he started to buck. In one motion the espada took him all in, growling around it as Ichigo squirmed, letting his thighs jerk open. Grimmjow pulled away.

Their eyes met and the espada put three fingers in his mouth. Brown eyes widened as Grimmjow sucked, coating his fingers with saliva. He pulled the dripping digits from his mouth, nestling himself between the parted thighs.

"What are you doing?" Grimmjow smirked.

"What, you don't know how two men have sex?" The redhead gasped as Grimmjow prodded his entrance.

"Y-you're gonna put that in…" The espada cut the boy off by pushing a finger inside him, chuckling lightly as the boy fell back onto the bed, gasping.

"How's that feel?" The espada sneered, pushing a second digit in.

"Aah! It fucking hurts!" Ichigo growled, his knees folding up. The teen clenched his teeth as Grimmjow scissored his fingers and slid in the last digit. He whined, toes curling in pain as the arrancar pulled his fingers out and positioned himself.

"Wait!" Grimmjow paused, doing his best not to glare up at the redhead. He didn't know how much longer he could wait. His cock was already pounding painfully and he was so close…

"Please Grimm, just give me a minute." Ichigo's voice quivered and Grimmjow froze.

'Grimm'? That's what Nnoitra used to call him. He looked up at the boy, who was close to tears and cursed himself. He couldn't let himself go soft for this boy.

"You alright?" He said, despite himself.

"J-Just a little overwhelmed..." The redhead breathed.

Grimmjow considered stopping, but immediately shook his head and scowled. He wouldn't let himself be weak, especially not now, when he was finally going to dominate the Kurosaki brat.

He waited a few more seconds before grasping Ichigo's hips and pushing in slowly, baring his teeth in a wide grin as his member was enveloped in the tight heat. The redhead let out a long moan of pain as Grimmjow pushed in to the hilt.

"Fuck Ichigo, you're so tight!" He hissed and Ichigo whimpered.

The redhead's fingers were laced in the sheets, teeth gripped tight as he cursed. Grimmjow lifted one of Ichigo's legs to wrap around his waist and started to move, slowly thrusting, panting. He angled himself, divided between Ichigo's pleasure and his own. Finally, he hit it. The small bundle of nerves that made Ichigo's hips jerk up, spine curve, made the shinigami moan his name.

"Oh, Grimmjow!" Ichigo groaned, crying out as the espada pulled out to the tip, thrusting back into his cavern, hitting his spot again. Grimmjow increased his speed as each dive in, each gratifying moan sent a wave of pleasure coursing through him.

Sweat slid from the back of his neck, down his spine as he fucked Ichigo, nails digging into the soft skin of his hips. Ichigo's breath became increasingly more laboured as Grimmjow hit his prostate again and again, the redhead wrapping his other leg around the espada's strong waist, pulling him in deeper with every thrust.

"Fuck!" The teen cried as he spilled his seed over his stomach. Grimmjow continued thrusting for a few more seconds before letting out a growl as he came inside Ichigo, nails making cuts in the boy's hips as he rode out his orgasm.

The two remained motionless, except the heaving of their chests, Ichigo trying to blink the stars from his vision. Grimmjow sighed happily as he relaxed into the bed beside Ichigo.

"That was great." He said, starting to regain his breath. The redhead snapped out of his daze and turned his head to look at the blue haired espada. Grimmjow could feel brown eyes studying him, sensed Ichigo assessing his next move. The boy rolled onto his side and wrapped his arms around Grimmjow's waist, snuggling into him and resting his head on his chest.

No words were exchanged as Ichigo drifted off to sleep and blue eyes widened in disbelief. He wasn't used to the redhead being such a…kitten. Grimmjow scowled. Did the boy think that was about affection? Ichigo was just a piece of ass! He had no feelings for the boy!

Grimmjow reached down and pulled the blanket over Ichigo, making sure he didn't cover the boy's head as he pulled it over himself. There was no way he'd ever let this boy be his weakness.

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