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Chapter 8

In the bathhouse, Naruto and Kiba are in the changing room. Kiba looks quite worried.

~~"I'll expect to see you both at my office after you getting dress! And that is order!" Tsunade left with Shizune.~~

'I wonder what will happen then.' Kiba pulls his short up. Naruto notices that Kiba is looking troubled.

"Kiba?" Kiba lifts his head and looks at Naruto.
"We'll be fine, ya know?" Naruto smiled his dazzling smile. Kiba didn't really feel like smiling back, instead he just grabbed his trousers and put them on.

Naruto's still naked, with his towel wrapped around him.

"Kiba, trust me, you will be fine!" Naruto says, trying to make Kiba feel better.

"What made you think I'm not fine?" Kiba raises one of his eyebrows.

"Well your trousers are inside out." Naruto chuckles softly, Kiba looks down and groans.

"I wasn't expecting that they would catch us like that!" Kiba sits down, with both of his hands on his face then rubs his face as he got a bad headache.

Naruto press himself over Kiba back, throws his arms around his neck, and kiss Kiba's cheek.

Kiba cannot help but put one of his hands on his arm.

"Thanks Naruto." Kiba turns his head around to Naruto, with little smile.

"You'd better get dressed before Tsunade scowls at us for being late." Kiba reminds Naruto, getting a mischievous grin in reply. 'Why does the way he smiles make me feel uncomfortable?'

"Well, I still want another go!" Naruto purred in Kiba's ear.

"What?" Kiba turned around in amazement. "No way! You just fucked my ass and yet you want to do it again. Just how much stamina have you got?"

"Plenty! I can shag like three or five time per day!" Naruto let out chuckles.

'It's must be coz of Kyuubi stamina inside him?'

"But my ass is still sore since you jackrabbit me really hard!" Kiba rubs his sore bum.

"That would take too long." One side of Naruto's mouth lifts and grins. "Maybe you should suck me instead?"

"But, I don't know how" Kiba looks pretty nervous.

"So just do it like I did it to you today!" Naruto unwraps the towel, throws it on the floor, his hard erect cock is already throbbing for more, Kiba cannot fight his temptation to grab it and shove it inside his mouth.

"But…" Kiba start to whine like a puppy that wants to go out for a walk.

"No buts, or I won't go to Tsunade's office!" Naruto's smile turns into one of famous Kyuubi grin alike.

'I guess that leaves me no choice.' Kiba rolls his eyes but all Naruto knows he actually wants to do it. Naruto hops and sits down on the changing bench, Kiba kneels down to Naruto's level.

'Here goes nothing' Kiba huff, but Naruto shake one of his finger

"No huffing!" Naruto chuckles, Kiba attempts to roll his eyes "And no rolling your eyes!"

Kiba glares at Naruto. 'So he can read me like a book'

Kiba sighed but at the same time Naruto tells him to not sigh. Kiba rubs behind his head when Naruto chuckles.

"I guess that leaves me nothing but to suck you?" Kiba tells Naruto and gets a nod in return.

Kiba gets himself close and starts to kiss on top of Naruto's penis. Naruto starts to grin and lie back, letting Kiba do the work. Kiba kisses all over then slowly licks downward to Naruto's balls then plays around with his little-blond hairy balls.

"Mmm" can be heard from Naruto, which isn't bad for Kiba's first time sucking someone off.

Kiba is still licking all over his balls, then his hand grabs the cock and holds it when still licking the balls, and he rubs the top of penis with his thumb slowly which made Naruto moan really quietly.

Kiba move on back to the top of the penis, then slowly inserts it inside his mouth and goes deeper as he could try.

Naruto lifts his head up, watching Kiba suck him off.

Kiba knows the limit of how deep he could go and starts to go up, then sucks deeper and back and repeatedly. Naruto grabs Kiba's dark lock, holds him and pushes him down every time he went deep.

Naruto cannot help but start to hump inside Kiba's mouth, forcing it deeper, way further than Kiba's limit. Kiba tries to push him away but with Naruto excited, he's getting stronger and holds him hard. Kiba can't do anything but have to suck his cock when he rams it down his mouth like he do it up his ass, Naruto's groans and moans grew loudly.

Finally, the time had come, Naruto tries to take cock out but it's too late, he spurt inside Kiba's mouth and same time when he took it out, he spurt it on his face.

"Sorry!" Naruto looks worried. But Kiba starts to grin.

"You're tasty!" Kiba grabs his cock, starts to lick it all clean, swallowing the white milk. Naruto smiles, lifts Kiba's chin with his finger "You missed some."

Naruto licks his own cum off of Kiba's face, then kisses Kiba and passes his cum that is inside his mouth to Kiba's mouth. Kiba grinned and swallows it then resumes kissing Naruto.

