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Summary: Princess Sarah of Sylvan lived a quiet life, day after day, the same routine. When a demon, a fae, the same species that had slaughtered her mother years before, drops in front of her, her routine shatters. But if he thinks she's just gonna roll over and let him kill her, he's got another thing coming.






Of Demons and Goblin Kings

By Kadasa Mori












Midnight black hair that had been pulled into a bun was fluttering about her, sticking to her sweaty forehead. Her emerald eyes were wide in fright, emerald velvet gown ripped in some places from her frantic running and at the knees to let her run easier. Panting heavily and pulling her young child of eleven years after her the Queen of Sylvan, Linda Williams, looked down both halls. A roar sounded behind her and she gasped then turned and raced down the left one.

"Mama?" her only child asked in fear, eyes wide, hands clutching her hand tightly.

Linda smiled at her. "Hush my child." Trembling, the girl nodded, pigtails bouncing as Linda raced around a corner, her daughter stumbling after her. Where are all the guards?! she cried in her mind. And where is Richard?! How did a demon make it in here?

"My lady!" She stopped quickly, spinning to find one of the guards racing up to her, a cut down the side of his face. "What are you doing out here? There are demons nearby!"

"Yes I know. Where is my husband?"

"He's in the safe house! Go!"

"How did demons get inside the gates?!"

"It's him ma'am…"

Her eyes widened. "No…"

He swallowed. "I'm afraid so my queen… now please. Run. I'll hold them off as long as I can!"

She gave him a weak smile. "You've done us a great justice tonight and I thank you."

He in return gave her a bright smile then pushed her towards the gardens. "Go."

She took step back then turned and spun, racing for the gardens. If it was him… he'd have a hard time tracking her through things of beauty. She skidded into the hedge maze, breath coming in labored puffs she felt her daughter's hand shiver against her own. Looking down at the chocolate brown haired girl, her resolve hardened and she took off once more, legs powerful again. She darted around corners, only her memory of the right way leading her feet.

A scream echoed across the night and she gulped back the cry ready to tear from her throat, knowing the soldier was no more. She tugged Sarah around another corner, legs quivering. Sarah was also slowing. Adrenaline could only keep her moving for so long…

A roar sounded close by. At Sarah's whimper of fear, Linda felt tears come to her eyes. The thing was after her. No one knew about her daughter… except her husband and the guards… She could still save Sarah.

"Sarah? My love?" Sarah looked up, eyes watery. Linda smiled, picked her up and kissed her forehead. "I love you so much."

Sarah hugged her tightly. "I love you too Mommy. I'm scared."

"I know you are… but there's something important I need to tell you… please listen carefully." Sarah nodded as she was lowered to the ground, her mother kneeling in front of her. "You must hide. You must make no noise. Do you understand? No noise. Not a sound no matter what happens."

Sarah nodded slowly. "Mommy… what's going on?"

Linda smiled and kissed her forehead again. "I love you so much my daughter."

There were voices nearby. Linda looked over sharply then to Sarah. "Hide!" she whispered, helping her into the bushes out of sight. Linda spun and hid around the corner. Sarah saw her reach into her knee high boots and pull out a dagger, holding it close.

Six figures raced around the corner. Sarah bit her tongue to keep from whimpering, putting her hands over her mouth. They were demons; ears, fangs, claws, horns, all evidence that they weren't human. They stood in confusion for a moment before starting for the corner where her mother was. Linda locked eyes with her then with a war cry spun around the corner, arm raised. The figure that had been about to step forward let out a gurgled cry as the dagger embedded into his chest. His eyes rolled back into his head and he fell backwards, spazzing.

Linda pulled the dagger back, holding it up. She raced at the next figure who'd been pulling out his weapon before the dagger jutted into his chest. He let out a cry as well, stumbling into the other hedge and sliding into a pile on the ground. Before she could move, an arm shot forward and grabbed her neck, holding her above the ground. She choked, clawing at the gloved hand. Sarah gasped, keeping her hands over her mouth, hot tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Do we kill her?" the creature attached to the arm holding her mother up asked.


The one that had been last walked up, pulling a sword from its sheath. "Set her down." The man holding her did so and stepped back. The blond demon leaned forward, mouth moving but Sarah couldn't hear what he said. Her mother's eyes widened and she stepped back before she let out a scream of anger and swung.

The demon dipped back, the dagger just missing his throat. As she spun around he jerked the sword up into her chest. She choked, eyes wide before she fell back, eyes rolling into her head.

Sarah couldn't help it. She screamed as well, this one in horror at the sight of her mother falling. All four demons stiffened then spun, the leader storming to the bush and grabbing for her. She squealed, pushing farther back but he got her leg and dragged her out, tossing her onto the ground.

"It's just a girl," one commented.

"It's the girl we can kill," a grinning one announced, licking his sword. "Well… let's get to it!" He raised his sword. Sarah let out a shrill scream and threw her arms over her head.

When metal clanged against metal, she looked up and found a sword under his, holding it inches away from her head. Squealing she backed into the legs of whoever had saved her life, hiding her face against them.

"My lord! What are you doing?!"

"Don't kill her." His voice sounded young.


"What are you talking about?!"

"I said don't kill her."

"We killed the queen though!"

The first part of the sentence was muffled but she caught the last. "… and we cannot kill another without punishment. She's not to be touched, understood?"

There was an irritated yes from the fae that would've killed her and a few other noises of agreement before her savior knelt down. She lifted her face to look at him. He was only a teenager… only a few years older than her. "You won't remember this," he murmured.

Her eyes fluttered shut and she fell backwards, landing on the grass. The last thing she knew was a whispered "good luck Sarah" before she blacked out and completely forgot.






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Next chapter preview: Chapter 1

Sarah sighed happily and looked around the small clearing. She walked over to her favorite tree and sat down, leaning back against it. After a moment of relaxing she pulled her book from her bag and began reading.

So involved in her book, she didn't feel the slight tremors headed her way, or hear a roar of some creature close by. She did tune in when the branches in the tree above her rustled and leaves fell onto her book. She blinked… blinked once more and looked up as someone dropped from the tree.

Sarah let out a choked scream, leaping to the side so the tree wasn't against her back as the man crouched a few meters in front of her. "Excuse me?" she asked. "Are you all right?"

The man's head snapped towards her and she froze, eyes wide. He looked like a normal man except for his eyes. They were dark and wild.

He was a demon.