Vampire High

Chapter 1; New School

A/N: This is going to be about when the Cullen's go to high school. All of them are vampires, see what happens.

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The following information is important:These are how the Twilight characters are going this year.

Emmet & Bella Swan

Alice & Edward & Renesmee Cullen

Jasper & Rosalie Whitlock

Jacob Black

Everyone's power is the same excepts Bella

Bella can communicate with people in their mind.

All of them are going to be the same age.


I have been a vampire for 10 years. We are currently living in Idaho. All of us are going to start high school tomorrow. We are moving into the house today. Me and Edward haven't been to high school ever since I turned into a vampire. We were to busy raising Renesmee and "pleasing" our time together.

"BELLA!! Help me carry the boxes. You to Edward, and you are NOT going to run away. COME!" Alice was really annoying me. When she found out we were moving guess what she did? She decided to take me on a 7 day shopping trips. She spent millions of dollars. MILLIONS! Then she had to rent another plane to put all of her boxes in. She had hundreds and hundreds.

"Let's have a race." I announced. All of us except Carlisle and Esme. They were putting boxes in the car. We were running back and forth so the car wouldn't be overloaded. I decided to make it some fun.

"Ready, set, GO!" We all ran with 4 boxes each, except Emmet-he had 5 boxes. I got there before a minute. Edward was already there when I got there. I set down my boxes and he smiled at me. He grabbed me hard-he was never careful with me anymore. We did all we wanted and our feelings were doubled. He kissed me roughly. His hands tangled my hair and I locked my arms around his neck.

He pushed his tongue in my mouth. I pushed my tongue in his mouth and he growled. Very sexily. We never had to breathe. We heard all the others arriving. Edward didn't really care because he just pulled my face back to his again. His hands stroked my breasts.

"Ahem." Jake coughed and Nessie just laughed. Then Jake and Nessie began making out. Not as bad as me and Edward, but Edward seemed bothered. Then Jake began taking off Nessie's shirt.

Just as you could see Nessie's bellybutton everyone screamed "JAKE!" and Edward went over to Jake and threw him on the floor.

"Jake, you are lucky I even let you live. Don't push it." Edward threatened. Jake just growled.

" GUYS! Lets go back to the car and go get the boxes." Alice screamed at us. After various trips, we finally got all the boxes to the house. Carlisle and Esme were driving to the house. We all decided to enter the house. Emmet just pushed opened the door forcefully. Rosalie just smacked him in the head saying "Let's not break this house idiot." Edward just chuckled.

I looked at the huge hallway. It would definitely be where Alice would put her pictures and decoration.

"EEE! IT IS SOOO CUTE! I CAN PUT PICTURES AND THE BUTTERFLIES THAT HANG TO THE GROUND HERE! OR MAYBE THE FLOWERS THAT HANG DOWN!" Alice squealed, she was really excited. We walked down the hallway to the living room. It was beautiful. I know Alice was going to touch it up a bit. Maybe change the color to pale blue. It was huge. It was so open and had a lot of space. "ITS SOOO BEATIFUL! AHHH! I CAN SO TOTALLY REDECORATE!" Jasper was manipulating with everyone's emotions. I felt like screaming to. Then we walked into the kitchen, it was big-it had everything oven and electric stove. We just needed to put some more appliances in it. Then we went to a huge room. " This will definitely be the TV room and video game room." Alice said matter-of-factly.

Then we walked upstairs. It had 2 bedrooms. One of them was open and you could clearly see a view of trees. It was beautiful. I definitely wanted this room. "This will be Bella and Edward's room." Edward smiled at me and gave a quick peck on the lips. He sent me a message in my mind, "At least when we're having fun we'll have a good view."

"Mental pictures Bella, Edward. I will be scarred for life." Emmet cringed and laughed. We looked at all the rooms. The room next to me and Edward's room is Rosalie's and Emmet's. Great, I will be able to hear everything. On the third floor is Nessie and Jacob's room and Carlisle and Esme's room. The forth floor is Jasper and Alice's room. The room took up the whole floor, there room was like a big attic.

"Everyone to the living room." Carlisle announced while I was setting up everything in my room. I put up a picture on the wall and I finished decorating. Edward grabbed me and pulled me over his shoulder-I gasped, I didn't see that coming. Edward ran me downstairs and everyone was there. The whole house was fully decorated except the living room. Alice was painting it pastel blue. It looked pretty good so far.

"So what's it lead vamp?" Jake asked. He always called Carlisle that, everyone found it quite funny.

"Well smelly pup, you guys got to pick a high school." Carlisle stated with a smile-that is what he called Jacob. I found it true and everyone else did, especially Nessie because she was always around him.

We looked through all the high schools near our house. We ended up picking a school called Rancho Alamitos A/N: LOL! This is the high school near my house, I am going to go there (: But I do not live in Idaho.

Edward and I went up to our room. "I think we should try out our new bed." Edward smiled sexily and pounced on me. You could hear Emmet and Rose's moans.

"Emmet, you're scaring me! Could you and Rose keep it down?" You could hear Emmet's booming laughter. Then me and Edward pleased our pleasure for the rest of the night.

"Guys, you're scaring me and Rose! It's time to get ready for school so can you try to stop?" Emmet tried to say this without laughing but failed. I picked up my clothes that were ripped up.

"You know Edward, I'm going to run out of clothes because of you ripping them all. Then I'm going to have to start walking around naked." Edward always ripped my clothes.

"You know, I wouldn't really mind." Edward just winked at me and I just chuckled. I picked out a red Hollister V-neck. I had a red undershirt on under it. I put on some blue jean shorts that went up to the middle of my thigh. I put on some really light pink and white combo on my eyelids. I put on really think mascara and a little color to my pale white cheek. I put on some sparkly, clear lip-gloss. I went to the mirror Ally bought me to see how I look. I looked pretty nice. My brown hair was flowing down and my golden eyes were sparkling. I always controlled my hunger. Always.

I went out of my closet and went to see Edward. He just had an Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt on hugging his muscles perfectly. He wore long, blue jeans. He looked like a god. Yeah, I still haven't gotten over how beautiful he was.

He saw me and looked dazzled. He walked over slowly and said, "You are way to sexy for your own good."

I walked down the stairs to meet Alice, Rose, Emmet, Jasper, Jacob, and Nessie. Alice looked at me in an approving way. I slipped on some black Vans and tied them. "It's time to go. Jacob and Nessie, you guys take Jacob's motorcycle. Me, Rose, and Bella will take my Porshe. I'm allowed to drive it here. EP! Emmet, Jasper and Edward- you guy's take Edward's Volvo. Let's go now."

I gracefully walked into Alice's car. Rose and Alice came in right after me. Alice turned on her car, admiring the sound and we headed towards the school.