"For your first time… you SUCK" Naruto chuckles at his joke as he gives Kiba a thumbs up. 'Not bad for a beginner!'

Meanwhile at Tsunade office

"What's taking them so long?" Tsunade asks grumpily. Shinuze pours the sake.

"They're probably have another quickening before they arrive here." Shikamaru rubbed behind his neck. "So troublesome."

Sakura look at Shikamaru. "No way! That's so… gross!"

"I thought you're here to support Naruto" Shikamaru remind her.

"Ah yes, sorry!" Sakura blush and sticks her tongue out embarrassed.

Finally, Naruto and Kiba both arrive at the office.

"Sorry we're late, there was something we needed to do on the way here." Naruto starts giggling. Kiba blushes just like Hinata and nudges Naruto's arm with his elbow.

"We're here for punishment then." Kiba look worried. 'Just what kind of punishment would it be…?'

"Shikamaru, I have to say, your mission is no doubt, passed with great successes!" Tsunade smile at Shikamaru.

"It's a pain, but you're welcome, Kiba" Kiba looks at Shikamaru really confused.

"What? What you mean mission?" Kiba asked Tsunade.

"With Shikamaru intelligence, we have discussed and made plan, which make you both see each other and become friends." Tsunade explained.

"So Shikamaru suggest I should bond you both into chains which means you would be with each other and see your feelings towards each other."

"So far it has gone successfully. Kiba, you started to ask me and wondered why you both ever hate each other." Shikamaru explained briefly.

"And I have to talk with a lady and make her cancel the bath for lady and reserve two people to enter the bath." Sakura smiled. "And that would be you two."

"Sakura, you're in on this too?" Naruto look puzzled.

"Well I heard you like boys, but hey, you love Kiba, so you can't have Sasuke now" Sakura giggles. Naruto could feel one of the water drops behind his head. 'So that's why you're involved!'

"And we had Shinuze tell you that only the Sages could break the chain, that's where the Jiraiya come in." Tsunade look at Jiraiya which waved at Naruto and Kiba.

"I heard about your feud with Kiba, So that's why I decided to help you along." Jiraiya gives Naruto a thumbs up. "Beside you can forget the deal that you promised." Jiraiya turns his eyes behind, Tsunade gave him a glare which Jiraiya could feel like a dagger stab behind his head.

Kiba somehow feels relieved that the deal is off.

"And then I knew you would express your feelings to Naruto in the bath, and I was right all along" Shikamaru smiles.

"Only one thing you both need to do is…" Tsunade clasp her hand together and looks at Naruto then Kiba. "Why do you both hate each other first place?"

Kiba turns his head to Naruto, since Kiba's the person that has no clue why Naruto hates him before.

"Because…" Naruto tries to not think of the past since everything is fine as it is now.

"It's ok, I wouldn't hate you or anything, and we're boyfriends eh?" Kiba tries to comfort Naruto.

Naruto sighed, "That's coz you eat my ramen, and then made me paid for it!"

Everyone stared at Naruto.

'He hate Kiba for that??!?!'

"When did I steal your ramen? I never did!" Kiba raises one of his eyebrows.

"You transform into me, eat the ramen and say you would pay it later. And then when I arrive they asked me to pay for it! So I chased you down and you take off the mask and say sucker! Then you transformed into a giant frog and squashed me!" Naruto explained the whole detail.

And silence in the room.

"Naruto… could it be.. That it is probably one of your dreams?" Shikamaru asked.

Natuto tries to think back and then he remember whole thing now. "Oh yes, that true, I woke up in my bed instead of hospital! Otherwise I would've died if that frog crushed me"

And then Naruto could almost see everyone thinking of a three dots.

"You hated me because of the dream! Are you really that stupid?" Kiba ranted at Naruto. Naruto rubbed behind his head and chuckles at his own mistake. "Sorry, sorry!"

"That settles it, now we should forgot this… dream and you both have something to look forward to in the future" Tsunade sighed 'So typical of Naruto.'

"I don't want speak to you!" Kiba turned his head away from Naruto.

"Kiba! Don't! I'll do anything to make you forgive me!!!! Anything!!!" Naruto begged, but Kiba's smile has become just like Naruto's.

"Then I shall be seme tonight!" Kiba chuckles evilly.

"You're a meanie!!!" Naruto nudges Kiba with his elbow, and scowls at Kiba.

"You both may go now." Tsunade shooed them away

Naruto and Kiba exit the office. Outside of the office Naruto grabs Kiba's wrist and stops him.

"You know I still love you?" Naruto asks.

"Of course! And that's why I'm going to seme you tonight for once."

"But, but, but I'm not uke!" Naruto whined.

"After that, you could seme me again?" Kiba winked, Naruto stopped his whining and changed his mind already.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go then!" Naruto grabs Kiba and pulls him with him.


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