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It was like beholding the smiling face of Buddha.


Rays of light shined from one smiling Tsuna-chan. Roses bloomed and doves flew in the air as one kindergarten teacher, Tsuna-chan, kept calm in the eye of the storm around him. The storm, being several kiddies running around screaming their heads off.

Flick, and Go-chan's pencils were confiscated from stabbing little Yama-chan.

Flash, and Lambo-chan's nose was pressed onto a handkerchief and snottery commenced.

Fwoom, and Ryohei-kun was lifted from the floor to stop the EXTREME punishment of Go-chan.

Hibari-chan was sleeping in the hood of his sweater, clutching painfully at his hair. Muku-chan was immediately stopped from throwing plastic forks at above said sleeping baby. He wailed at the denial and was scooped up for compensatory cuddling.

Go-chan and Yama-chan stared and began wailing for their rightful cuddling too.

Lambo-chan joined in but for candy.

Ryohei-kun wailed too, thinking it was a competition.

Finally, Tsuna-sensei sat down on the kiddie-safe floor and let all four cuddle him. Go-chan resolutely gripping his mid-section, Yama-chan clutching his left hand, and Lambo-chan patting his sweater for sweets. Ryohei-kun laid down his head on Tsuna-sensei's lap, because he needed a NAP.

Then the door was knocked on, more like bashed on, and it swung open with a force like a thousand storms and in came Dino-kun and Xanxus-kun, first graders, who'd snuck out of class again into Tsuna-sensei's domain.

He gave them a teary admonishing look.

Likewise, Dino-kun reciprocated with a teary pleading look and Xanxus-kun shot him a sulky near-tears angry one.

He sighed and gestured them to the floor.

They sat down and watched him fuss over his students. He supposed he was fine with them, as long as they didn't cause anymore commotion. Really, he was a bit touched they were still so attached to him, their useless kindergarten teacher from last year.

Finally, he signaled for nap time, and it wasn't negotiable, Muku-chan, and everyone scrambled for a place near him.

Later on, reading a book, with several cute little kiddies using him as a pillow, he supposed he wasn't really so useless after all.